Hongjiang continued to practice for more than an hour, and today Yamamoto’s kendo instruction is completely over.

   "Tomorrow you are going to enter the Mao Spiritual Academy." Yamamoto said in a calm tone as usual, "It's okay to suppress spiritual power."

   "As long as it is the old one, nothing will happen."

   Hearing Hiroshi’s answer, Yamamoto nodded in satisfaction.

  Mao Spiritualism Academy is the only Reaper Academy in Seireitei. If you want to become a Shinigami or a Shinigami of the Gotei 13 Team, you must enter the Spirituality Academy.

Although the rules on the surface are like this, some people with special identities, such as the heirs of the next generation of the five nobles, or the closed disciples of his captain Yamamoto, do not have to go to the thirteenth team if they want to enter the 13th team. A walk through the theater.

   The reason why this is unnecessary is to not want to specialize on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also a kind of concealment and protection for Hongjiang.

   I wanted to say a few more words, but at this time the person who ran in from the courtyard asked Yamamoto to take back the words he was about to say.

   "Report to the captain, your Royal Highness Yeyi from Sifeng Academy, please see you!"

   "Oh~ Yeichi? Isn't the little guy already here?"

   The person who came to send the order was taken aback, then turned to look to his side. Isn't the little girl in a white floral kimono lying on the veranda at this time the so-called Highness Yeyi of the Sifengin Family?

   "His Royal Highness Yeyi, didn't he tell you to wait outside? Why did you follow up without authorization!?" Chuan Ren asked bitterly. This means that this has happened more than once, and the little girl is really a headache!

   The little girl looked at the two people in the room with a naive face, as if she didn't know she was causing trouble. But Hiroe Tsutsuka, who had his back to her, knew that this guy was like a mirror in his heart, and his innocent appearance at this time was acting.

"Didn't Hongjiang say he would go out to play tonight?" Ye Yi asked timidly, with a long tail that revealed a trace of pity, "I waited for you for a long time and didn't see you out, and thought you were asleep~ "

   Hongjiang couldn't help shivering when he heard Ye Yi's voice, and the goose bumps all fell on the ground. Disgusting! This kind of malicious betrayal is really disgusting to him, so let's make up for Ye Yi's pitiful appearance, forget it, still don't want to, why bother yourself?

   "So Hong Jiang, you still have a date?"

"Nothing at all, teacher, I think we need to practice another round!" Hong Jiang hurriedly shook his head. Strictly speaking, there was indeed an appointment tonight, but that was a unilateral order from Ye Yi, and he never agreed directly. Over.

   Before Yamamoto had time to answer, Ye Yip outside the door burst into tears, crying and complaining of Hongjiang's unkindness, as if he was deserted.

   Looking at the farce outside the door, Yamamoto, who was originally serious, actually smiled, still the kind smile of an old father watching his daughter-in-law.

   Hongjiang immediately felt extremely ashamed. He lowered his forehead with a humiliating look, looked at the wooden planks on the ground and thought, "This seam looks quite big. Try hard to get in?"

   "I won't practice today, so go out and play with Ye Yi."

   "Don't regret it, Grandpa Shan!" Ye Yi burst into laughter when she heard this, but seeing her still smooth face, the cry just now was just empty.

   "As long as you don't forget that tomorrow is the admission ceremony of the Spiritual Academy, don't be late." Yamamoto nodded and turned back, stood up and turned to the inner room, "Hong Jiang doesn't need to send me off."

   Yamamoto's sentence without sending it is really a **** assist, but unfortunately it was given to the opponent. Now there are no excuses, how can you fix it?

   Hongjiang thought for a while, it was really impossible. With a helpless sigh, Hong Jiang slowly turned around. Even if the end is approaching, what he should face is to face.

   "Yeah, here it is!" Hong Jiang smiled and said hello, trying to eliminate the embarrassment of just trying to escape.

   If you don't stay overnight, you don't need to buy it. With a smirk, one hand pointed at the direction behind him with one hand on his hips, and then turned and left without saying a word.

The meaning of    is obvious-come out, let's talk slowly!

   What happens if I don’t go out? It's not that Hong Jiang has never thought of going back to the house to rest, but if he does that, it is estimated that the ending will be miserable, so don't think too much, just keep up with it.

   Just out of Yamamoto's house, the night that walked ahead turned around in an instant, and it was a flying kick towards Hongjiang's face.

   Chat is equal to fight. This is basic common sense, at least for Ye Yi, and Hong Jiang naturally knows this.

   his right hand changed his palm and stood in front of him to block Yeyi’s attack. He grabbed the opponent’s foot and said, “How can a girl’s family be so violent? Learn from other people’s flowers,,,”

   Before he finished speaking, Hong Jiang was forced to swing his right leg to the center of his face by Ye Yi's change. With the dust and a wailing, he flew out a full two meters away.

   The dust cleared, and a smiling face with pale yellow hair appeared in front of Hong Jiang, "Good evening, Hong Jiang."

   "It looks like you haven't escaped the clutches, Urahara!"

Everyone had more or less buddies when they were young, and Shinigami is no exception. The person in front of him is Kisuke Urahara, plus the original instigator, Yaichi, whose full name is Sifengin Yaichi, which is Hongjiang Zaisuo. Lingting has been the only best friend in fifteen years.

   Hongjiang knows that these two people will also be well-known figures in the future, but now everyone is still young, and they are not worthy of the word character, they can only be regarded as geniuses.

   "Have you upset our Highness Yeyi again?" Urahara said, reaching out to lift Hongjiang on the ground.

   "It's very tiring to practice kendo with the old man, okay! Can't you let me be lazy?"

   Ye Yi, a little far away, heard this, and finally he calmed down again. He stepped forward and stepped on it again, causing Hong Jiang, who had just risen halfway, to lie down on the ground again.

   "You are so arrogant now, Blind Fisheye! Lazy to say so arrogantly!"

   "Who is going to die! Don't you just keep your eyes small? Insult someone!"

   "The future head of the Sifeng Academy called you a dead fish eye, do you have any opinions?"

   Urahara Kisuke saw that the two of them showed signs of running away on the topic, and reminded him aloud: "We don't have much time, and there is still business."

   "That's right!" Hong Jiang raked back, patted the ground, and said confidently, "Can you still do something? Get your feet up quickly!"

   "Calm down, calm down!" Seeing Yeyi's clenched fist, Urahara hurriedly persuaded: "It is the two of us who broke him."

   "Huh, I'll do half of my work later, do you know?" Seeing Hongjiang nodded, Ye Yi let go, "Hurry up, our task tonight is very heavy!"

   Seeing Ye Yi's full of energy, Urahara and Hongjiang looked at each other, smiled and quickly followed.

   Bipolar Hill, the highest place in Seoring Palace.

   But this is not the power center of Seireitei, but a execution ground.

   So no matter how beautiful the scenery here, no one wants to come here to enjoy the moonlight. And the destination of the Hongjiang trio tonight is here.

   Of course, they didn't come here to see the scenery. To be precise, their destination was the underground under the Bipolar Hill.

  Before entering the Mao Spiritual Academy, the three decided to establish a secret base in Seireitei, a secret base belonging to the three of them.

   This proposal was first proposed by Urahara Kisuke, and it was said that it was the first thing that happened this morning. And got the approval of everyone including Hongjiang.

   Yes, Tetsuzuka Hiroe also agreed. Without any flicker or threat, he directly agreed, even the first to agree. So think about Yeyi’s behavior just now. Actually, he has been very restrained.

   At this time, three hundred meters underground, UU reading www. uukanshu.com, a huge space with a height of nearly fifty meters and an area of ​​about half a football field has already taken shape, but the idea of ​​this distance between three people is still much worse.

   "Only one tenth has been completed! All work harder!" Ye Yi slammed the rock wall in front of him, turned around and shouted at Hongjiang in the distance: "Especially you! Double the speed!"

   Although Hongjiang's face is full of reluctance, he swings the pickaxe in his hand significantly faster, "Obviously, it will be solved quickly with the ghost way. Do we have to dig like this?!"

   Urahara Kisuke, who had worked so hard to transport the rubble on the side, also nodded silently, but he did not say a word, because Yeichi must have a set of rhetoric, no matter how absurd, this is the supreme truth for them.

   "Just you talk a lot of nonsense, this is also a practice, do you understand practice?"

   Sure enough, Ye Yi has his own reason, Hong Jiang doesn't resist anymore, even if resistance is useful? Ye Yi's kindness is already great for not letting himself dig with his hands, and he wants to be content.

   In this way, after busying most of the night, nearly five secret bases the size of a football field were finally completed with the efforts of the three people. At this time, the three people were all lying on the ground and panting, obviously exhausted.

   "Take a break, take a break, let's pave the stone bricks."

   "Let's do it, the stone bricks will break after a few practice sessions." Hong Jiang weakly expressed his opinion and touched Urahara on the right. "What do you think?"


  According to the past situation, Ye Yi will definitely stick to his opinion at this time, but this time there is nothing to say. The sun is really coming out of the west.

   Hongjiang looked to the left. Our Royal Highness Yeyi didn't know when he had fallen asleep. Hongjiang and Urahara smiled and gave a slap. Anyway, the stone brick matter was over.

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