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A door opened before his eyes.

Evil is thriving, and whispers overflow from behind the door.

The resentful compound eyes disappeared in a flash, and the existence that wanted to rush out was blocked, and the bewitching whispers echoed in the ears.

The slimy pink brain murmured. The figure in the yellow cloak observed quietly. A stinky, mud-like dark green presence stared indifferently. A string of marvelous soap bubbles unleashes the kindness—

Anyway, they sincerely invite Lu Li to join this crazy party.

Lu Li stepped in, his pace unswerving.

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Short Title:BDA
Alternate Title:光怪陆离侦探社
Author:I am right
Weekly Rank:#7921
Monthly Rank:#6804
All Time Rank:#6748
Tags:Action, Adventurers, Anti-social Protagonist, Apathetic Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Detective, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Exorcism, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Manipulative Characters, Mystery, Mystery Solving, Mythology, Schemes And Conspiracies, Tentacles, Thriller, Transmigration, Urban Life,
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57 Comments on “Bizarre Detective Agency
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  1. Plot - MC is emotionless type character who gets transmigrated from earth to this world where lovecraftian gods and other ghosts/ SCP have started appearing. He tries to know the truth of the world by solving some cases but everything doesn't go as smoothly as envisioned for him. Now, let's talk about the novel. In terms of character development, the MC has none of it. His character is still stoic and unmoving as ever who just wants to go with the flow. He proclaims to help people in need but that is up for debate based on his actions. Rest of the characters feel pretty well defined and humane; much more than the MC. Now for world building, This is one of the most depressing, trahic and realistic lovecraftian type detective novel I have ever read. And truth to be told, I started hating it after some time due to this same tragic background of the novel. Don't get close to any character as they won't be living long. This is one of those novels where the plot armour only works for the MC and every other person can be a cannon fodder. Spoiler...................... I have read till 650+ chp and I dropped it because the MC feels pretty dumb and oblivious at this point. He is led around by the nose by that stupid ghost companion of his who at this point is just a big f*cking esdeath type yandere. Oh god, I hate her so much. I won't be going on much details on her as it would spoil the story. She is the female lead of this story. That's it. I am tired after writing this. Read this only if you like dark, realistic type novels where the MC isn't super smart or anything but still pretty likable.

  2. 39. I feel like the story is so slow.. Slower that LoTM probably because mc here doesn't have a golden finger. Anyway the story is ok but I dont have enough patience to read this

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