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Black Clover: Runaway Asta

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Konoha’s blue beast: “I want to prove that even if you don’t know ninjutsu or illusion, you can become an excellent ninja. This is the whole of my life. This is my way of ninja!”

The Roaring Emperor of Clover*: “I want to prove to everyone that no matter whether you are a poor ghost or an outcast, you can achieve great things!”

Hao Fan: “If there is any relationship between these two other than being equally inspirational, it is that my buddies were unlucky enough to transmigrate and become Rock Lee first. Because of physical defects, they couldn’t control Zach to perform ninjutsu, and then protested to the system. Afterwards, he transmigrated into Asta who couldn’t use magic…”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BCRA
Alternate Title:黑色四叶草之暴走阿斯塔
Weekly Rank:#4098
Monthly Rank:#4563
All Time Rank:#7021
Tags:Kingdoms, Magic, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Reincarnated in Another World,
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17 Comments on “Black Clover: Runaway Asta
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  1. I always found Noelle to be a very annoying character. This author managed to make she a thousand times more annoying. She can't form a sentence without that "I'm a princess" thing.

  2. 3/5. It is not bad in story , it is just to cringe shouting youth like guy and rock lee but the problem, there is no connection between dialogue. Also some point mc like know the plot but sometime he like know nothing. ( it is dofferent with forgetting the plot )

  3. at first was good, but then it's a downhill :/ the author only follow the original story and the mc is just like asta but more powerful. some important inflexion points haven't changed nothing compared to the original.

  4. No me gustó el hecho que todo tiene posibilidades como, 30% de posibilidad de ejercer una ilusión, entonces ni en un insecto podrías colocarlo en una ilusión, tampoco me gustó que sea muy bueno con todos porque si, que nadie le pregunte de donde saco las pociones ni de su cambio de actitud, si tanto se preocupan por asta sabrían que el se comporta muy diferente,

  5. This is a very good read. Kind of cringe due to mc trying to be Chad but people who like hot blooded fight, this is good. Mc is Chad wannabe who give inspiration left and right. Good read. Go, read it.

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