Knowing that it is a sin, but it continues. I wonder if God will forgive such a sin.

In many cases, the answer may only be seen when one cannot repent. Fortunately, Guntenbyen was indeed forgiven this time. It was not a divine sound or something, but a more direct miracle that was unfolding in front of him!

The dragon fist he was proud of, the angry dragon flame shot from the bottom of his heart like a giant dragon, was swiped slightly by a long knife, and it turned into the gentlest stream and was divided into two.

It is a long knife that people can't help but fear. The hollow-eyed demon and its long, curved diagonal corners form the blade. The blade with advantageous teeth is both a claw and a tooth. It can be easily touched. Cut the person apart. However, the sharp back spine-like handle is actually held in a pair of human hands.

Yincheng Konggo, this human being is still alive! And since there is no death and no sin, how can forgiveness be discussed?

No, Guntenbyen felt that if there was a god, the great **** would not forgive him now, but would also be angry at his weakness, because he could not solve this man holding a long sword like a devil, and he immediately Lower the punishment.

There seemed to be something stuck on Yincheng’s face. Justin Byrne didn’t see clearly. In fact, he was only relying on the outline to make sure that the person on the opposite side was Yincheng who was supposed to be turned into powder. That long knife was just I saw a shadow faintly.

His eyes can no longer keep up with Yincheng's footsteps. It originated from the instinctive reaction of his body to Danger, and a breath of heart palpitations rushed toward his face!

The feet were about to retreat, but the hands were about to block. The instinctive reaction of Gunten Byrne seemed to diverge for an instant, which also made the man holding the devil's long knife torn a gap in his body as he wished.

But even if you can maintain 100% focus, you can't stop the demon knife, right? Guntenbyen felt the warmth on his chest, and the stench seemed to mock his laughter, "You are really ridiculous to want to resist such a person!"

Unable to resist, unable to resist, Gunten Byrne once again felt the danger approaching. Behind him, no, that sticky murder weapon had cut through the armor on his back and pressed against his neck. With just a single click, life can be stripped from his body.

Just as Gang Tengbyen was about to close his eyes and prepare to admit his fate, the gloomy atmosphere of killing on his neck gradually faded.

When I opened my eyes, Yincheng's expression was full of jokes, and the familiar big sword that the opponent was resisting on his shoulders, the long knife that had only a glimpse before really seemed to be just a dream, a nightmare.

"What was that just now?" This kind of question only flashed in Gentbyen's heart. Before he could ask it out, the person he wanted to ask replied: "I forgot to tell you that besides human beings, I have also I was transformed into a **** of death. Therefore, I also happen to have some unknown real faces."

Presumably this is the trick called 卍jie that the **** of death can use? Unexpectedly, this human being still possesses the power of their imaginary opponents.

Gang Temper felt that Silver City didn't seem to intend to kill him, and asked, "What do you want?"

"How does it feel to take a life back?"


"No, did you just confess with your heart just because you wanted to kill your enemy?" Yincheng smiled with an unbelievable look, "Hey, don't you ever feel angry or scared for yourself? !"

A similar problem never appeared in Guntenbyen's mind, and this time, he didn't plan to worry about it.

However, the next question of Yincheng is a bit interesting.

"Is there any hatred at that moment? To the guy who asked you to die, you can't wait for the hatred to trample him to death."

Gang Tengbyne frowned, and he hesitated when he wanted to speak, "I am incompetent if you can't solve you, I'm let down..."

"Don't you think it's weird? You fellow."

Yincheng impatiently interrupted the other party's presumption that he couldn't believe it anymore, and continued: "If that guy named Lan Ran is really an all-knowing god, then it proves that the identity of the ten blades that belonged to you has never been. You may be back. You are not here to kill the enemy, but a'deal', a trade that is destined to be unsuccessful, isn't it just a cruel temptation?"


"You won't believe it, you think you can prove yourself, but it also proves the mistake of the guy named Lan Ran. In the deepest part of your heart, you no longer regard him as an omnipotent god, right? ?"

The corner of Yincheng’s mouth curled up, smiling like a demon, but he said the most correct and sincere words: "You are such a hypocritical and stupid guy. I really want to say to the guy who deprived you of your identity,'You are Wrong, right? I can even think of how smug your smile will be at that time!"

"He is not wrong."

"That's why you are stupid! Overestimate, unwilling but not resentful! Maybe I defeated you, but it is not my enemy who really wants to kill you, but the one you desperately wanted to please. King? Hahaha, what about you, what are you in his eyes? A puppy!"

"Are you happy to be a puppy, just Tenbyen?"

happy? No, am I really just a tool?

If it was before, Guntenbyen would definitely tell himself to tell others "No", but now, such a problem can't be forgotten. The facts seem to be obvious.

"What about you, Yincheng Konggo?" Perhaps it was to escape, but Gang Tengbyne made a similar attack on the enemy of Yincheng: "Aren't you a tool of someone?"

Yincheng's face sank, "It's really a bad memory, so I understand the pain of being betrayed, I don't understand how you are, loyal."

Gang Tengbyen snorted coldly: "So, you are using the excuse of forbearance to paralyze yourself, and help the death gods with all your heart?"

"No, it's because of a horrible guy, but come, he will really kill me."

Yincheng said with a smile, as if this incident is not only not ashamed, but also makes him a little proud?

"Compared with the guy named Airan, the person I faced should be a despicable person. To be honest, although it makes me angry, it should be much better than Airan."


"Do you think I have to say something frank? No, the dignity of anger is far more powerful than kindness. It just so happened that the fellow Diezuka gave me anger, so that I would never lose myself. From this point, I am very I am grateful to him. When he breaks his neck in the future, he might still shed a few tears."

Yincheng laughed, UU reading www. uukanshu. com walked towards the gate behind Gang Tengbyen: "Should you come together? Not only tell Lan Ran that he is wrong, but also tell him with action that he will be punished if he is wrong. This is the biggest truth."

Revolt? No, this should be revenge. Guntenbyen had never had such a bold idea, and this kind of taste seemed to attract him a little.

But after thinking about it, it seems that it can only stay in fantasy.

"You can't do it, you don't know what kind of monsters you will face next, Ten Blades..."

"I defeated you, am I also ten-edged now?" Yincheng seemed to be joking easily.

"They are different from me, let alone Aizen. You will definitely fail this time, and you will only be given up at that time, Yincheng Konggo."

"Don't look down on me! Besides, there are a lot of monsters on our side, especially the biggest one. Don't you want to take a look? The two biggest monsters are biting each other in person."

"I don't know, is it different from us."

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