The moonlight is like yarn, evenly sprinkled in the quiet courtyard. The monks in the center of the courtyard all made a rhythm of ‘dum-dum-dun’.

   This is an ancient Japanese courtyard. At this time, the two men in the house are holding swords facing each other, but they did not intend to die. The two men held ordinary wooden swords, which seemed to be just a discussion.

   "Don't show fatigue when holding a sword, remember, Hong Jiang?"

   is a naked old man with a bald head, white eyebrows and silver beard, and two purple ribbons make the long beard neat and tidy.

   But if anyone treats him as an ordinary old man and despise him, it must suffer a big loss. The dense scars on his body are the resentment and regret of his dead souls.

In fact, no one would despise him. The captain of the Gotei 13 team-Yamamoto Motoryusai Shigekuni, the oldest and strongest **** of death in existence, the entire Seireitei knows, and his Chozuka Hiroe is also natural. Including it, even he knows more.

   "Not to be distracted!" Seeing Hongjiang's sluggish expression, Yamamoto stepped forward, and followed Hongjiang's head with a heavy cut from the upper section. A big bag swelled from his head at a speed visible to the naked eye.

   "It hurts, it hurts!" Hong Jiang, who looked like he was only a teenager, held his head in his hands, with an expression of dissatisfaction on his childish face, "I see, teacher!"

   Although it has been more than 20 years since I have been here, whenever I see the characters from the previous anime appearing in front of me alive, Tetsuka Hiroe occasionally stunned.

  Who would have thought that just staying up late and playing games would cause sudden death. Okay, he admitted that he stayed up a bit long this night, for a full week, but it was too sloppy to just take the dog.

   In fact, the feeling of sudden death was not real to him. He felt that as soon as he closed his eyes and opened his eyes, he changed the room, and also changed his body and name.

   In his previous life, his name was Hong Jiang. He was a hard-working programmer. As soon as he opened his eyes, he became a child named Diezuka Hongjiang, and his identity became a newborn baby in Liuhun Street.

"Hongjiang, you are a genius, so I will accept you as a closed disciple." The more bitter days are already close at hand, but because of Yamamoto's words, Hongjiang's identity instantly jumped three levels and became the most noble Seireitei. One of the second generation. But this does not mean that he can eat and wait to die, on the contrary, his childhood was harder than anyone else.

Seeing Hongjiang’s pitiful look, Yamamoto’s voice became much softer. He knelt down and stroked the bag on his head and said softly, "You are a genius, but you know why I keep saying this and don’t choose to hide it from you. Huh?"

   "Hey~" Hong Jiang sighed and replied helplessly: "Teacher, you have said many times that geniuses need self-confidence, and geniuses without self-confidence are even worse than ordinary people."

   Yamamoto nodded, he was very satisfied with the young disciple in front of him, saying that it was a disciple that was better than a parent-child.

   Hongjiang is a genius once in a thousand years. This has been known since the moment Yamamoto met him on Liuhun Street 15 years ago.

   is far beyond the spiritual power of ordinary people and even most geniuses. You must know that at that time he was just an ordinary child in Liuhun Street and had not received orthodox training.

   More importantly, Hong Jiang seems to have a soul in his body, making him twice as much as a person of the same level in terms of learning ability, comprehension, and spiritual reserve.

   In other words, Hong Jiang's time is born twice as long as others. It is not true to say that it is twice the result with half the effort. His growth rate is beyond everyone's estimation.

Therefore, Yamamoto immediately decided to bring this child into Seireitei and accept him as a closed disciple. He would use his life's energy to treat him as his own cultivation. He wanted to see with his own eyes this child as the strongest barrier in the corpse soul world. The most frightening blade.

   In the past fifteen years, Hong Jiang's performance has made him very satisfied. Of course, there are still some minor problems, which are fatal enough. If it can be corrected, he will be more satisfied.

"Yes, geniuses need self-confidence but not arrogance." Seeing Hongjiang's thoughtful look, Yamamoto continued: "No matter how confident you are with an enemy or friend, you must have confidence in victory and awe of defeat. "

   "Strategic contempt of the enemy, tactically value the enemy! I know this!"

   Hongjiang curled his mouth with a sense of disdain. Although you are the strongest **** of death, it doesn't necessarily make sense for me, a young man who travels.

   Yamamoto didn’t get angry. He knocked on Hongjiang’s forehead with his right hand, and said with a smile: “It’s a different story, but how does it make a difference?”

   "Cough! What, then,,," Hong Jiang made a big red face by this question. Although he tried to hide it, anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was slapped himself in the face.

   "I was just thinking about something, Guidao, yes! New Guidao development just got some new ideas!"

   finally found an excuse, even this excuse was perfect enough to convince myself, "So teacher, you just interrupted my thinking!"

   "The enemy doesn't matter whether you have made a major discovery or not, it is not their purpose to disturb you, they want to take your head back to claim credit!"

   Seeing that Hongjiang still wanted to talk, Yamamoto stretched out his hand to interrupt his thoughts, and continued: "A genius who is dead is not a genius, and he is not even qualified to be mourned!"

   "Do you know why?"

   "It's useless because it's dead." Although Yamamoto's tone hasn't changed much, the momentum he exudes still makes Hong Jiang's heart tremble, and even his voice trembles.

   "It's not useless, UU reading is always useful to die in battle."

   Hongjiang shook his head, not denying what Yamamoto just said, but his genius who died for some reason is not even qualified to be mourned.

   sat up straight cross-legged, and lowered his head vigorously, "Teacher, please!"

   "Because of stupidity, Hiroshi." Yamamoto stroked his beard and continued softly: "There should be a better future, and more creatures should be guarded."

   "Because of your stupidity, your life has been ruined. It is not yourself that you failed. It is the many people who may live but die in the future!"

   "Because of stupidity, I throw the responsibility on my shoulders on others, and I can't even report back to the person who supports me. So even if you die in battle, it is a heinous crime!"

   A sentence is more severe than a sentence, and a sentence is more shocking. It is as if it was just a sea wave touching his body at the beginning, and finally it became a huge wave, suddenly turning around, making Hongjiang confused.

   "It turned out to be such a heavy feeling to be adopted by the captain."

   "No matter what my disciples show, they are still cautious enough, and dying hastily will be their greatest shame!"

   "And to you, Hiroshi!" Yamamoto put up the wooden sword in his hand and slammed it down with a loud noise.

   Hongjiang felt that the earth was shaking with it. He raised his head and saw that Yamamoto, who had squinted his eyes, had already opened his eyes for some time, and the dazzling light shone in his eyes, as if it would never be dim.

   "You can't die, and you won't die, your future must be radiant!" I saw the blue veins on Yamamoto's neck violently, and shouted: "You know! Hongjiang!"

   "I know the teacher!" Hongjiang straightened up, and also roared: "I am Chozuka Hongjiang. When I emerge from the cocoon, I am the eternal butterfly in the sky."

   "My future is bound to shine!"

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