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The dawn era after the end of the half century has gradually rebuilt the order, abandoned civilization, and is full of undivided violence and desire.
The noble and powerful pioneers are in charge of the city, and the evil and mad plagues are in the wilderness.
Pure human beings who cannot mutate are the weakest, dominated by the rulers of the pioneers, and are not as good as animals in the wilderness.
A purely humanized young man with a worldly experience has quietly entered the WTO, holding a three-foot long knife and a long-distance desire to boil in the world of purgatory. From the nameless name to the sorrow of the Supreme Court, the name of the black ride is resounding!

- Description from Uukanshu (translated)


Short Title:
Original Title:黑骑
Author:Xī shān xún
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Sci-fi, Tragedy
Weekly Rank:#1986
Monthly Rank:#2216
All Time Rank:#2136

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