"Just the two of you? This is pure nonsense!" Ruo Shian rebuffed. In the previous battle, Wu Qi and Macdonald faced the Imperial Throne alone, but they, Tier 4 pioneers and Xuanying Jiuhui could not help.

If there is another crusade, this time they should be fully prepared!

The quarrel between Wu Jun, Ruo Shian and MacDonald attracted the attention of the Noah City delegation and a part of the Supreme Court delegation. With the attention of dozens of eyes and ears, MacDonald showed no mercy. The rhetoric is true:

"Naughty? Then tell me, besides me and Wu Qi, who else has the power of Tier 5? The Emperor has gathered four gods, infinitely self-healing and infinitely evolving, killing one person with one arrow, time suspending, omniscience and omnipotence, moving out any One, who of you can resist the slightest!"

"Unless all of you Tier 4 pioneers voluntarily act as a shield for Wu Qi and me, using your lives to pile up sporadic opportunities for victory! Do you have this consciousness?"

The surroundings became silent, and Wu Jun and Ruo Shian's expressions also became a little ugly. Because they knew it was almost impossible.

MacDonald turned and scanned the crowd watching: "I'll make it clear. Only me, who has the power of fifth-order life force, and Wu Qi, who has the power of fifth-order time, are qualified to walk in front of the throne. What you can do is to assist us to increase the upper limit in the last five days as much as possible, and finally send us to the Abyss of Apocalypse, clear all the obstacles in front of the throne. If you are still cowering and worrying about conquering the emperor. After you sit down, you will not be able to deal with me who has all Tier 4 abilities, then you are not worthy to see the dawn of victory at all!"

McDonald's words are said to be for this reason, Wu Jun also understood in his heart. But anyway, MacDonald's words are still too radical, which is tantamount to adding a lot of difficulty for them to persuade Xuanying Jiuhui.

But at this time an "untimely" voice rang.

"I agree!"

Everyone turned their gazes to Wu Qi and Ruo Shian's back, and saw Hong Huang, Avid, Luan Yuqing, and Zhang Hao four Xuanying Jiuhui approaching, and then stood before them.

Luan Yuqing threw off the folding fan in his hand and smiled faintly: "McDonald is right. The gap between Tier 4 and Tier 5 is like a moat. We will be cannon fodder when we go. On the contrary, if we let the barriers go completely Trust MacDonald and Wu Qi, and promote them to the Third High School, and the chance of victory will be even greater."

"Everyone, if we can't even pass the imperial seat, how can we talk about tomorrow?"

After Luan Yuqing had finished speaking, everyone in the Highest Third Court also thought in silence. In fact, these truths are all on the table, and the difference is only spoken by what kind of person.

Ruo Shian glanced at Luan Yuqing gratefully, and then asked every Xuanying Jiuhui with respect:

"I fully respect the wishes of each of you. Are you willing to hand over your Tier 4 abilities to McDonald?"

Hong Huang said loudly: "I'm all standing here, what else are you talking about."

The corner of Arvid's mouth curled up: "Originally, one of my goals was to personally defeat the monarch of the wilderness empire, but I didn't expect to personally send him to the altar today."

Zhang Hao said seriously: "I am willing. I only ask you to do your best, even if you bet on life and death, you will also defeat the throne! We will avenge this revenge for us and millions of soldiers and ordinary people who cannot personally avenge themselves!"

After listening to everyone's answers, MacDonald grinned and showed a happy smile: "Huh, refreshing enough!"


Four days later.

In the middle of the night, MacDonald and Wu Qi sat on the training ground of the Central Military Academy. The vast school training ground was empty except for the two of them, and the ice-blue moonlight shone on the ground of the school training ground. At this moment, the whole world seemed to be as quiet and harmonious as this night.

If this is not an illusion how good it would be.

MacDonald said softly: "Tomorrow is about to fight a decisive battle. The blood of returning to your ancestors and the mother stone divine liquid have been absorbed."

Wu Qi replied with a "relaxed" smile: "Dragging your blessing all the time without urging, I can now be counted as a'little Macdonald'. But you, you have adapted to the'time feeling broken' to a degree. "

"Just so-so, seven or eight points."

"Then when the decisive battle is over, the emperor's seat will use the'time pause', and you will have two or three seconds to parry."

Wu Qi and Macdonald just talked without a word, while trying to ease the tension of each other, while also relaxing their own tension. It's like a pair of brothers who are going to battle tomorrow.

"Hey." Wu Qi said with emotion suddenly.

MacDonald greeted: "What's the matter?"

Wu Qi looked up at the moon and said, "I was thinking, if I had a chance to have a long conversation with you earlier, it would be great."

"Why, in just a few days of being inseparable, you can't bear it for me?" McDonald teased, "The group of people under the Supreme Third House, but few trust me. They all look forward to the end of the throne. After that, you can become the key to counterbalance the wilderness empire to protect mankind."


Wu Qi laughed at himself. He himself didn't know if he could live out of the Abyss of Apocalypse tomorrow. After talking, it would be too far away in the future.

He and McDonald have done everything that can be improved in the past few days. In addition to the upper limit of strength, there are tactics and tacit understanding. But the more plans one after another were discussed, the more disturbed Wu Qi's premonition for a decisive battle.

His heart is uncertain. Even though Sister Ruorong was killed by the emperor himself, she should have all the energy to avenge her sister Ruorong. But the more he thought about it, the more Wu Qi's subconsciousness would highlight the power of the throne, which made him really, really, afraid of losing.

He is more afraid of losing than fighting to die.

Wu Qi was silent for a moment, and McDonald saw what Wu Qi was thinking, and leaned forward and patted Wu Qi on the shoulder.

"Don't think about it, I'll take you to a place."


"Come down, don't think about anything, give me your hand."

MacDonald shook Wu Qi's hand and placed it gently between the two.

In the next second, Wu Qi's consciousness was pulled into the depths of the universe by a strange force. As a tiny human being, he looked up and saw a deep blue starry sky that looked like a sea, deep and beautiful, and unobstructed.

Every star on that starry canvas is a biological gene that has evolved from ancient times to the present. From the first paramecium, to the representative human beings of intelligent life, to the apex of the fourth-order life.

Then, Wu Qi saw beams of light flying across the starry sky one after another. Some of those beams were thick and bright, some were slender and dim, and some disappeared in the middle of the flight, leaving them in the starry sky and turning into star spots; The one who went forward indomitable, let all the beams of light chase his tail light, illuminate the other side of the starry sky, and become the star of enlightenment for countless latecomers.

Wu Qi knew that this was the other end of the "road". It is a place where the owner of the power of reversion can come after evolving to Tier 4.

MacDonald's figure came silently from behind, and they stepped together on the ethereal earth reflected with endless starlight, witnessing all the grand scenes on the other side of the "road".

"So you brought me here." Wu Qi sighed.

"Unexpectedly?" MacDonald said with a smile.


"How long hasn't been here?"

"I can't remember, it's a long time."

MacDonald scratched Wu Qi's nose and said jokingly, "That's why you are lost."

MacDonald walked slowly to the front, spread his arms and opened his chest, facing the direction of the vast and beautiful starry canvas and countless beams of light.

He lifted his throat and shouted in a volume that could echo for a long time: "Wu Qi, where do you think all the beams of light representing the rejuvenation of life have finally gone?"

Wu Qi pondered this question seriously, and replied: "There is no reincarnation in this world. It should all return to dust, and the earth should return to the earth."

"It's too impersonal to answer. It should be said that it is integrated with this beautiful earth."

MacDonald continued: "Wu Qi, if I was the one who came with the power of the ancestralization of this era, then you would have increased the few pillars of light on this starry sky into hundreds of today. Thousands of light pillars chasing each other in the wonders. Perhaps most of the re-anced life cannot come to the other side of the'road', but they do exist, just like us as the strongest two light pillars that fly farther. , Has already become the Venus in the eyes of latecomers without knowing it."

"Wu Qi, the grand scene you see right now is already the sight of the latecomers. The real we have already leapt here and have gone farther, haven't we?"

Wu Qi hesitated for a while, and then said: "Yes."

It was this sentence that changed Wu Qi's subconscious thoughts, and the space in which Wu Qi and Macdonald were placed suddenly changed. After another spectacle of flying consciousness, Wu Qi found that the world on the other side of the "road" around him had darkened.

The starry sky in front is no longer bright, only a few distant stars hanging on the starry sky behind are proving the existence of this space. Wu Qi wondered if this is "the other side of the starry sky". He searched for McDonald's figure for the first time, only to find a pure white tree of light stood in front of the ethereal earth. More precisely, it was a road leading to the sky. Tree-shaped light strip.

MacDonald stood in front of the tree-shaped light belt from the back, and he stared deeply at the beautiful tree-shaped light belt, silently. Wu Qi was about to speak out, but suddenly saw a bright beam of light flew behind the dim starry sky.

The bright beam of light flew in front, but behind it was a beam of light that flew half way slower than him. The two beams of light flew in different directions, but when they reached the "end of the starry sky" they began to get close to each other, becoming parallel to the twin stars; even if they had been far behind the followers, they still moved forward.

And in front of them, except for the bleak starry sky, it was the tree-shaped light belt that opened up darkness and gave people endless sacred reveries.

"Wu Qi." McDonald suddenly spoke calmly, but Wu Qi could hear his calm voice, hiding his depressed feelings.

"You said."

"We are the pioneers of the earth, and the mission of the pioneers is to open up an inch of hope for future generations in the endless darkness! Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, the end is not heaven, but as long as there is this light that we created, Future generations will cherish hope and bravery, and follow the path we pioneered one after another. Until one day, they will break through the darkness and welcome a world that belongs only to them."

"This is the mission and meaning of our pioneers."

Wu Qi clenched his fists and said softly: "You selfish ghost, do you foresee the future?"

There was a smile again in MacDonald’s voice, he sold it off and said, "Guess?"


There was also a smile unconsciously on Wu Qi's face. His eyes opened and closed, and his eyes, which were as deep as the world of darkness, had already ignited a passionate fire like a beam of starry sky.

"Let's go, it's dawn."


MacDonald turned around, raised his fist and struck Wu Qi's fist hard!


At noon the next day, there were still five hours before the second meteorite hit the earth.

Under the sky of the Apocalypse Abyss, a void crack quietly tore open the space, opening a gap just enough for the two to pass. Wu Qi and McDonald flew out of the hollow passage, looking down at the top of the Apocalypse Mountain below.

The huge and magnificent palace built on the top of Tianqi Mountain, which is 100 meters high, naturally caught the eyes of Wu Qi and MacDonald.

"You are finally here."

The voice of the emperor seat rang from the square space, and the true body of the emperor seat also walked out from the gate of the giant palace.

Following the imperial seat is an "alien girl" that neither Wu Qi nor MacDonald have ever seen.

"Emperor, if you can predict the future, then you should be able to predict your own defeat!" Wu Qi shouted. He drew the Crescent Longsword, and his whole body was covered with the scaled armor of Ancestral Formation in one second.

"No, I only saw your pitiful tragic situation." The Emperor took off the golden war horn from the top of his head while ironing, and turned it into a 40-meter-long golden sword.

Wu Qi and Macdonald started diving in unison. They were like two meteors with a speed of 700 kilometers per hour, crashing into the flat ground on the top of Tianqi Mountain.

"Come on! Emperor seat!"

MacDonald roared, folded his hands and slapped his palm on the ground! A sudden torrent of purple light scatters the sun from the ground, and the flat ground on the top of Tianqi Mountain suddenly cracks a crack in the thick of a bucket, and the crack rushes to Abelio where the throne is located, with the force of a snake and the lightning. Shrine!

When this hits, Abelio Shrine will split into two halves with the entire Apocalypse!

The Emperor smiled grinningly, and he burst out at the speed of sound instantly, turning into an invisible afterimage and rushing towards MacDonald!

The huge crack in the ground was extending to the foot of Abelio Shrine, and the throne stepped down in a gallop, and the sole of the foot hit the end of the crack with a "bang".


The Emperor threw a word, and the same powerful Earth Element energy swept out in the opposite direction, trying to offset the damage done by MacDonald!

With a puff, the emperor's right leg suddenly burst like a watermelon that was split by a hatchet, and the huge earth vein energy was transmitted to the emperor's body, even blasting his heart in one fell swoop.

When it was said that it was too late, Wu Qi suddenly disappeared from the hypotenuse at this juncture! The long crescent knife he held high gushes out strong black thunder energy, and the tip of the knife has invisibly aimed at the neck of the emperor!

In the last 0.1 second, the corner of his mouth that was constricted by a careless move revealed an arrogant smile. With a slight movement of the five fingers of his left hand, the golden sword on the left hand side immediately split the air and slashed towards Wu Qi!

"Have you not made any progress?"

Before the emperor spoke, the power of the black thunder that broke out on Wu Qi's blade was calmed down, and the black arc that had exploded indiscriminately turned into a clever black thread, which was wound and attached to the silver-white slender knife in a very short time. On his body, the silver crescent long knife was turned into a black knife!

This record is to conquer and stably control the peak gravitational energy, spiritual destroying energy and time deprivation power, Wu Qi's strongest knife!

The emperor can't hide, not only because the right leg burst, but also because the energy of "gravity" is entrained in the energy of the earth veins!

"The world, stop for loneliness!"

The emperor shouted, and finally used the time of the roulette of the gods to pause. Within a few microseconds, the monstrous gray ripple swept the world at the extreme of Emperor Zuo's eyes, and also turned the colorful Wu Qi and Emperor Zuo into gray, white and black.

The Emperor had to do this because he used the prophecy of relying on the "stone tablet" after two consecutive carelessnesses. He knew that a golden sword would definitely not stop Wu Qi's knife, and if he wanted to burst almost halfway in his body Wu Qi, who is close to him in the state of, will definitely suffer from injuries that the "mother stone" cannot recover.

So stop time, stop the riot of earth energy in the body before dealing with Wu Qi! Also restrained the careless heart.

At this moment, the earth vein energy in the imperial constellation that was transmitted close to the heart stopped instantaneously, the imperial constellation used energy to engulf the earth vein energy in an instant, and Wu Qi on the other side almost seamlessly broke through the "time pause". The shackles of the sword shattered the golden sword and slashed towards his heavenly spirit!

The empire raised his palm and confronted Wu Qi's "black knife" with the energy of the earth vein!

When the hand touches the knife, a terrifying explosion of energy is on the verge!

The Crescent Longknife flew in the air, Wu Qi's scales were blown to pieces on the spot by one-third, and his body was also shaken out dozens of meters, as if the earth energy entrapped by the throne hit most.

At the same time, the emperor was shaken back, his right arm was also annihilated, as if the life span of Mount Tai had been cut off. Moreover, even though his body and right leg were rapidly regenerated, the extra damage caused by mental destructive energy still prevented him from regenerating his right arm for the first time.

But no problem! The Emperor suddenly summoned the sacred vessel "bow and arrow", pulled a full bow with his teeth, aiming at the location where MacDonald was!

In an instant MacDonald disappeared in place, but the throne was calm this time, his body turned 180 degrees and aimed at the direction behind him!

"Gu but knows that you can move for three seconds in the world of'time pause'!"

The Emperor is directly aiming at the position where McDonald will appear in the prediction. But he also predicted that MacDonald took Princess Renee as a shield!

But the arrow of the balance has come out, and McDonald held Renee, who was unable to move in the "time pause", and threw an arrow at her at the moment the power of the space blockade came!

puff! The arrow shot Renee through the heart, and she still seemed to be unaware of it. At the same time, the power of the space blockade on Macdonald's body was also lifted, and he looked up to the sky with a long roar, and suddenly a dark green light was gushing out of his body that was higher than Abelio's Shrine!

When it is said that it is too late, it is fast, the monstrous light quickly changed into a snake-body and four-clawed oriental dragon in the air! It is MacDonald's "soul stand-in", and at the first moment of this world, it spews a prairie fire to the throne to destroy the flames!

The emperor lifted his bow to unfold the reverse "string of enchantment" that shielded foreign objects. No matter how strong the spirit is to destroy the flames, this pure white barrier can't be broken! He withstood this invincible barrier and forced through the burning prairie fire, rushing out of the ring of fire and approaching MacDonald in the sixth second of the "time timeout".

MacDonald's figure has gradually stagnated, giving him the limit of the time he can spend in the "time pause". But at the last moment, MacDonald manipulated the "dragon substitute" to interrupt the two giant pillars in front of the gate of Abelio's Palace, making the falling and staying boulder the last barrier to block the approach of the Emperor.


The emperor summoned the golden sword to slash with all his strength, severing all the falling boulders. In the end, the golden sword left a line of deep blood on MacDonald's chest, and it swept over because it was not long enough.

The next second, the hands of the stalled clock turned again, and everything that was suspended resumed movement.

The huge column in front of Abelio’s Shrine fell like a waterfall, and McDonald, who had recovered his mobility, also fell into the palace.

"Seven seconds!"

MacDonald had planted this crucial number in his heart. Soon after the Emperor acquired the God Vessel "Roulette", he was able to perform a 7-second time-out. During this long 7-second period, Wu Qi bought him two seconds, and he delayed his activity for three seconds. The immobile time in the last two seconds, relying on the obstacles he created for the Emperor in advance, tried his best to overcome it.

But McDonald knows one thing very well, and that is that the next "time pause" may be difficult for him to survive. Compared with Wu Qi, who can be active for 5 seconds in "Time Pause", he must be the first target to be eliminated by the Emperor!

And the next arrow of the "bow and arrow" of the gods, there will be no more foreign girl to block the gun for him.

"Before that, cut off the archery ability of the emperor!"

MacDonald got up flexibly with a carp hit, but unexpectedly a sudden burst of pain erupted from all parts of his body!

Boom boom boom boom! After a series of "detonating planets" blasting sound ~www.mtlnovel.com~ the "Dragon Substitute" climbing on the top of Abelio's Palace was devastated. Its huge body had hundreds of circular holes, and then it lost all strength and fell to the ground.

With a loud bang, McDonald in the palace saw the "dragon substitute" falling down at the gate of the palace. But the emperor stepped on the "Shenlong Substitute" step by step and walked towards him, the right arm that had been annihilated had been restored as before.

At this moment, a group of dim darkness is so immortal that it erodes from MacDonald’s vision to the center. MacDonald’s eyelids are lowered by three points. He wants to resist this terrible sense of coma, and wants to take a posture to fight the throne. No matter how hard you can do.

Because MacDonald didn’t realize that he had been exploded with more than 180 holes. His forehead, ears, nose, shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen, legs, and feet were all fragmented from the "dragon substitute". It is exactly the same, the whole person is like a living beehive that is barely standing. ?


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