Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Mingmen Sheng’s baby pimple that had been missing for seventeen years has been recovered! Raised by a dumb mother-in-law in the countryside, my life is all over. I don’t know how many people are waiting to see the only taint of Shengjia! however…… Why is the genius doctor Gao Len.... Read more

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Chapter 795 We can't get married if we are married Chapter 794 The green tea man doesn't work? Chapter 793 You young people really know how to play

Chapter 792 Hard mode Chapter 791 He never trades at a loss Chapter 790 Wait for me obediently Chapter 789 Why give a ring? Chapter 788 Shengyang's not good at Chapter 787 Special scholarship Chapter 786 God assists Chapter 785 Shura Field Chapter 784 So so so so

Chapter 783 Stealing chickens is not a counterattack Chapter 782 His today is their yesterday Chapter 781 Anti-General

Chapter 780 Weakness or strength Chapter 779 For you Chapter 778 Sloppy Chapter 777 Shengyang went to battle in person Chapter 776 He is used to making people congested Chapter 775 Jealous Chapter 774 Don't be afraid Chapter 773 Those who follow me live and those who rebel against me die Chapter 772 Naturally cute

Chapter 771 This person is not normal! Chapter 770 Gao Feng: Then I go? Chapter 769 Little shame, great glory Chapter 768 Mensa Club Chapter 767 beg for mercy! Chapter 766 Close to the truth Chapter 765 Send a "great gift" Chapter 764 After all, he is unworthy Chapter 763 Insidious tricks Chapter 762 Mentality collapsed Chapter 761 Still not give up Chapter 760 bad mood

Chapter 759 Terrible strength! Chapter 758 Little Junior Sister Chapter 757 Sheng Yang yyds! Chapter 756 Strong stuffed dog food Chapter 755 Shengyang is an activist: I'm serious Chapter 754 Mutual explosion vest 3 Chapter 753 Mutual explosion vest 2 Chapter 752 Mutual explosion vest 1 Chapter 751 Eccentric eyes Chapter 750 I will be good Chapter 749 I'm dumped Chapter 748 Unrepentant

Chapter 747 The next victim... Chapter 746 I don't know what it is! Chapter 745 originator Chapter 744 Finally know the truth Chapter 743 problem occurs! Chapter 742 This... can't it? Chapter 741 Mystery gift Chapter 740 Can't make noise Chapter 739 Fight terminator Chapter 738 Didn’t come to strike out with a heavy punch, came Wei Wei Nuo Chapter 737 Looking forward to meeting Chapter 736 Just a little bit more than expected

Chapter 735 The love of big brothers Chapter 734 Can't stop heartbeat Chapter 733 Know well Chapter 732 Pull down Chapter 731 The existence of the ceiling Chapter 730 True fragrance will never be absent Chapter 729 Lick the dog Chapter 728 Relentless please Chapter 727 Hang up Chapter 726 Debunk a lie Chapter 725 Ivy school is coming Chapter 724 "Luck" is unusual

Chapter 723 Some people I advise you to be kind! Chapter 722 Don't get too bad for sex Chapter 721 Can’t tell, she is a sea king Chapter 720 Well-known Chapter 719 She did something wrong Chapter 718 Female talent and male appearance Chapter 717 Suffocating Chapter 716 Misunderstood Chapter 715 He is the ancestor Chapter 714 Hot search Chapter 713 First sight Chapter 712 Catch the handle

Chapter 711 The happiness of Shengyang is gone... Chapter 710 See you again Chapter 709 got engaged Chapter 708 Hide a lonely Chapter 707 Beautiful daughter-in-law sees in-laws Chapter 706 Brother Xun Chapter 705 Devil brother and sister Chapter 704 Start first Chapter 703 Date next month (1200) Chapter 702 Whoever is weak is reasonable Chapter 701 He was so ashamed Chapter 700 Peak turn

Chapter 699 Bloodline inheritance Chapter 698 Short start Chapter 697 The gentleman's covenant is broken Chapter 696 Play house Chapter 695 2G Surfing King Chapter 694 Deep bondage Chapter 693 She regrets Chapter 692 Marriage must be evenly matched Chapter 691 My boyfriend hurts or hurts when hitting someone Chapter 690 Contrast cute Chapter 689 I won't pretend Chapter 688 The true face of Lushan

Chapter 687 Should not be tempted Chapter 686 Completely messed up Chapter 685 The stronger the enemy, the stronger she is Chapter 684 Make a super! Chapter 683 Opportunistic Chapter 682 Master Chapter 681 Clean her up Chapter 680 Want to fall back Chapter 679 Shengyang's Disgust Chapter 678 bad idea Chapter 677 Excited heart, shaking hands Chapter 676 Mutual advantage

Chapter 675 Amazing identity Chapter 674 great power Chapter 673 Career batch Chapter 672 Reasons for familiarity Chapter 671 Horror Chapter 670 Right and wrong Chapter 669 Skip Chapter 668 The guests Chapter 667 Second brother's scheming Chapter 666 No shame Chapter 665 Love psychology Chapter 664 Trophy

Chapter 663 vinegar Chapter 662 Oops, she was hasty! Chapter 661 Hope of the whole group Chapter 660 Own person Chapter 659 Sheng Yang's sword goes slant forward Chapter 658 Crazy Chapter 657 Fairy love Chapter 656 Discovered Yang Yang's secret Chapter 655 Very exaggerated Chapter 654 Can I regret it? Chapter 653 Dumbfounded Chapter 652 Seamless

Chapter 651 Double standard Chapter 650 Make up Chapter 649 Healing Body and Heart Chapter 648 Hidden merit and fame Chapter 647 Heartache Chapter 646 who are you? Chapter 645 Infighting Chapter 644 ambush Chapter 643 Save people Chapter 642 problem occurs Chapter 641 Daily communication of double A Chapter 640 Hormones

Chapter 639 Fake Chapter 638 Hate Chapter 637 Was worried about Chapter 636 hypocrite Chapter 635 Needn't Chapter 634 Most scheming Chapter 633 Shameful Chapter 632 Reasons for love Chapter 631 Ugly Chapter 630 Boast of haikou Chapter 629 Deleted it for her again? Chapter 628 Aggressive

Chapter 627 Super God Chapter 626 One by one Chapter 625 Tearful Chapter 624 Unconcerned Chapter 623 Reverse scale Chapter 622 He actually dragged his feet Chapter 621 She just play Chapter 620 Tongue-in-cheek Chapter 619 Uncle Chapter 618 Both vests fall Chapter 617 Shengyang's unique job Chapter 616 Angry

Chapter 615 The boss gets busy, but someone is going to be unlucky Chapter 614 She began to pay attention (1300) Chapter 613 Yi Juncheng is gloating Chapter 612 Not easy to handle Chapter 611 Touch the head to kill Chapter 610 Sudden change in style Chapter 609 His time has come Chapter 608 Gentle knife Chapter 607 have trouble with Chapter 606 Cry Chapter 605 So he understands everything Chapter 604 Why is she so cute?

Chapter 603 The face value sealed by glasses Chapter 602 Gee, it matches Chapter 601 So stupid Chapter 600 Give up completely Chapter 599 The end of the crossbow Chapter 598 Prosperous Chapter 597 I have to drop the chain this time Chapter 596 Saved Chapter 595 The best second brother in the world Chapter 594 He hides so well Chapter 593 Her delusion Chapter 592 Evaporation in the world

Chapter 591 Son of the Chosen Chapter 590 Yang Yang, I know you understand Chapter 589 Second brother's secret Chapter 588 Who dare? Chapter 587 Different kind of care Chapter 586 Give a head Chapter 585 Shengyang is very Buddhist? Chapter 584 The curse has an effect Chapter 583 Self-defeating Chapter 582 Blockbuster Chapter 581 She started to get serious Chapter 580 Open the harem

Chapter 579 Fight Chapter 578 Suspicion Chapter 577 Tsundere on Chapter 576 Are you underestimating me? Chapter 575 Shura Field Chapter 574 Liar Chapter 573 Smashed hands Chapter 572 Rise to the challenge Chapter 571 Yang Shen's mind is too hard to guess Chapter 570 Quarrel Chapter 569 Did not win Chapter 568 Meet the world

Chapter 567 Don't have any crooked thoughts about me! Chapter 566 Next battle book Chapter 565 Super reversal Chapter 564 Test each other Chapter 563 Release pigeons Chapter 562 Splendid Heart, Needle under the Sea (1200) Chapter 561 No comparison, no harm Chapter 560 despise Chapter 559 For him, it's all luxury Chapter 558 Shengyang's favorite-hell mode Chapter 557 Math genius! Chapter 556 Set your own flag, push yourself

Chapter 555 Genius and Genius Combination Chapter 554 Shengyang is his life-saving straw Chapter 553 Close care Chapter 552 Uninteresting system Chapter 551 Insecure Chapter 550 change destiny Chapter 549 Prince Dark Horse Chapter 548 lie Chapter 547 Versailles* Young Chapter 546 Hide deep Chapter 545 Maka! Chapter 544 Mystery grandma

Chapter 543 The secret hidden in Shengyang Chapter 542 Oops, it was tricked! Chapter 541 Crisis Chapter 540 Who would hold the wrong thigh? Chapter 539 You don't want to lie to me! Chapter 538 Valid intersection and invalid intersection Chapter 537 Shengyang is green tea? Chapter 536 Love House and Wu Chapter 535 So ridiculous Chapter 534 Eye-popping Chapter 533 I am the rule Chapter 532 take things too hard

Chapter 531 Subvert the Three Views Chapter 530 Uncle didn't cry Chapter 529 Online dating Chapter 528 Show operation Chapter 527 Do you have a boyfriend too? Chapter 526 Despise Chain 2 Chapter 525 Despise Chain 1 Chapter 524 Handsome guy, who are you? Chapter 523 Rippling Chapter 522 To be captured Chapter 521 Refreshing artifact Chapter 520 Is it too late to repeat?

Chapter 519 Face base Chapter 518 Calculate the ledger Chapter 517 Come to the bottom Chapter 516 Thank you Chapter 515 Big brother's style of painting has changed Chapter 514 The second young man with a black belly Chapter 513 mischief Chapter 512 Slaps can't be faster Chapter 511 How lonely is invincibility Chapter 510 The enemy of the enemy is the friend (1200) Chapter 509 Exposed strength Chapter 508 Make her happy

Chapter 507 on purpose Chapter 506 Everything is good, just open your mouth... Chapter 505 Are all brothers Chapter 504 Brain circuits are different from ordinary people Chapter 503 Simply Playing Chapter 502 Back to the sky? Chapter 501 Tied for first Chapter 500 Cold-blooded Chapter 499 The clue is broken Chapter 498 A nice flower Chapter 497 Self black Chapter 496 Bad luck

Chapter 495 Cloud girlfriend Chapter 494 Is it related to Big Brother? Chapter 493 Blaming others Chapter 492 Vest emerges Chapter 491 Breech Chapter 490 The Butterfly Effect Chapter 489 Full aura Chapter 488 Fairy brother Chapter 487 Do you look down on me? Chapter 486 Connoted Chapter 485 Are you so irresponsible? Chapter 484 Murderous

Chapter 483 Surprise Chapter 482 Shengyang was naughty Chapter 481 simple! rough! ! ! Chapter 480 Promise by body Chapter 479 Which pot does not open and which pot Chapter 478 Stepped on thunder again Chapter 477 Make money Chapter 476 Your thoughts are dangerous... Chapter 475 Target person Chapter 474 Old fox VS old slippery Chapter 473 Account check Chapter 472 Too exciting

Chapter 471 Little monsters will coax people Chapter 470 White cut black Chapter 469 Friend or foe? Chapter 468 Not bad money Chapter 467 The second brother of the **** operator Chapter 466 The truth Chapter 465 The best one? Chapter 464 He is special Chapter 463 Opportunity here Chapter 462 Sister has bad grades Chapter 461 Cue arrived Chapter 460 Lower blood

Chapter 459 Brother, kill the chicken Chapter 458 Brothers are little lambs Chapter 457 Turn your elbow out Chapter 456 Royal relatives Chapter 455 Priceless Chapter 454 Slap too fast, like a tornado Chapter 453 Deep feelings, bored Chapter 452 Sister gets crazy Chapter 451 Give her life Chapter 450 Feel like being molested Chapter 449 Shengyang's changes Chapter 448 Have a good heart

Chapter 447 Short-sighted Chapter 446 reserved! Be reserved! ! ! Chapter 445 She is worthy! Chapter 444 All in one mind Chapter 443 Change husband Chapter 442 The lemon is not sour anymore, it's sour to others Chapter 441 Shengyang accepted a little brother Chapter 440 Flirting Chapter 439 Superb Chapter 438 Despised by both Chapter 437 Tool man Chapter 436 Gu Chao

Chapter 435 Protect the calf Chapter 434 My sister is too ruthless! Chapter 433 My sister is so fierce~ Chapter 432 divorce! Chapter 431 East window incident Chapter 430 He is not stupid enough to be Wu Dalang Chapter 429 Make progress Chapter 428 Demolition of the West and forcibly repairing the East Wall Chapter 427 Exciting Chapter 426 The harder, the more fortunate? Chapter 425 Lovely Chapter 424 Protect her like eyeballs

Chapter 423 Double happiness Chapter 422 Heaven and earth Chapter 421 Make a bet, how? Chapter 420 Sheng Yue realizes his dream (seeking monthly pass) Chapter 419 When and standing again Chapter 418 S is a knight? Chapter 417 The leaderboard, tied for first! Chapter 416 In the pit Chapter 415 Can Yang Shen Ruzi teach? Chapter 414 It's natural Chapter 413 May fate treat him tenderly Chapter 412 Black face

Chapter 411 Black technology Chapter 410 The third stupid brother succeeded in driving another one crazy Chapter 409 runaway Chapter 408 being targeted! Chapter 407 Sour words Chapter 406 Identity exposure (1600) Chapter 405 Demolition Chapter 404 Burst! Chapter 403 Don't have deep meaning Chapter 402 Stunned Chapter 401 Chaotic group cp Chapter 400 Torture the body and the heart

Chapter 399 I just want to make a career Chapter 398 Shengyang: I give up Chapter 397 Sheng Yang's luck is terrible! Chapter 396 lottery Chapter 395 Excited Chapter 394 King's return Chapter 393 The fake is too cruel! Chapter 392 Inhuman Chapter 391 Who do you look down on? Chapter 390 One person can ascend to heaven Chapter 389 Legendary place Chapter 388 Extinction blow

Chapter 387 First date Chapter 386 Kill the dog! Chapter 385 Number 5 Chapter 384 Finally set it out! Chapter 383 Sister, this is not necessary! Chapter 382 No distractions Chapter 381 It's all hung and beaten! Chapter 380 Slap yourself Chapter 379 the truth Chapter 378 Shengyang overturned Chapter 377 little Prince Chapter 376 This is my sister-in-law!

Chapter 375 Be lonely Chapter 374 Men are so superficial Chapter 373 What's in your mind? Chapter 372 Don't pull him off the horse Chapter 371 Tai Sui breaks ground Chapter 370 Not simple Chapter 369 Get what you want Chapter 368 Secret room, with ulterior motives Chapter 367 Unhappy Chapter 366 Hug the wrong thigh Chapter 365 Cold Chapter 364 Yang Shen was rubbed face

Chapter 363 Good, obedient Chapter 362 Dancing on the tip of a knife Chapter 361 opposition Chapter 360 Sparks are enough to start a prairie fire (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 359 Two attitudes Chapter 358 Takamitsu Kamochi Chapter 357 Wronged Chapter 356 Yang Shen is so amazing Chapter 355 The little monster is too fragrant, what should I do? Chapter 354 Big brother's thumbs up Chapter 353 Super Versailles Chapter 352 What does he want to do

Chapter 351 General demeanor Chapter 350 Draw a salary from the bottom of the pot Chapter 349 NO.1 Chapter 348 Run in the opposite direction (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 347 By Yang Yang Chapter 346 Black belly Chapter 345 Robbery Chapter 344 Where is the fairy? Chapter 343 Be squeezed out Chapter 342 Sheng Yuxi, are you funny? Chapter 341 I have a friend…… Chapter 340 Gaffe

Chapter 339 This is really a little clever ghost Chapter 338 There are post-admissions Chapter 337 Mom asked me why I was watching the game on my knees Chapter 336 Fairy game Chapter 335 Big Brother VS Sheng Yang Chapter 334 Big brother bows his head Chapter 333 My sister's strong desire to win Chapter 332 Be careful and be seen through by her at a glance Chapter 331 want to see you Chapter 330 Shengyang is a newbie Chapter 329 The person you want to meet Chapter 328 Seemingly gentle, but in fact domineering

Chapter 327 Speak first Chapter 326 bet Chapter 325 Weird guy Chapter 324 Correct evil and return to the right Chapter 323 Sweet treasure Chapter 322 Jealous Chapter 321 Daughter is Aquaman Chapter 320 Thigh slap Chapter 319 Golden abacus Chapter 318 Got pitted Chapter 317 Defection Chapter 316 Vest Steak Contest

Chapter 315 Start first Chapter 314 Shocked Chapter 313 "Freshly baked" Chapter 312 Missed Chapter 311 lame Chapter 310 Do you think you are humorous? Chapter 309 Add chaos Chapter 308 Cheating Chapter 307 Unexpected Chapter 306 The prosperity of living in 2G Chapter 305 Courage Chapter 304 Taste the sweetness

Chapter 303 Suspicious Chapter 302 Was successfully remodeled Chapter 301 Is it so sloppy? Chapter 300 I'm so nervous that I rub my hands (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 299 Betrayal Chapter 298 I protect you Chapter 297 My daughter is too eager to win, what should I do? Chapter 296 Protect her Chapter 295 Stabilized Chapter 294 Disagree Chapter 293 Turn over Chapter 292 Little brother

Chapter 291 Scheming gradually became apparent Chapter 290 Regret for a lifetime! Chapter 289 Flirtation Chapter 288 Group pet Chapter 287 So sour! Chapter 286 Needn't Chapter 285 Hit it! Chapter 284 The two are linked together (ask a monthly pass) Chapter 283 Rich Chapter 282 The first line of eating melon Chapter 281 The beginning of lying down Chapter 280 Old ancestors enter Xinshou Village (seeking monthly pass)

Chapter 279 sing a different tune Chapter 278 Pampering Chapter 277 Second-generation ancestor Chapter 276 Heirs (1800) Chapter 275 Prophecy (1200) Chapter 274 Sister eccentric Chapter 273 Key protected animals Chapter 272 Will act Chapter 271 wishful thinking Chapter 270 Thief Chapter 269 Girl with amazing arm strength Chapter 268 Surging troubles

Chapter 267 Careless Chapter 266 It's hopeful to chase daughter-in-law Chapter 265 Dream is broken Chapter 264 Straight man's tenderness Chapter 263 Paper tiger Chapter 262 The second brother is a fox Chapter 261 Wrong sentiment (seeking monthly ticket) Chapter 260 "Ordinary" Chapter 259 The real can not be fake, the fake can not be real Chapter 258 A virtue of mother and daughter Chapter 257 Contradictory Chapter 256 Sheng Yang was beaten in the face

Chapter 255 She is like a radar (seeking a monthly pass) Chapter 254 I'm good at crying children Chapter 253 Little Talking Tuberculosis Chapter 252 Be cured Chapter 251 So generous Chapter 250 There must be a conspiracy! Chapter 249 Tangled Chapter 248 What do you do for me? Chapter 247 Yang Yang prodigal son looks back Chapter 246 Just this time Chapter 245 Bitterness Chapter 244 Ins and outs

Chapter 243 why? Why? Chapter 242 Dramatic Drama (1200) Chapter 241 Black belly (1600) Chapter 240 Shengyang's Inner OS Chapter 239 Hidden deep? Chapter 238 Cheating Chapter 237 Calculate everywhere Chapter 236 Differential treatment Chapter 235 Spoil the sky Chapter 234 collapse Chapter 233 Split in place Chapter 232 Endgame

Chapter 231 Isn't she afraid? Chapter 230 Injustice and indebtedness Chapter 229 Is your daughter a bit scum? Chapter 228 got engaged Chapter 227 Taito Chapter 226 Yi Juncheng, I can bear it Chapter 225 problem occurs! (Monthly ticket plus more) Chapter 224 Big brother's cute contrast Chapter 223 Reveal the answer Chapter 222 Protect her Chapter 221 Brother ate soft rice Chapter 220 Straight girl than straight girl!

Chapter 219 Favorable debt (1200) Chapter 218 sweetheart Chapter 217 I am the only child (1800) Chapter 216 Denying a knife (1200) Chapter 215 Sheng Yang is a scumbag (1200) Chapter 214 Yuanjia Road is narrow (1600) Chapter 213 It turns out that the clown is herself Chapter 212 Hidden merit and fame (1600) Chapter 211 Syldia shot (1500) Chapter 210 Gentleman hand Chapter 209 Elf Chapter 208 Almost overturned (monthly ticket plus more)

Chapter 207 buy house Chapter 206 Captured Chapter 205 Lazy decadent **** style Chapter 204 Dog is very Chapter 203 Why is this annoying thing coming again? (Plus more) Chapter 202 The spoiled waves (monthly ticket plus more) Chapter 201 accidental injury Chapter 200 She remembers him very much (please ask for a monthly pass!) Chapter 199 Sister petite and weak Chapter 198 Fight Chapter 197 If the son doesn’t teach, the mother’s fault Chapter 196 Will be wrong

Chapter 195 Old fox, there is a conspiracy Chapter 194 Right Chapter 193 enemy Chapter 192 Dig out the ground three feet Chapter 191 Yi Jun is back again Chapter 190 Versailles Chapter 189 See through everything Chapter 188 Can't afford to offend Chapter 187 exposure Chapter 186 Saved Chapter 185 So cruel heart Chapter 184 mischief

Chapter 183 unwilling Chapter 182 My sister got the hang of it Chapter 181 How do you read this kind of book? Chapter 180 Air bag Chapter 179 Shengyang is very good at teasing Chapter 178 Full score for composition Chapter 177 Vest burst wrong Chapter 176 violence Chapter 175 Brother is back? Chapter 174 It's useless to raise a son Chapter 173 Shameless skill Chapter 172 The last victim

Chapter 171 bad Chapter 170 Got you Chapter 169 Terribly in love Chapter 168 The suspect doesn't need it Chapter 167 There are sober people Chapter 166 Entrusted to me Chapter 165 Big brother doesn't like this younger sister? ! Chapter 164 big surprise Chapter 163 frenzied Chapter 162 Small Demon King Chapter 161 Kill this silly Chapter 160 Demolition in one second

Chapter 159 secret Chapter 158 Shengyang is worry-free? Chapter 157 Brother is not coming back? Chapter 156 Nurse girl addicted Chapter 155 Sweet osmanthus Chapter 154 Brother is coming back Chapter 153 Late to please, cheaper than grass Chapter 152 Domineering dad Chapter 151 Turned out to be jealous Chapter 150 Can't afford to offend Chapter 149 seek death Chapter 148 Not good enough

Chapter 147 The first in life becomes the second Chapter 146 Oops, how did you say what was in your heart? Chapter 145 Sense of crisis Chapter 144 Concave shape Chapter 143 I'm good Chapter 142 In the face of money Chapter 141 accident Chapter 140 Admiring Chapter 139 Brain flooding Chapter 138 Make money online Chapter 137 Still daughter caring Chapter 136 Old fox

Chapter 135 No business, no evil Chapter 134 Ming Hang Hang 2 Chapter 133 Ming Hang Hang 1 Chapter 132 Role reversal Chapter 131 Trapped Chapter 130 Remaining man Chapter 129 Riches and grudges Chapter 128 Fox tail 2 Chapter 127 Fox tail 1 Chapter 126 Tentative Chapter 125 Heartbroken Chapter 124 Rich and poor

Chapter 123 Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard Chapter 122 Too dog Chapter 121 A genius is a genius Chapter 120 Black-bellied brother Chapter 119 Preemptive Chapter 118 Overturned Chapter 117 Pet 3 Chapter 116 Pet 2 Chapter 115 Pet 1 Chapter 114 Teachers, preaching and solving puzzles by karma Chapter 113 Crashed in a moment Chapter 112 misfortune

Chapter 111 Reverse Chapter 110 dilemma Chapter 109 A bleak Chapter 108 True temperament Chapter 107 Seal clapping Chapter 106 Bad taste Chapter 105 Upright girl Chapter 104 Heart is higher than the sky, life is thinner than paper Chapter 103 Stunning the audience Chapter 102 Can you shut up? Chapter 101 Easy to earn less Chapter 100 Paper can't wrap fire

Chapter 99 little monster Chapter 98 Always follow her Chapter 97 Raiders second brother-in-law Chapter 96 Resuscitation 2 Chapter 95 Resuscitation 1 Chapter 94 Beauty is hers Chapter 93 Waterloo for the first time in life Chapter 92 Farewell Chapter 91 Old stuff, play yin Chapter 90 Exploring the truth and fiction Chapter 89 Blessing comes Chapter 88 Not give up

Chapter 87 What is he talking about? Chapter 86 For her, I can't give up Chapter 85 The Fairy with the Profound Way Chapter 84 uninvited guest Chapter 83 Raging Chapter 82 Come here grandiosely Chapter 81 Full-level boss Chapter 80 Very nervous Chapter 79 Coincidence? Chapter 78 Self-destruct Chapter 77 Demon in the heart of an angel Chapter 76 My sister is right in everything

Chapter 75 Silly brother Chapter 74 Poisonous Chapter 73 Dream girl Chapter 72 He is not human Chapter 71 Terribly spoiled Chapter 70 His little friend (1200) Chapter 69 Learn something Chapter 68 Wishful thinking Chapter 67 Get off the horse Chapter 66 how? Think I will eat her? Chapter 65 misfortune Chapter 64 Chinese is really bad

Chapter 63 Freshly baked Chapter 62 Night Shura Chapter 61 Touch her light Chapter 60 He is poppy Chapter 59 Humph, old man Chapter 58 Shengyang's decision Chapter 57 You are jealous of me Chapter 56 Daughter control Chapter 55 Bamboo basket Chapter 54 Domineering mother Chapter 53 Do you know what is wrong? Chapter 52 Sudden change

Chapter 51 Get out Chapter 50 Make bricks without straw Chapter 49 how? Conquered by me? Chapter 48 Headwind Turnover 2 Chapter 47 Headwind Chapter 46 little monster Chapter 45 Cat play mouse Chapter 44 Yelling dad anyway Chapter 43 Spike Chapter 42 How many days can the flower grow red? Chapter 41 So annoying Chapter 40 Winner

Chapter 39 Lead the wolf into the room Chapter 38 Gangster coquettish Chapter 37 Confused by beauty Chapter 36 Shengyang's weaknesses Chapter 35 Accepted a good son Chapter 34 Thunderstorm Chapter 33 Tool man Chapter 32 Disappointing Chapter 31 Surprise (double change merger) Chapter 30 Repeat Chapter 29 Little witch Chapter 28 Where is she sacred

Chapter 27 Conferred God (2200) Chapter 26 One good news, one bad news Chapter 25 Beautiful transfer students Chapter 24 Dark horse Chapter 23 Brother cover you Chapter 22 Small poor Chapter 21 Rush of sentiment Chapter 20 Don't take it to heart Chapter 19 Spring and Autumn Dream Chapter 18 Love token (plus more) Chapter 17 Visit mother-in-law Chapter 16 IQ two hundred and four!

Chapter 15 Do not understand the darkness of night during the day (plus more) Chapter 14 Little sweet girl Chapter 13 Within a minute, I want to know all her information Chapter 12 Jealous (two Chapter 11 Whitewashing Taiping (two shifts merged) Chapter 10 Ideal on earth, Master Yi 2 Chapter 9 Ideal in the world, Master Yi 1 Chapter 8 Inhumanity Chapter 7 fickle Chapter 6 This is embarrassing 2 Chapter 5 This is embarrassing 1 Chapter 4 He likes being trained by his eldest brother the most on weekdays

Chapter 3 Shura Field Chapter 2 Oversupplement of the brain Chapter 1 Good people shouldn't

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