"Virtual flash?"

"What? Your expression of surprise and suspicion seems to be wondering if I am a human?" Yin Chengbian said, another sword stood over, and the spiritual pressure erupted from the sword, just as he grew soaring. Excited emotions.

This time, Gang Tengbyen chose to avoid the sharp edge for the time being. With the aftermath of the explosion, like a fish dragged by the waves, he only needs to move his tail lightly to fly to the sky and get out of the stormy waves below him.

"Of course I am a human."

However, Silver City seemed like a shadow that could not be shaken off, and soon followed, swinging a sword to cut off the stone pillar on which Tengbyen had been standing, and spurred up again.

Gang Tenbyen really had a headache. In terms of speed, Silver City was not faster but not slower than him. The most important thing was that the opponent's reaction speed was enough to deal with him. In terms of explosive power, this should have been his advantage of this face-off, but at least for now, Silver City is better than him. It is really a difficult guy.

Trying to twist his body in the air, Gang Tenbyen kicked the giant sword that Silver City wanted to change, and finally distanced himself from the opponent again, and the two fell on both ends of the room.

"It's not so much a human being, you are more like a dummy than me."

In response to this statement, instead of showing a slight anger, Yincheng nodded in agreement: "It's no wonder that you feel like this. For human beings who have the same power as me, both parents have suffered from vain. Intrusion. So maybe our power was born from this."

"The little devil named Chadu must also want to stay because of this feeling. The power in his body is about to move, and his power may be closer to the emptiness compared to the death **** or some Quincy master."

Is it a human being with power because of the influence of the imaginary? This can also explain why the Yincheng Konggo in front of him can use the virtual flash.

There is an inexplicable sense of absurdity in Guntenbyen's heart. The strong enemy in front of them was created by their own hands. It is really inexplicable irony, "What about you, what are you staying for? The hatred against us?"

"No, no, no, I'm not a naive kid. I feel that this power is painful." Yincheng shook his head and continued: "As for why I stay here, let me ask you a question first. What does it feel like to throw away tools?"


"Hey, hey, don't you wake up yet? It's really sad."

Yincheng thrust his sword into the ground, and said with a smile: "You are the ten-edged one that was eliminated, right? Even if your strength is not as good as those ten-edged now, you shouldn't be crowned with a three-digit humiliating number, right? You should be very clear that your Lan Ran-sama has completely given up on you. With better tools, he throws you into the dirty warehouse."

"To shut up."

"Oh? Don't you want to admit it? Or, you still believe from the bottom of your heart, believing that one day you can become a handy tool?" Yincheng held his head and laughed, "You are really a simple and poor child? , Guntenbyen."

"I told you to shut up!"

Justen Byrne roared, and rushed forward with a punch.

"Angry into anger?" Yincheng teased as he turned to the left, but when he lifted the sword, his opponent blasted with lightning.

Right now, Guntenbyen looked like a beast with its scars uncovered, punching punch after punch on the giant sword that was in front of Silver City.

"It was Aizen-sama who gave us the strength and guided us! I will prove to him that I still have the ability to regain my identity!"

"Hahaha, what a foolish fool!"

Silver City was also a little annoyed by the opponent's unruly attack, but it might be because of Gang Teng Byrne, which looked extremely sad to him. Because of this, although he is laughing, he does not feel that he is happy at all from the laughter.

He moved his hands to fit the fist just hit by Tenbyen into the vacancy on the blade, and then he turned the huge sword and pressed it down, pulling the opponent to bow down together.

Gang Tengbyen was a little astonished for a while, and just about to fight back, Yincheng's elbow was already in front of his eyes, and he was hitting his side face.

Just a finger didn't seem to make Yincheng calm down. Soon, he leaned back against the opponent's body and kicked it up again like lightning.

Justen Byrne wiped the ground and flew to the wall before stopping. Such an attack could not cause him too much injury.

When he turned over and squatted halfway, his fists were already covered by a faint yellow halo. However, before he could counterattack, the Silver City over there had already been smashed with a sword, and the slash formed by the sword body's spiritual pressure had not yet arrived, and it was already as if to tear the person in half.

"Don't understand? It's just a game, and it's like this for you and me, Guntenbyen."

Silver City’s voice echoed in the hall, and the tone was more lonely than the slurping sound of rubble falling on the ground: "You are used by that guy as a tool to test me, but I do not necessarily have the same concept to you. You are not me. Opponent, your existence is just a tool to push my limits. Doesn’t this make people angry, just Tengbyne?”

The answer to this question hasn't appeared for a long time, Guntenbyen seems to disappear in the billowing smoke, or is he already part of the smoke?

No, Yincheng believes that the blow can't take his life just now, is he beginning to hesitate? still is?

"Didn't I tell you, don't look down on people, kid." Gangten Byrne still didn't answer Yincheng's question, "Don't forget, as a ten-blade once, I haven't shown you my true form. "

Gang Tengbyne's figure gradually became clear, half of his face was almost red with blood, but his body was covered with something like an unusually bloated armor, which completely covered his upper body and back.

The arms that he regarded as swords were also covered under the armor, and both fists were covered by a dragon-head style wrist armor, only the fist face was slightly exposed.

"Oh? So what?"

"I will use my real power to solve you~www.mtlnovel.com~ Whether the game is a test, I will not lose!"

Gang Tengbyen said as he pulled down the star-shaped blindfold on his forehead, folded his hands together, as if he was repenting, his fist was facing Silver City.

The dazzling golden light gathered on the front of his fist. From the perspective of Silver City, the light group was like a dragon flame at the mouth of a huge dragon, and it seemed to be turned into ashes.

"I said, you are not my opponent."

Gang Tengbyen seemed to be unable to hear the words of Silver City, and the gold on the front of the fist suddenly burst, and the torrent of spiritual pressure drove it down, turning everything that was blocked in front of it into dust.

This is the move that Guntenbyen is proud of-Dragon Fist! Even with the strength that Silver City had previously demonstrated, it was impossible to escape or resist, and the only ending for him was death!

"God, please forgive my sins..."