Chapter 787 Special Scholarship

  Consino: "..."

  It turns out that he ran so frequently in the library recently, and it turned out to be for this.

  She thought he was looking for information for her recent thesis.

  Jin Lu looked at Luo Mengmeng with an awkward expression, even if he knew it, don’t say so clearly.

  Consino looked at Sheng Yang with complicated eyes.

After all the previous events, although she has no conflict with Shengyang, she is still in a state where the well water does not violate the river water. When she went to grandma, she never saw Shengyang, and I heard that every time she went to the Weixing auction house to look for it. Sheng Yang.

  Ran, this time they met unavoidably, and found that she turned out to be the girl that Jin Lu’s elder brother praised so much. Her mood was very delicate.

  Sheng Yang frowned, her face rarely showed a slight irritability, the most annoying for others to waste time, it is tantamount to making money and killing, so she didn't want to say anything, and went straight forward.

  Jin Lu whispered "Sorry" to Consinuo, and then hurriedly chased him up, "Junior girl, I made a special trip to give you the book, you see, I brought all the books."

  Consino watched the three people walking away in front of him, his lips biting more and more red.


   "You didn't see the expression of that person today, you really laughed at me." Luo Mengmeng talked about this in the bedroom, laughing too hard.

   Three black lines on Qin Yuan’s forehead flowed down, “Are you really ignorant of Consino, or are you not?”

  Luo Mengmeng said with a straight face, "Nonsense, of course I really don’t know.

"Oh, if you don't know it." It's not guilty that you don't know. Qin Yuan held her chin and looked at Sheng Yang again. In the past, Sheng Yang could make Senior Sister Xue Xue angry enough, and she was like a okay person. She admired Sheng Yang. Now, Sheng Yang has made the Consino senior sister all jealous.

  Senior Sister Xue Xue is not at the same level as this Senior Sister Consino, but she is still compared with the bright light.

  It turns out that the real legend has always been by her side, and she has always been blind.

  At this moment, the class suddenly didn’t even bother to knock on the door, and suddenly rushed in, "Shengyang classmate, Shengyang classmate..."

  Shenyang looked over, only to see her face flushed with excitement, "Shengyang classmate, your scholarship is down."

Qin Yuan raised her eyebrows. The class is not like someone who has never seen the world. If it were just a small scholarship, she would not be so excited. So she also curiously leaned over to look at it, even faster than the client. The client was busy doing the work This question here is really calm and calm.

  Luo Mengmeng had already read out in the horror, "National Scholarship, College Scholarship, Department Scholarship, Class Scholarship, and..."

  Qin Yuan screamed, her pupils tightened, as if all three views were shattered, she looked at the girl sitting like a mountain still wearing a ponytail on the other side.

  Do you want to be so exciting?

  Several people were so excited to death, they didn't dare to disturb Sheng Yang's thoughts, they could only hold their small heart with their pulse, watching her finish writing line after line of words they couldn't understand.

   is really weird, she writes so fast, but the words are still so eye-catching and beautiful, much more beautiful than others slowly writing stroke by stroke.


  On the other side, Consino has been carefully standing by Academician Zhao, watching her typing, busy with her scientific research results, half dare not interrupt, even breathing gently.

  When Zhao Caihua was done, Consino just said, "Academician, the special scholarship set up by the principal is not appropriate?"

  (End of this chapter)

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