Chapter 1 Good people should not be considered

  Mute grandmother Liu's parents, who have been raising orphans for more than ten years, are here!

  The people in the village have been discussing this matter recently.

   "Oh, so is Grandma Liu, she didn't listen to her when she was advised not to raise, waste money, and toss around."

   "I think little girls are not so unscrupulous."

"It's hard to tell. One is the parents in the city, and the other is the mute country without power. Well, what do you think is this? She is a lonely and helpless old woman who has worked hard for more than ten years and finally raised her child. Yes, I haven't sent her to the end of the care for her, this has to be sent back again. Well, the bamboo basket is empty."

   "So, good people can't be considered!"

  And the person in their mouth, Sheng Yang, is standing not far away.

  The wind blew her long, waist-length black hair, which was clearly flying.

  The skin is an enviable cool white, and the facial features are exquisite.

  She just stood there so quietly, glamorous and beautiful, so beautiful that she was awe-inspiring.

  When I saw Sheng Yang, a group of peasant women who were chewing their tongues and chewing happily changed their faces and became birds and beasts.

  Shengyang didn't say anything, followed the path made by the crowd watching the excitement, and walked into the room, whispering came from behind.

   "A child who is raised by a dumb boy, is he also a dumb boy?"

   "No, I have heard her speak, her voice is pretty good, but she has very few words."

"Hey, what's the use of raising it well? Anyway, it's about to be picked up by someone. I think the most pitiful is Grandma Liu. Otherwise, this girl, if she marries, she would have to have tens of thousands even if she got married. Right?"

Passing through the small but clean and tidy courtyard is their main room. From a distance, I saw a gray-haired woman sitting on the main seat of the house, and two people sitting on her side. , One man and one woman.

  Hearing the movement, the two men stood up with excitement and looked expectantly. Unconsciously, the corners of their eyes were wet.

  Their daughter is very well raised. It can be seen how much work this grandma Liu has spent in these years is really distressing for Yang Yang.

   But compared to them, Sheng Yang looked at them with no emotion, as if looking at two strangers.

  Kang Weizhen didn't dare to ask too much, raised her hand uncomfortably, "Yang Yang, it's been a long time."

  Not like a mother, but like a student who is particularly cramped in front of the teacher.

   is obviously related by blood, but she knows that it is difficult for an adolescent child to have a mother suddenly appear.

  Splendid and raised eyebrows, long time no see? Obviously they only met two days ago.

  She just slightly nodded at the couple very politely, and then walked to Grandma Liu. Grandma Liu's kind eyes slowly fell on her, and then she made a sign language in the direction of the couple.

Sheng Yang watched, and was about to translate with them, Kang Weizhen's trembling voice suddenly sounded, and she supported her choking on the verge of an outbreak, "I understand what you mean, this matter is indeed going to be a long time in Japan. We will use a lot of patience to slowly work hard, no It will be anxious for a while, and will not force the waves."

  Grandma Liu's eyes seemed to see everything through, but she was still smiling.

  When the couple came two days ago, they didn't know the slightest sign language, but now they can understand them.

  Grandma Liu heard the words, gently squeezed Sheng Yang's hand, and then released it again, she made another gesture.

  For the sake of Shengyang's future, she agreed that they should take Shengyang back, as long as they can wait for Yangyang.

The couple bent their knees. Grandma Liu saw this posture, her eyes were quick and her hands were quick, and she hurriedly supported the two of them, but she was a dumb, she could only hesitate and was too anxious, but the couple still insisted on kneeling down. I knocked grandma Liu three heavy heads, and her forehead was red.

"I know this is very abrupt. Thank you for raising Yang Yang for so many years, and we will often bring her back to see you. In the future, you will be Yang Yang's grandmother." Sheng You, the man who has been well-versed in the world, has been in her forties. The man, whose eyes were already red, looked at Sheng Yang deeply, his tone was solemn, "Before, we lost Yang Yang in our lives, now we will take everything to make up for it."

  The villagers at the gate were still watching, reading non-stop, and seeing this posture, Grandma Liu forced Sheng Yang back with a solid eye.

  "I guess they threw their daughter away for the sake of having a son. Now that they are raised, why don't they come to pick up the bargain?"

   "Hey, Grandma Liu is really stupid. She has had a hard life all her life."

  "Tsk, in the end, people and wealth are empty, what do you think she wants?"

  At this time, two good cars suddenly drove up at the door. The villagers who knew the car kept chewing. This car was not theirs, but they were driving into this muddy slumber. They looked distressed.

  (End of this chapter)

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