Chapter 785 Shura Field

  "How much are you going to pay?"

The two boys looked at each other and then made a plan. Then the boy stood up again and said, "Two elementary school girls, it is too vulgar to talk about money. Why don't you give us these two positions and we invite you to dinner." ."

   Luo Mengmeng was stunned, there are such brazen people in the world! This is the white wolf who wants to empty the glove?

  Bah, do you really think that Luo Mengmeng’s heart and appearance are just as good as cheating?

  Luo Mengmeng just wanted to say something. At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly lit up. It was a text message from someone else. She was speechless at first glance, "Yang Yang."

  Sheng Yang turned her head, "What's the matter?"

  The two engineering school boys were able to see her looks clearly, which was completely different from what they had imagined. One was stunned, the other was exaggerated to the point of opening his mouth, and even the saliva was dripping out of it.

  It’s not an exaggeration for a girl like this to say that she was shocked, and she didn’t know how many times more beautiful than their ultimate goal today!

  The voice is also clear and ethereal, like a mountain spring water, as if it can calm the impetuous hearts of people.

  They just picked up the sesame seeds and lost the watermelon!

  The boy hurriedly said, "Two elementary school girls, you don’t need to sell our position, no matter what, we’ll order this meal!"

  Luo Mengmeng has already shown the content of the text message to Sheng Yang, and she has no time to talk to them, "Yang Yang, let's go."

"it is good."

  The two had not had time to stand up, but the bell had already rang, and the speaker on the podium was smiling and walking in.

  It turned out that their class was temporarily suspended, and the classroom was changed to a senior sister who came back to school today to give a speech. Luo Mengmeng didn't care about the group, and Shengyang didn't join the group, so naturally he didn't know anything.

  Luo Mengmeng saw this, and her eyebrows twitched. They just left when they came in. Isn’t it too eye-catching?

  Shengyang doesn't matter, but Luo Mengmeng is not very convenient, so forget it, stay with her, save her social fear, and just find a chance to slip out.

Luo Mengmeng gradually became fascinated by it, while Sheng Yang continued to bow her head to do her own business, ignoring the two seniors who were standing there, staring at her from the side. She could occasionally listen to the people on the podium with one heart and one mind. What I was talking about, after listening to it, I felt that it was too chicken blood and no nutrition.

  At this time, the phone screen was bright, she took a look and found that it was Jin Lu.

   "Junior girl, I have a good book on math. Would you like it? I can send it to you."

  He took a photo incidentally and sent it over.

  Sheng Yang glanced at it. This book is not as good as the books Yi Juncheng found for her, but it's okay, "Okay."

  It's not impolite to find an excuse to leave the classroom.

  She sent over to the classroom, "A305."

  Jin Lu felt a little familiar when he stared, but he didn't think much about it. He took the book and walked in that direction with his long legs, for fear that Sheng Yang would not wait for him if he was late.

  The talk was in full swing on the stage, Sheng Yang glanced at the time, "You can leave in five minutes at most."

   "Huh? That's great." Luo Mengmeng also saw those senior sisters who despised her before, and suddenly understood that this is the beautiful figure they have passed on very well, indeed, very good enough for the goddess level.

   "I'm here." At this moment, the back door of the classroom suddenly opened a slit, revealing Jin Lu's tall and handsome figure.

  Consino, who was standing on the podium with sharp eyes, caught the figure all at once. She held the microphone and smiled immediately, “The classmates are really lucky today. My brother, Senior Jin Lu is here.”

  She mentioned it to him last time. He was a little absent at the time, and he was obviously not interested. Why did he come today?

  Did he pretend last time? All just to surprise her?

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  (End of this chapter)