Chapter 783

Ling Yun finally left in a daze. Luo Mengmeng came to his senses. After thinking about it, he couldn't help but ask, "Yang Yang, Teacher Ling is a teacher at least, and he is well-known in the world. Isn't this... Or should I save some face for Teacher Ling?"

  Sheng Yang looked up from the scroll, blinked, "I saved my face."

   Luo Mengmeng: "???"


  Splendid eyes, blue waves, no traces, and slowly said, "I should have finished writing in ten minutes. I wrote it for fifteen minutes."

  Luo Mengmeng seemed to be stuck with a fishbone, and she felt incompetent to breathe. After a myocardial infarction for a while, "...okay."

  Learning the world of God, she will not be able to comprehend it in this life.


At this time, in the private group of Mensa Club, they do not use QQ or WeChat. Instead, they use a software called MS. It is specially made by the people in Mensa Club. Only Mensa Club people can enter the server. It is also to avoid other people from inquiring about their whereabouts.

  In the small group, the past was calm, but at this time, there was an uproar.

  LY (Ling Yun): "I am not worthy to stay in Mensa Club, I am not worthy!"

  Everyone talked a lot, saying everything.

   "L, what are you doing? What happened?"

  "Aren’t you responsible for bringing the little girl back? Tell me soon."

  Ling Yun did not give any explanation. After saying all this, he left the group silently, obviously he had eaten his heart.

  At this time, sitting in front of the computer screen, there was another person smiling gloomily. It was Joker, the vice president of Mensa Club, and it was him who decided to let Shengyang join Mensa Club this time.

  The president is very busy and is absent all year round, so he is busy with many matters in the meeting.

  Joker stared at the chat log on the screen, his expression squeezed the mouse directly, and it was crushed.

  The person didn’t come back, but a Mensa member was taken away instead? For the Mensa Club, which wants wind and rain, this is definitely a shame in history!

  He felt angry on the one hand, and funny on the other hand. It hasn’t happened in Mensa for a long time.

  Give up, it is impossible!

  Zhao Caihua is also there, she touched her chin, and she couldn't laugh, this is really a vibrant style!

  Suddenly, she stood up and looked down the balcony. She saw a familiar figure, and the smile on her face suddenly solidified.

  Kang Lixing’s eyes were sharp, and she glanced at her standing by the window. Almost instantly, the Kangda boss, who had always been aloof, had a bit of embarrassment in his eyes, and then he fled completely...

  Zhao Caihua: "..."

  A few seconds later, Zhao Caihua received a text message, which meant that there was no silver three hundred taels here, "I just passed by."


   Then there is no more to say.

  Neither of them has saved each other's phone number, so it is displayed on the phone screen as just a string of numbers.

  Zhao Caihua pursed her lips and rubbed the screen of her mobile phone. Sometimes she felt that Shengyang looked a lot like her back then, but sometimes she felt a little bit different.

  But hopefully, she will not make the same choice as herself.


  Ling Yun quit the Mensa Club, but did not leave. He still teaches in the life science class. He thinks there is a lot for Shengyang to learn.

  Similarly, Sheng Yang is actually not that kind of impetuous temperament. She would not think that she had won Ling Yun several times, so she didn't need to learn from Ling Yun.

  Ling Yun is still qualified to be her teacher, and he should have almost one percent of his knowledge worth learning by himself.

  (End of this chapter)