Chapter 784

  【Have you heard? Today, a very powerful and fairy sister came to our school to give a speech. 】

  【Is that the one? 】

【you know too? Hey, that person also told me that it was a gossip, that is, he was afraid that the small classroom that could only accommodate hundreds of people was overcrowded. 】

There is no lack of such remarks along the way to school. Luo Mengmeng couldn’t help but interject, “Two senior sisters, who are you talking about?” He only got two contemptuous eyes. do not know."

   Luo Mengmeng: "..." She's only a freshman, she doesn't know that it's not normal...

  Since there was no way to get the first-hand news, Luo Mengmeng simply turned his head to look at Sheng Yang. Isn’t this more immortal and more beautiful than the one in their mouth? With its own dermabrasion effect, the skin is like fat, with a high cold and hazy beauty, which is her unique.

   "We are able to take the fourth grade this semester!" Luo Mengmeng was excited. Although the fourth grade is nothing to the students in their school, it is a 100% pass rate. But this is the first major exam in the university, and I am still a little excited.

   "Yeah." Sheng Yang also heard about it. Mom said that her naive third brother passed the Level 4 exam twice, which is a bit weird.

  Luo Mengmeng saw that Yang Yang’s expression was a bit subtle, but she didn’t go into details, "Hey, my English is still good. It is said that our school’s grade 4 scores are also ranked. It seems that I finally have a place for Luo Xiaomeng."

  Shengyang really likes her optimistic temperament, like a little sunflower.

  The two of them walked around and entered the classroom unknowingly. They found that there are really many people in the classroom today, and there are many new faces.

   Luo Mengmeng was suddenly a little confused, "Did we go to the wrong place?"

   Then she checked the sign at the door of the classroom, no problem.

  Sheng Yang shook her head, saying that she didn’t know, anyway, she has a calm personality. In a noisy environment, apart from feeling a little uncomfortable, she can learn outside of things.

  Not long after, another group of people came in, and the classroom was full.

"Two elementary school girls, can you have a discussion?" The two obviously older engineering school seniors saw Luo Mengmeng and Sheng Yang with their heads down. They didn't dare to look for the older ones, they always felt that they were dressed like this. She seems to be an innocent elementary school girl, she must speak better.

   "What?" Luo Mengmeng raised his head first, fully maintainable. It was terrible that someone disturbed Yang Yang's "retreat".

  As soon as the two seniors saw Luo Mengmeng’s Lori pie look, they couldn’t help their eyes light up, and it was a bit hard to tell what they were about to say.

   But thinking about the purpose of coming today, I still settled, "That’s it, we want to pay for the seat you are sitting in."

Seeing the girl next to this loli elementary school girl with her head buried in the book, her dress is too clean, and she doesn’t hear anything outside the window, and she only reads books. These two seniors will automatically classify Sheng Yang as Imperial Capital University. There are many "nerds" in it.

  Compared to a little beauty, it is more important to attract the attention of a big beauty. They will count this account.

   Luo Mengmeng: "..."

  Today is really coming out from the west side of the sun. Although the course they took is pretty good, and the teacher is more humorous, they have never come out of another hospital and spend money to buy a place.

  "How much are you going to pay?"

  (End of this chapter)

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