Chapter 786 God assists

Jin Lu's expression changed when he heard this, but he has always been as gentle as jade. He is a very gentleman. Since he has been pushed out by Consino, he is also his junior and sister, it is impossible to lose face. She, so he stepped out and walked to the podium gracefully.

  This kind of thing, he doesn't have stage fright at all, so he came to it easily.

  Consino admired and looked at him with joy.

Seeing that everyone’s attraction was drawn by Jin Lu, Luo Mengmeng and Sheng Yang felt that this was a good opportunity to sneak away, but when they saw that Sheng Yang was about to leave, Jin Lu became a little impatient and hurried. After the speech, even Consino could hear him in a hurry.

"Huh, brother Jin Lu?" Seeing Jin Lu leaving, Consino felt a faint feeling in his heart. Thinking that she was almost done speaking, he handed the scene to the host and hurriedly chased it out, outside the door. In addition to seeing Jin Lu, he also happened to catch Luo Mengmeng and Sheng Yang who were about to leave.

Consino also saw them two just now. At this moment, he saw them carrying schoolbags, obviously not going to the bathroom, but preparing to leave, and his eyes were a little cold, "Did you not come here specially for me?" Why did you leave midway?"

  She thought they were the same as those fanatical fans.

Luo Mengmeng originally had a good impression of her and thought her speech was pretty good, but now she feels that she is completely different on stage and off stage, "Sister, we didn’t make a special trip for you. Coming..."

But Consino didn’t listen to her. He raised his hand somewhat perfunctorily. Then he took out a book from the bag that came with her, and then took out a pen and wrote, "Give you a copy of mine." Autographed books are always okay? Today, even the students who listen to the lectures in it are hard to get the autographed books."

  It turned out that in addition to science, Consino is also a small well-known talented woman in literature. She has published her own collection of poems since she was ten years old. Later, there were many collections of novels and prose, which were out of control.

  Luo Mengmeng saw the operation of this god, and her eyebrows jumped sharply. If it weren’t for the speech she strayed into today, she wouldn’t even know who these sisters were.

  Jin Lu raised his hand and prevented Consino from handing over the book. He carefully looked at Sheng Yang's expression. For fear of her being angry, Sheng Yang simply didn't take such trivial matters to his heart.

   "Brother Jin Lu, do you know?" Consino frowned, the unpleasant feeling getting stronger, almost breaking through the line of defense.

  Jin Lu nodded and said concisely, "Remember the junior girl I mentioned to you?"

   "..." Consino's expression instantly became incomprehensible, and there was no way to superimpose such a tall image with the waves in front of him.

   "So the one you admire is her?" Her eyes were surprised, and she repeated it again in disbelief.

  She thought that even if the person Jin Lu admired was a girl, it didn’t matter, and it’s okay to be an elementary school girl. It was linked to academics, and it might be that hard to figure out.

  But, how could it be the one in front of you?

"Why can't Senior Jin Lu admire us Yang Yang?" At this time, Luo Mengmeng suddenly spoke up, she was too accustomed to what Consino had done before. It’s hard to see her attitude towards Yang Yang, "Senior Jin Lu not only admires us Yang Yang, but also devotes everything to what we like, creating common topics, and looking for books that are difficult and biased in the library."

  (End of this chapter)