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Black Technology: Starting From the Space Jumping Machine

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Lu Yu of the mechanical department didn’t want to be a factory boy, so he decided to become a UP in the manual area.

So he left a question on the website: If Bi She builds a space jumping machine, will it affect me from becoming a big anchor?

Under the question and answer, many netizens ridiculed.

“It will affect, and the impact will be great. I am afraid that you will disappear for decades, who will help you update?”

“As long as there are a few more peanuts, I won’t be so drunk!”

In the face of many doubts, Lu Yu just asked netizens to look forward to his live demonstration of the ‘finished product’.

In fact, he just wants to give his debut a boost. Black and red are also red, so let’s talk about it first when it gets traffic.

So Lu Yu brazenly activated the space jumping machine he built during the live broadcast, who knew that he jumped directly from the blue star space to Mars in an instant……

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BTSFSJM
Alternate Title:黑科技:从空间跳跃机开始
Author:flame watermelon
Weekly Rank:#5247
Monthly Rank:#6004
All Time Rank:#7326
Tags:Gunfighters, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Spaceship,
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  1.   There is no limit to the black technology realization system, or in other words, the existence of a space jumping machine can be sent to Lu Yu from the very beginning, and he doesn't care whether the system will be known to humans at all.   ********Lu Yu said everything he knew one by one, so that the other end of the phone didn't dare to breathe. I don't know how many big bosses listened to this call at the same time.    "Hmm... It's like the plot in the novel came true."******** From chapter 5 or 6 . Basically mc disclosed his cheats . Not my cup of tea

  2. from chapter 2.... Lu Yu understands very well that it is a waste of the entire human civilization that he owns the [Silver Star]. If he can return to Earth, he will definitely dedicate it to the country.

  3. It started great. But then after the restarter arc, everything dumbs down into a street fight. The mc just use his op spacecraft to ram everything to win literally.

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