Wu Qi woke up leisurely, and the first time he felt the icy wind blowing in the sand, and the hazy arc of the sky.

The memory of the **** battle with the emperor instantly rushed into Wu Qi's mind, and Wu Qi was stunned and sat up from the ground.

"Wu Qi."

An unfamiliar female voice came from very close beside him. Wu Qi subconsciously waved the knife on the opponent's neck, and then took a closer look. When he found that the other party was the Emperor, he walked with him from the grand palace. Interracial girl coming out.

"Who are you? Where is the emperor!"

The alien girl was not afraid of Wu Qi's blade threat. There was still a huge hole in her left chest, which was the wound she left after blocking McDonald's arrow.

The girl smiled faintly: "I'm Renee Abelio, the princess of the throne. You almost collapsed and died just now. You were in a coma for half a minute."

Renee turned her head and directed Wu Qi's gaze to follow her direction.

I saw that the torso was severely damaged, and the throne was lying on the ground. The wound on his back was so huge that it took up 90% of the width of his back. Not to mention the bones and internal organs, no cell died with any residue.

But immediately, the emperor's fingers twitched.

Wu Qi saw with his own eyes that there was still a faint purple light on the inner edge of the hollow torso of the emperor seat, which was the light of energy that the "mother stone" was working hard to repair the host body.

Although the Emperor's body regenerates very slowly, as long as he is given a little time, the worms of this world will be born again!

Wu Qi got up and rushed to make up the knife, but his body couldn't help him.

At this moment, every cell in Wu Qi's body uttered a sorrowful cry. The sudden getting up and swinging the knife just now was just a subconscious action of his nerves when he didn't react. Soon Wu Qi received a compensatory sharp pain; not only the pain, but also made him unable to control every part of his body. muscle.

Wu Qi fell back to the sand with a "bang". He can't move now, neither in his body nor in the Crescent Longknife has a trace of energy to use. The crescent long knife that was previously wrapped into a "black knife" by the stable gravitational energy has also changed back to a silver color. There are even four or five cracks that cross the knife body on it, as if it would hit a hard object. The whole knife cracked.

Unable to change himself, Wu Qi tried to pin his hopes on the "flying" McDonald. But it was also meditation, but this time Wu Qi could no longer feel the magical "world perception". It seems that this intimate relationship between the world and him is at an end. He can no longer borrow the power of the sky and the earth, and can no longer perceive the existence of MacDonald in the dark.

Wu Qi closed his eyes for a while, two round teardrops silently slipped from the corner of his closed eyes. Then he opened his eyes again, and after a little analysis of the status quo, he realized that the situation was too bad to get worse.

If his body still doesn't improve after another half a minute, then he can only watch the throne recover from the desperate situation that is closest to death.

"Girl, your name is Renee? I have a very good friend who has the same name as you."

Wu Qi said softly. And when she heard Wu Qi's calm words, Renee knew that Wu Qi did not recognize her.

Renee didn't blame Wu Qi. She was genetically changed in appearance, figure, voice, and breath. Except for the exact same name, even the last name was unfamiliar.

Perhaps in Wu Qi's subconscious mind, the Renee he knew would never change the surname given to her by her doctor and father, Greg Moses, whom she admired throughout her life.

Even so, Renee couldn't tell her true identity, because this was the shackles that the throne gave her.

"And then?" Renee said gently.

"It's nothing, I just heard your name and thought of her missing. Now my path is almost at the end, but she still hasn't come back." Wu Qi looked up at the arc of light above his head and sighed sincerely.

Renee just listened silently, after all, she couldn't do anything.

"Fine, forget about this. Renee Abelio, my name is Wu Qi, can I ask you something?" Wu Qi looked into Renee's eyes and said.

Renee lightly opened her lips: "You say, I do my best."

"Can you help me dig out the "mother stone" in the throne lying there and give him the last cut? If you can do me this favor, I will promise all your conditions, even if you want me Life." Wu Qi said seriously.

Renee fell into silence. During this time of air silence, the Emperor's body regenerated faster and faster, and the wound that took up 90% of the back was healed to 70%.

"Sorry, I can't attack the Emperor Throne in any way. This is the spell under the Emperor Throne in my body. So, I can only disappoint you."

"Really... well..."

Wu Qi was silent for a while, then he tried to mobilize his body muscles again. This time he tried desperately to move his body. Although it was difficult, he moved his body a few inches after all.

"Can you help me carry me to the throne, Renee?"

Wu Qi asked subconsciously. His name was Renee, which was very cordial and easy to call, as if he was really calling the friend he missed so much.

Renee looked at Wu Qi's hard-moving body, and looked at his patience as painful as a ten thousand arrows pierced through the heart. She bit her lip and suddenly shouted:

"let me try."

Hearing that Wu Qi's movements were stagnant, the corners of his mouth could not help but lifted up, revealing a relieved smile.

"Thank you, Renee."

Renee closed her eyes. She picked up Wu Qi who was lying on the ground, bending around like a blind step by step, trying to slowly get closer to the throne. It seems that only by deceiving my own spirit in this way can the pain and damage caused by the spell be slightly reduced to a tolerable level.

As time passed, the throne lying on the ground had regenerated to the point where the back was only 30% wide. But Wu Qi seemed to understand the difficulties of the young girl Renee. He never urged Renee, so quietly waiting for Renee to hug him and approach the throne.

In the end, Renee put Wu Qi's on the ground when she was only three feet away from the throne. After Wu Qi fell to the ground, he immediately used all his strength to move forward. His right hand twitched and raised the crescent long knife, trying to insert the knife into the sand and try to lift his body with strength.

With a click, the blade of the supporting crescent long knife broke. Wu Qi's right hand held the broken long knife and fell back to the ground. At the same time, the emperor's body moved.

Wu Qi watched the emperor move his arms very closely, watching him prop up his prone body. Soon, the Emperor straightened up without difficulty, and the cut through his chest and back shrank to less than 10 cm in diameter.

"Hey, isn't this the one who almost won the lonely, Wu Qi?"

The throne slowly turned around, his face twisted and terrifying because of the lingering horror pain. He stared at his almost bloodshot eyeballs, and his mouth was drooling. The torso, limbs, and face were all thinner by more than half than normal, and he looked as thin as a wood and weak.

Such a throne, as long as Wu Qi can move normally, even without the ability of the crescent long sword, he can easily make the final blow to the throne. However, all of this only exists in fantasy.

boom! The emperor raised his thin right leg and gave Wu Qi a kick on the chin. This kick kicked Wu Qi and rolled out three times, and Wu Qi's mouth immediately overflowed with a large amount of black blood, and his chin was already dislocated.

"Aren't you, even if you turn into an evil spirit, you have to drag the lonely to hell? Why are you now crawling on the ground, like an earthworm!"

The emperor cursed and insulted Wu Qi. He stepped on Wu Qi's body and head with one foot after another, causing Wu Qi's internal organs to rupture to varying degrees, and all kinds of dirty blood and internal organs spilled from his mouth. Fragments.

The Emperor was still not satisfied. He only knew that the pain Wu Qi had caused had surpassed the physical and spiritual, and had carved an indelible memory of fear in his mind. Because of this, he must return this pain a thousand times in order to dispel his hatred!

The emperor walked to Wu Qi, pinched Renee's neck in front of him, and laughed presumptuously:

"Wu Qi, do you know who this is? Her name is Renee, and the human name is Renee Moses! On the night when the four gods were defeated, she took the initiative to come to Gu's face and said Become a hero of mankind!"

"And her way is to give up being a human being and be willing to be transformed into an Abelio! From the perspective of an outsider, to accompany the solitary, watching the solitary cause humans and wild spirits to completely disappear from this earth, and accompany them to destroy the earth's humans. Civilization, rebuild the glorious Abelio civilization!"

"What a great way, even a cold-blooded king like Gu is moved to cry! Wu Qi, if you and MacDonald can learn Renee's consciousness, they won't end up like this!"

The emperor smiled presumptuously, but the strength in his hands grew stronger. Renee's neck was pinched and deformed, and an expression of extreme pain was visible on her face, and Wu Qi looked up at this scene, which is simply a superb view in the eyes of the Emperor!

The Emperor released the hand that was holding Renee’s neck. Just as Renee was coughing and panting, he slammed **** into Renee’s left eye, and dug out amidst Renee’s screams. Renee's **** eyes fell.

Renee covered her face and fell to the ground. The delicate girl's body was trembling and arched, as if it was so painful that she couldn't make a normal sound.

The Emperor threw **** eyes on Wu Qi's face. He slowly walked towards Renee and said cruelly: "Why? Now I know it hurts? Now I know I'm afraid? You moved Wu Qi to Gu, When I want to kill Gu by Wu Qi’s hand, why don’t I know the pain? Gu when you are the princess, let you watch the future of this planet with Gu. Are you blind or guilty? It’s inappropriate to keep the good Princess Abelio. Want to bury the earth human civilization that is about to be extinct?"

"You treat Gu's kindness as bullshit, so don't blame Gu you for giving you the punishment of lingchi!"

The Emperor grabbed Renee's arm fiercely and beat Renee's face and abdomen fiercely with his fist, while Wu Qi saw all this in his eyes, his teeth were bitten until blood was leaking.

"Emperor, this scum, the curse he cast in Renee's body is almost the same as the golden ring lock of'broken arm and forbidden foot' that he put on me at the beginning! The curse seals all the hostile behavior Renee can do against him, but If, what if, Renee can resist the imprisonment of the spell, and with Renee’s current strength to break through to Tier 4, kill the imperial throne who is so weak and take out the divine vessel “mother stone” in his belly. impossible!"

"Is there any way..."

An inspiration flashed in Wu Qi's mind, and suddenly, his eyes "reflected" MacDonald's back in front of the "tree-shaped light belt".

Whether it works or not, you can only bet! This is not only to rescue Renee from the poisonous men of the Emperor, more importantly, Renee exists here, giving a glimmer of hope to a desperate situation that should have no hope.

"Rennie! Come!"

Wu Qi closed his eyes tightly, his consciousness shuttled through the "road" in the dark, across the vast sea of ​​stars, and finally reached the end of the starry sky where the "tree-shaped light belt" was located.

Wu Qi slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw the dark starry sky and the sacred and flawless tree-shaped light belt, he couldn't help but shed tears of emotion.

Wu Qi's consciousness was still in the same creeping posture as the real world, but he immediately got up, turned and scanned the surroundings of the ethereal earth. And Renee was actually forcibly brought here by her, and her consciousness even curled up like the body in the real world, seemingly still evading the throne's beating.

"Rennie! Renee! Open your eyes and see!"

Wu Qi yelled a few times, and Renee took a little bit of her arms away and saw the world under the stars.

"Where is this? Wu Qi..."

Renee whispered Wu Qi's name. Although the left eye of her consciousness was also blind, she was surprised to find that her skin had turned back to the white color of a human in this world.

"Wu Qi, have I changed back? I have changed back to human!"

Renee’s voice revealed heartfelt happiness. Wu Qi smiled and said to Renee: “The earth can’t choose the wrong person. It’s because you think you are a human in your heart, so you won’t be thrones. Complete transformation."

Renee heard that her mind was immediately filled with a flood of information. Because this is the first time she has entered the other side of the "road", just like Wu Qi back then.

After understanding the meaning of the starry sky, Renee suddenly raised her head, looking at Wu Qi with stars in her eyes.

"Wu Qi, what do we do... Is it when we leave here or die at the hands of the Emperor?"

But Wu Qi said confidently and calmly, "No, Renee."

"I believe you, you will definitely be able to break the imprisonment of the curse and give a fatal blow to the throne. So as to rescue the world in a true sense and become a hero of human civilization on earth."

Renee said nervously: "But, but I really can't do it. It's not that I don't have the courage, nor that I'm afraid to die together, but that the power of the spell is set like this..."

"No matter what, as long as you have a firm consciousness, that's enough," Wu Qi looked back at the distant tree-shaped light belt that appeared so close, and said softly, "The rest... give it to me."

Wu Qi stepped forward, step by step, firmly taking the tree-shaped light.

At this moment, he already understood the conditions of "Ascension". Not only must he have the body of life that has evolved to the extreme of Tier 4 and the determination to give up being observed by the world, but more importantly, he must have the consciousness of being "imprisoned" by eternal life.

Evolving to the fifth level, he will become like air, ubiquitous and nonexistent; he will also lose his feelings and consciousness as a human being, converge and merge with the torrent of the great consciousness of the earth, and remain so indescribable The sense of nothingness is always there.

Different from the liberation of death, he chose "Ascension" and he entered the "roots of the earth", a cage that could never be broken away. And what will happen to him at this moment is always unknown.

Unknown brings fear, and fear brings confusion. But as long as there is a trace of confusion, it is impossible to "fly".

But since Wu Qi has been able to force Renee into the world before "Earth Root", it means that he has met all the conditions.

Wu Qi and the original Macdonald walked silently to the tree-shaped light belt under Renee's eyelids. No matter how Renee called or how she ran, she couldn't catch up with Wu Qi.

Because only those who have made the realization to "ascend" can really approach the tree-shaped light belt.

One step, Wu Qi let go of unwillingness; one step, Wu Qi let go; one step, Wu Qi let go of the hatred of the Supreme Court; one step, Wu Qi let go of the future with everyone in Noah City.

In the last step, a fascinating smile appeared on the corner of Wu Qi's mouth. He seemed to have expectations for "Ascension", wondering if he could once again perceive the "souls" of Guo Bobai and Sister Ruorong who had disappeared from this world after "Ascension".

In the end, Wu Qi stood in front of the tree-shaped light belt. The sacred and flawless "Earth Roots" was close to him. Wu Qi slowly raised his hand, but before touching the "Earth Roots", he silently turned around and said to the distant Renee:

"Rennie, when you return to the real world, I may have disappeared. But after I disappear, the whole world will stand behind you, helping you resist the spell of the throne."

"Wu Qi, where are you going? Can you not leave?" Renee shouted nervously and scaredly. Seeing her worried and anxious look, Wu Qi seemed to see herself before.

However, he can answer Renee only silently.

Renee bit her lip tightly and the tears in her eye sockets rolled around. She seemed to have changed back to the girl who was drunk one night but couldn't get her feelings. She complained pitifully: "I understand. Are you going to reject me?"

"Sorry, Renee. I let you down again."

Wu Qi and Renee looked at each other in silence from an inaccessible distance, but in the end, Wu Qi still comforted heartily: "It's just in the end, I still have a selfish wish. Renee, I hope you are killing After losing the throne, we can take over all the sacred vessels and save the human civilization on the earth under the second ability meteorite, and then lead the peace between the Supreme Court, Noah City, and the Wild Empire, which will open up a little hope for our efforts The dawn continues to enlarge."

"Please. This is my last request."

After a while, Renee went from lowering her head to raising her head. She wiped away the tears from her face and gave Wu Qi a warm and beautiful smile.

And Wu Qi quietly returned a smile.

This last silence is like the two traveled through time and space and returned to the night before they jointly attacked the Grey Queen. They talked for a long time and exchanged food instead of information. Wu Qi smiled at her, and she also let go of her guard, and from then on, a seed of indescribable feelings was born in her heart.

If there is a if, how much she hopes, that is their first sight.

"I am Renee Moses, and I will never let you down."

"Well, bye bye, Renee."

"Goodbye, Wu Qi."

The next second, Wu Qi walked into the holy tree-shaped light belt. Renee's consciousness also returned to reality, and the pain of being beaten by the throne came immediately throughout her body.

Renee curled up, protecting her only right eye with her blood-stained arm. She crossed the eye-shielding arm and the falling fists one after another on the emperor seat, and saw Wu Qi's body turned into countless mysterious and sacred golden light particles behind the emperor seat and then floated into the air.

The familiar golden brilliance attracted the attention of the emperor, and the emperor temporarily stopped beating Renee. He looked back, his eyes were angry and jealous.

He didn't torture Wu Qi well, so Wu Qi died. Dread is how this way of death is exactly the same as when MacDonald died. And after McDonald's death, Wu Qi seemed to have changed a person, not only was suddenly terrifying, but even the whole world of fortune seemed to be on his side.

But without waiting for the emperor to think about it, an unexpected pain suddenly exploded from his dantian. He looked at Renee in disbelief, and saw Renee gritting her teeth, tears in one eye, and piercing his right hand into his abdomen. Then her five fingers and wrist turned fiercely, and the **** "mother stone" of the **** vessel was alive from his belly!

The blood-colored curse had already surfaced on Renee's entire body, but Renee seemed to forcibly break free of the curse's restraint, and continued to make impossible actions.


Renee yelled, her blood-filled face finally no longer suppressed the expression of hatred!

She saw Captain Wu Sheng in Xu Fang's memory. Captain Wu Sheng dedicated his life to guard the border of the north and protect her from Kazan's claws. But after being defeated by Kazan, he was enslaved and had to serve for the Abyss of Apocalypse. At the end of Xu Fang's memory, Wu Sheng was sacrificed to death by the imperial mantra.

There are also Wu Qi, MacDonald, and countless heroes who have dedicated themselves to resist the throne.

And the reason why Renee endured humiliation, crushed her dignity, and voluntarily became the princess of the throne, was to become a variable in the final battle.

Now is the time for anger backlash!

The emperor vomited a mouthful of blood, and he stepped back in confusion, while Renee stood forward, smashing the emperor's forehead with her fist.

The impact of this punch made the sand and dust in a radius of 100 meters tremble, and the head of the Emperor who was hit was also broken in half, revealing a corner of the "stone" of the **** vessel.

Renee involuntarily pulled out the "stone" in the emperor's mind, and then she kept grabbing the emperor's left arm and kicked one of her feet off the joint! Then dig out the "roulette" from it.

The Emperor is like a kite with a broken wire. Renee smashed all parts of his body, and dug away the divine vessels that were integrated into the body. In the end, he was kicked by Renee on the cold sand and slammed on his neck!

Renee's one-eyed projected a cannibalistic gaze, and then she squeezed out between her teeth one by one:

"Emperor, give me the method to prevent the meteorite from falling to the earth! Otherwise, I will kill all the new Abelio people in this world!"?

But the emperor coughed up blood and smiled strangely. He gave up resistance, and all his limbs were helpless on the sand.

"The lonely princess, haven't you taken away all the gods from Gu? You can gather all the gods and rewrite the'final revelation' like Gu."

Renee stared at the throne's every move, while beckoning to absorb the "bows and arrows", "mother stone", "stone" and "roulette" scattered on the gravel plain. And at the moment when the four divine vessels were gathered in her hand, a roar like the Big Bang instantly sounded in Renee's mind.

What was born and flowed out from the explosion was the information flow of the Abelio civilization with a history of more than 6,000 years. There are also all the usage methods and usage records of the four divine vessels.

Renee was suddenly stupefied, her desperate feelings accumulated little by little, and her pupils welled up.

From seven days ago, after the emperor had captured all the divine vessels and returned to the abyss of the apocalypse, he used the "roulette" of the divine vessels to set a boundary to tamper with the flow of time on the boundary of the entire apocalypse. And when Wu Qi and Macdonald came to the sky above Tianqi Mountain half an hour ago, the Emperor Seat had silently activated the enchantment, slowing down the flow of time in the entire Apocalypse Abyss.

Within half an hour of everyone fighting ~www.mtlnovel.com~ the outside world has passed 10 times! Exactly, it was five hours.

Renee turned her head suddenly, and she felt Wu Qi's breath in every corner of the world. She subconsciously communicated with the world and used the "world perception".

With this perception, Renee crossed tens of thousands of kilometers across the continent and saw the sky of Xinjing.

A thick cloud of lead shrouded the sky above Xinjing, and the thirteen red lights that served as guide signs stood straight between the sky and the earth. And in the next second, a ray of red light like dawn tore open the thick sea of ​​clouds! A meteorite covered with raging fire suddenly appeared, and large tracts of clouds were evaporated and sublimated wherever it went, and the meteorite body slowly descended from high altitude like a judgment of extinction.

In every corner of Xinjing, countless soldiers bowed their heads in pain, their eyes filled with despair and disappointment. The crowds of people on the streets of Xinjing were all standing or kneeling, clasping their hands together and closing their eyes, praying for blessings, praying that at the last moment, God is alive and can help.


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