Bleach: Stir Up the Situation

Traveling through the world of Reaper and becoming the adopted son of the captain, the corpse soul world is destined to leave the name of Diezuka Hiroshi. Lan Ran: “You said that my heart is gloomy, so I hold the mirror in my hand, what about you?” Hong Jiang: “.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 408 Enemies in the dark v2 Chapter 407 Acquaintances Returning from Huangquan v2 Chapter 406 Choose (Happy Children's Day, everyone)

v2 Chapter 405 Rules that belong to the audience v2 Chapter 404 Anger is far more merciful than trust v2 Chapter 403 God, please forgive my sins v2 Chapter 402 Fair matchup, 1 to 1 v2 Chapter 401 3-digit broken face v2 Chapter 400 To the abyss, or heaven? v2 Chapter 399 Shackles or persistence? v2 Chapter 398 The cage in the Xuye Palace v2 Chapter 397 We are invincible in front of us

v2 Chapter 396 Companion, enemy? v2 Chapter 395 Enchantment v2 Chapter 394 Make a cup of black tea first

v2 Chapter 393 A man like Aizen v2 Chapter 392 Reunion, Asido v2 Chapter 391 Ghost stories for little ghosts v2 Chapter 390 Toward the moon, you will always reach the end v2 Chapter 389 Go to the virtual circle v2 Chapter 388 Heavy call for help v2 Chapter 387 People who play tactics are dirty v2 Chapter 386 Can he make a key to get it out? v2 Chapter 385 Hesitate and lose

v2 Chapter 384 The ghost is me? v2 Chapter 383 Wailing v2 Chapter 382 Swallow, half an empty town! v2 Chapter 381 Black blood is flowing v2 Chapter 380 Waiting for the bitter fruit v2 Chapter 379 Cup and water v2 Chapter 378 Try your best v2 Chapter 377 God has taken a step v2 Chapter 376 Or Inoue Orihime? v2 Chapter 375 Woman, you have no love v2 Chapter 374 Weird, weird v2 Chapter 373 The atmosphere is very weird

v2 Chapter 372 Forced distraction v2 Chapter 371 Form reversal v2 Chapter 370 Dragon pattern ghost lamp pill ~ Smart boy-Shiba Haiyan v2 Chapter 369 Unexpected battle v2 Chapter 368 8? v2 Chapter 367 Break the planned black hole v2 Chapter 366 variable v2 Chapter 365 Awakened strange attributes? v2 Chapter 364 If you believe it, close your eyes v2 Chapter 363 Jupiter and Wanda Wise v2 Chapter 362 Let me see what you can do

v2 Chapter 361 Show your ugliness! v2 Chapter 359 Acting as a bad guy, just converge v2 Chapter 358 boom! v2 Chapter 357 Know the enemy but not know v2 Chapter 356 Strange rushes have increased v2 Chapter 355 It's abnormal again v2 Chapter 354 I'm blind at such a young age v2 Chapter 353 Opportunity for revenge v2 Chapter 352 I? Is a guest, an uninvited guest v2 Chapter 351 I have never been so embarrassed in my life ~ New Year greetings from 1 salted fish v2 Chapter 350 Chunshui analysis

v2 Chapter 349 Didn't we play hooligans in the past? v2 Chapter 348 Special population v2 Chapter 347 Wang Jian v2 Chapter 346 Girls need to be careful v2 Chapter 345 A smart person like me v2 Chapter 344 Old acquaintance v2 Chapter 343 To control the blurring depends on a pile of broken pieces? v2 Chapter 342 Of course I have to choose a happier method v2 Chapter 341 Do you understand again? v2 Chapter 340 Hongjiang style worry v2 Chapter 339 I'm so stupid, really v2 Chapter 338 Do you really want to die?

v2 Chapter 337 Frog at the bottom of the well v2 Chapter 336 Some difficulties have to be endured alone v2 Chapter 335 Ichimaru silver's hint v2 Chapter 334 Unintentional words, intentional actions v2 Chapter 333 I suggest you pay attention to Ichimaru silver v2 Chapter 332 Guess, I guess crazy v2 Chapter 331 I want to take a risk v2 Chapter 330 Unintelligible and unspeakable v2 Chapter 329 Don't be jealous, protect you next time v2 Chapter 328 Bargaining chip v2 Chapter 327 Chozuka is in front, Ichimaru is behind v2 Chapter 326 Worst case

v2 Chapter 325 Nothing to be disappointed v2 Chapter 324 Mr. Anonymous v2 Chapter 323 He has reached the limit v2 Chapter 322 I want Kangkang, how long will you hide v2 Chapter 321 Resignation is also a virtue v2 Chapter 320 Try to do what you can v2 Chapter 319 Nobody is a disobedient kid v2 Chapter 318 Someone from Die sees it, he just wants to **** me off v2 Chapter 317 The weakness of the baboon king v2 Chapter 316 The huge gap between sixteen and six v2 Chapter 315 Xiu Luo Baixue v2 Chapter 314 Glorify death

v2 Chapter 313 Confidence with 0 sores and 0 holes v2 Chapter 312 Affirmation from death v2 Chapter 311 To cheat or cheat v2 Chapter 310 People are smart, not easy to cheat ~ People in the field v2 Chapter 309 I'm going to wash away the shame v2 Chapter 308 No one knows Bengyu better than Urahara v2 Chapter 307 The answer to all the clues v2 Chapter 306 Irrelevant things (Happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival everyone) v2 Chapter 305 The first guard who began to fear power v2 Chapter 304 Concealed man-made tragedy v2 Chapter 303 1 will see you (end of this volume)

v2 Chapter 302 Some trivia (5) v2 Chapter 302 Some trivia (4) v2 Chapter 300 Some trivia (3) v2 Chapter 299 Some trivia (2) v2 Chapter 298 Some trivia (1) v2 Chapter 297 Not careless v2 Chapter 296 3 requirements ~ Reasons to join the sea v2 Chapter 295 Heroes and demons are monsters after all v2 Chapter 294 All understand ~ Ask for leave v2 Chapter 293 You are the most important

v2 Chapter 292 It's great to continue to trouble you v2 Chapter 291 Since 1, you are my family v2 Chapter 290 The benevolent doctor, Chozuka Hiroshi? v2 Chapter 289 Standing in the sky, sitting upright in the center v2 Chapter 288 Mastermind, Fu Zhu? v2 Chapter 287 When death waved his sickle v2 Chapter 256 My heart is full of flowers v2 Chapter 285 the truth v2 Chapter 284 Real enemy v2 Chapter 283 Reunion too quickly v2 Chapter 282 Unconscious dream v2 Chapter 281 Worship is the farthest feeling from understanding

v2 Chapter 280 The boundaries of mischief v2 Chapter 279 Captain's signal v2 Chapter 278 I have a new day v2 Chapter 277 Unable to refuse cooperation v2 Chapter 276 Lie named mercy v2 Chapter 275 The beginning of disappointment v2 Chapter 274 Radical Dongxian v2 Chapter 273 Level of sleepiness v2 Chapter 272 The one to worry about is the two captains of Kashiwa Village and Dongsen v2 Chapter 270 Intuition that cannot be obscured v2 Chapter 269 Less than 3 hours v2 Chapter 268 A scam gang across the world

v2 Chapter 267 ready v2 Chapter 266 I can't stand it, listen to the last wish again v2 Chapter 265 I am willing to give everything for the sling, including life v2 Chapter 264 1 Reasons to choose Hissugaya v2 Chapter 263 Bipolar is a tool of torture v2 Chapter 262 Prajna, poisonous snake and ice dragon v2 Chapter 261 Plum in the ice field v2 Chapter 260 Stomachache v2 Chapter 259 Desperate trust v2 Chapter 258 v2 Chapter 257 Unexpected 3 days v2 Chapter 256 2 plans, 2 gambling

v2 Chapter 255 The truth that will never be believed v2 Chapter 254 Troublesome, more troublesome v2 Chapter 253 From the torture of a joke v2 Chapter 252 Free vs. free v2 Chapter 251 You two are tricky! v2 Chapter 250 Beat my ally v2 Chapter 249 Strange talent v2 Chapter 248 I'm here to save you, Rukia ~ Anti-slip mat is really necessary v2 Chapter 247 Cherry blossom dance, wave spray v2 Chapter 246 we'll talk about it then v2 Chapter 245 Although you and I have a vegan face mask, you may have the same mind

v2 Chapter 244 ?s Lingting, 4 points and 5 splits? v2 Chapter 243 There really is you, Kisuke Urahara v2 Chapter 242 Team 8, funny team? v2 Chapter 241 What are these people doing v2 Chapter 240 Nirvana's attitude v2 Chapter 239 Night talk v2 Chapter 238 Don't release the water too much v2 Chapter 237 Breakdown chain v2 Chapter 236 In my way, teach me? v2 Chapter 235 Drop identity v2 Chapter 234 Can you make it simpler next time? v2 Chapter 233 I know exactly how far it can be done, and I know the limits

v2 Chapter 232 Is it guaranteed with dignity? v2 Chapter 231 When I first met, my name is Diezuka and Hongjiang v2 Chapter 230 Stop here v2 Chapter 229 An event that might become a shame to the family v2 Chapter 228 2nd generation sword 8 openly grabs people v2 Chapter 227 I gave you a chance, you're not good at it v2 Chapter 226 The hostages have defected and can't be killed? ! v2 Chapter 225 Cat slave destroys the world v2 Chapter 224 Time is not on his side v2 Chapter 223 Are you suggesting that I am betraying? v2 Chapter 222 Eastern sunrise, western sunset v2 Chapter 221 1 party waits, 1 party starts

v2 Chapter 220 Suspicious Ichimaru Silver v2 Chapter 219 Even in Ruhun Street, the Shiba family is a great noble! v2 Chapter 218 It's like the execution of a game v2 Chapter 217 Let Master Haiyan come and see me v2 Chapter 215 I will form the stick handle v2 Chapter 215 The group of 3 going to break ~ Results of self-processing of sea-building incidents v2 Chapter 214 Come on? s Lingting makes a big show v2 Chapter 213 She had worn it to me v2 Chapter 212 Deteriorating feelings of despair v2 Chapter 211 Nice home run v2 Chapter 210 The truth under the mask

v2 Chapter 209 The sympathy among aliens v2 Chapter 208 Learn to be a **** of death v2 Chapter 207 My tablemate is, death? v2 Chapter 206 Grim Reaper and Strawberry v2 Chapter 205 Abnormal attack v2 Chapter 204 He is an extremely anticipated child v2 Chapter 203 so rude v2 Chapter 202 I am death v2 Chapter 201 v2 Chapter 200 Small ripples in the lake v2 Chapter 199 1 guard, Kurosaki 1 guard v2 Chapter 198 So, wait quietly (end of volume 2)

v3 Chapter 197 Goodbye blur v3 Chapter 196 Wonderful morning v3 Chapter 195 invite v3 Chapter 194 I'll just say it, you can't v3 Chapter 193 Sparrow and Canary v3 Chapter 192 Almost fooled myself into v3 Chapter 191 To lie to others, lie to yourself first v3 Chapter 190 Accident and necessity v3 Chapter 189 Debut v3 Chapter 188 prelude v3 Chapter 187 Woman's sixth sense v3 Chapter 186 The strange thing about Shiba

v3 Chapter 185 Tell a horror story: The Spiritual Academy is off v3 Chapter 184 Handed over to the next owner v3 Chapter 183 Meet the king of the virtual circle for the first time v3 Chapter 182 Strategically important place v3 Chapter 181 The road to the gods ~ Belated happiness v3 Chapter 180 Limited information on the virtual circle v3 Chapter 179 Question of Ichimarugin v3 Chapter 178 Start countdown v3 Chapter 177 Enemy, **** teammate? v3 Chapter 176 Invest in the future v3 Chapter 175 Since you gave me the nickname

v3 Chapter 174 Quincy too = broken bee? v3 Chapter 173 Oh Maeda whose heart is bleeding v3 Chapter 172 2nd team v3 Chapter 171 We are no different v3 Chapter 170 The agreement with Haiyan v3 Chapter 169 Spoilers and breakers v3 Chapter 168 Agreement v3 Chapter 167 v3 Chapter 166 Unintended handling v3 Chapter 165 It's an old drama too v3 Chapter 164 Only you who deceive you v3 Chapter 163 Invisible contest

v3 Chapter 162 2 unbelievable men v3 Chapter 161 Stranger v3 Chapter 160 Chozuka vs Saraki v3 Chapter 159 Die, or endlessly v3 Chapter 158 What does it have to do with me Chozuka Hiroe? v3 Chapter 157 This is to drain my rhythm v3 Chapter 156 Shiba v3 Chapter 155 How to save Haiyan v3 Chapter 154 The principles of the 46 room v3 Chapter 153 This time I am one of the best v3 Chapter 152 I was caught as soon as I arrived at the door v3 Chapter 151 I know the truth, but what do you want me to do? !

v3 Chapter 150 Really unpleasant name v3 Chapter 149 Unexpected time v3 Chapter 148 I don't feel strange at 1 v3 Chapter 147 Night falls v3 Chapter 146 Come back and save the child! v3 Chapter 145 The most dangerous place is the safest place v3 Chapter 140 Hongjiang's 0-layer routine v3 Chapter 139 Not a tool, but life v3 Chapter 138 But you don't deserve to know my name v3 Chapter 137 Born nemesis v3 Chapter 136 Imitation·Chaotic Installation Sky Puppet v3 Chapter 135 Loss of merit

v3 Chapter 134 Big talk becomes a prophecy v3 Chapter 133 Cone sword chain beam net v3 Chapter 132 Form twist v3 Chapter 131 1 bone v3 Chapter 130 Hongjiang blocked v3 Chapter 129 Short fight v3 Chapter 128 Sal Apollo Glanz v3 Chapter 127 Private order v3 Chapter 126 Evil spirits in the eyes v3 Chapter 125 Surprise attack v3 Chapter 124 The best experimenter, the best observer (Happy Lantern Festival) v3 Chapter 1 Book

v2 Chapter 123 Start your own path with a ghost road v2 Chapter 122 Lorka's ability-weaving the net v2 Chapter 121 Why the old **** is the old bastard v2 Chapter 120 Lorca's Savior v2 Chapter 119 Space guarantee v2 Chapter 118 Balegang was shown a face v2 Chapter 117 Let the ghost fly for a while v2 Chapter 116 Thieves and Robbers v2 Chapter 115 Balegang (I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year and good health) v2 Chapter 114 Add 1 more v2 Chapter 114 Sneak attacker v2 Chapter 112 Go to the upper level of the virtual circle

v2 Chapter 111 The purpose of coming to the virtual circle v2 Chapter 110 Forest of Daxu v2 Chapter 109 Asido v2 Chapter 108 To defeat the enemy, but also to defeat the self ~ High school friends came to see me v2 Chapter 107 Create a big virtual v2 Chapter 106 Seth with tragic words on his face v2 Chapter 105 Virtual circle ~ Everyone is scheduled to rest early v2 Chapter 104 Is it time to get out?s Lingting (end of volume 2) Chapter 103 Haiyan's Mind Chapter 102 The tall building collapsed overnight

Chapter 101 He stands behind you just because you happen to be standing in front of him Chapter 100 Maggot's Nest Chapter 99 Don't let 1 leaf be your whole world Chapter 98 The disappeared Shiba 1 heart Chapter 98 Destroy the 10th squad Chapter 96 Presence in the shadow Chapter 95 3rd suggestion Chapter 94 In charge of 8,000 kendo streams from next year Chapter 93 Find the original happiness ~ I am busy Chapter 92 No need to work so hard (Happy New Year everyone) Chapter 91 Urahara, the man with endless imagination

Chapter 90 Every time you say bad things about me, you can't help but smile Chapter 89 True collaborator Chapter 88 Win or lose together ~ Unfortunate news Chapter 87 I chose the least Chapter 86 The least curious ~ Extraordinary Marie Kris Mars Chapter 85 The family that cannot appear, whether it is Yamamoto or Chozuka Chapter 84 The man who represents history ~ Take a leave Chapter 83 Can't be the captain Chapter 82 Confession with endless years

Chapter 81 Greetings to the Butterfly Sword 8 Chapter 80 Static recording Chapter 79 Refuse Chapter 78 The Molecheng family ceased to exist since my sister died Chapter 77 Once I was a coward Chapter 76 Unpaid plan Chapter 75 1 cremation Chapter 74 ?d solution, Jiagui Luoxian dress Chapter 73 You have no chance Chapter 72 Named as Uozhihua 8000 Chapter 71 People will change if they have a home, and if they don’t Chapter 70 You may not understand me

Chapter 69 As long as the instant step is fast enough, the new command will not catch up with me Chapter 68 Speed ​​of forgetting Chapter 67 Death of Kariyashiki Sword 8 Chapter 66 I saw the 8th generation sword 8 Chapter 65 Hungry Le Corridor Chapter 64 Take credit Chapter 63 little mouse Chapter 62 Good or bad Chapter 61 See people alive, see dead bodies Chapter 60 The road to Moecheng's home has just begun Chapter 59 Give you a way out Chapter 58 When the sickle Itachi picked up the sickle

Chapter 57 Go find your brain Chapter 56 Nirvana, what are you doing? Chapter 55 See the lunatic at Misori (thanks to the one who Jing wants to fly) Chapter 54 The End of Mole City Home Chapter 53 Divine body Chapter 52 Vice Captain Hiroe Chozuka Chapter 51 transaction failed Chapter 50 Isn't it shameless to expect the enemy to be noble? Chapter 49 You won't believe it ~ Good or bad news Chapter 48 Jiunanbai also has routines Chapter 47 Classmates, please complete the homework independently (thanks to Daqin Shen Gun)

Chapter 46 Comfortable Chapter 45 Urahara's 0-layer routine Chapter 44 End of night Chapter 43 1 pot end Chapter 42 Justice 2 fights 1 (thanks to Midnight Blood Thief) Chapter 41 The night of being shown 1 (thanks to Daqin Shencun) Chapter 40 Ghost Road Fort (Thanks 32 million and 502) Chapter 39 3 locks 3 doors Chapter 38 Cast a prison Chapter 37 The determination of the **** of death-cut the foot and weave the net Chapter 36 Pruning with stinging eyes, the eradication begins Chapter 35 Captain assembly

Chapter 34 Another day Chapter 33 You do it yourself Chapter 32 Northeast of Gengmu District Chapter 31 5 nobles Chapter 30 150 years Chapter 29 Assassinate Chapter 28 The wind rises? s Lingting Chapter 27 Quincy Chapter 26 Fierce fight Chapter 25 Save people Chapter 24 Kilian Chapter 23 1 letter at night

Chapter 22 Do you know which **** hates most? Chapter 21 The strongest person comes to the strongest team ~ Thank you all! Chapter 20 Welcome to the land of killing Chapter 19 Fighting madman Chapter 18 Liuhun Street Chapter 17 look Chapter 16 stop moving forward Chapter 15 graduation Chapter 14 Believe me, I am a great prophet Chapter 13 The kids in the soul world are too mature Chapter 12 Greedy crying

Chapter 11 I didn't expect you to be such a person Chapter 10 Never betray? s Lingting Chapter 9 Teacher, are you testing me? Chapter 8 first name Chapter 7 It's coming, it's coming! Chapter 6 No interest at all, I just want to go home and sleep Chapter 5 Show off Chapter 4 Mao Institute of Technology Chapter 3 Raise the little hand of hatred Chapter 2 Secret base Chapter 1 Chozuka Hiroe

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