Yan Yuxi was really late, and she knew it very well in her heart, but this matter was not under her control.

   Yan's family hides related news from her, and it is not impossible to pay such things as gratitude, but the golden core celebration is also very important.

To put it even more awkwardly, Feng Jun is kind to Songbaifeng, but the Yan family does not owe him anything. He said to take it for the soul puppet and took it out, and he was trapped in the void. At this point, the Yan family can't help much either.

   So there are still children in the Yan family who are paying attention to the movement of Baibo Beach, but there is no need to delay Yan Yuxi's celebration.

   Song Baifeng originally thought, let Yan Yuxi come here after a while, and that's it. How can I think that Feng Jun disappeared abruptly and came back quickly. It only took three months to return from the void.

   The Yan family had no choice but to ask Yan Yuxi to bring a gift and visit Baili Beach.

   But where is Feng Jun the kind of caregiver? He is also not accustomed to letting others help him out. It is good to be able to exercise restraint when he disappears. As for his relationship with Song Baifeng? Please, human affection belongs to human affection, business is business.

   So he didn't want to receive Yan Yuxi's gift, saying that we have a cooperation clause, and there is no mutual assistance clause, so it is good to follow the agreement.

   But Yan Yuxi apologized and said that I was not there when you needed help the most. If you are unwilling to accept gifts for this reason, then I will congratulate you on your safe return from the void when I Songbaifeng. Can you always accept it?

   Feng Jun still didn’t ask for it, saying that your gift is too expensive. Otherwise, I need to buy some materials later. You can buy it for me from the Yan family. What do you think?

Yan Yuxi really had no choice but to accept it and chatted for a while. Seeing that Feng Jun had no interest in talking, she got up and said goodbye. When she left, she did not forget to say: If you find the murderer behind the scenes, remember to notify me. The Yan family said.

   This is to take the initiative, but there is no way, now Songbaifeng is asking for Bailitan, so in related matters, it must be more proactive.

   Feng Jun wanted to go back and continue the deduction, but this time it was stopped by Zhenxian Yi Yue. Her thought came down, "What are you deducing these two days, do you want me to inquire about that news?"

Feng Jun thought about it and felt that it would be okay to take the initiative to speak clearly, so he said, "I went back and thought about it, but I couldn't bear to give up. Now I'm deducing an array of hopefulness. Once successful, I can find that thing through the array. "

   "Hey, why don't you notify me of such a fun thing?" The figure flickered, and Yi Jue appeared in front of him again, "What is the principle of deducing that thing?"

"Please, in my manor, do you show some face, don't teleport at every turn, okay?" Feng Jun reluctantly touched his forehead, "This principle is that it's against the weather... I won’t say anything."

"Understood," Yi Jue understood in an instant, "The breath of something against the sky can't be concealed by the secrets of heaven, so you will find it. This idea is very useful... But will your cultivation base be low? A little bit?"

"I like to listen to these words," Feng Jun's mind suddenly came out of consciousness, and it was from the big brother. "This Yi Jue is not a little bit stronger than you, even if you don't talk about the cultivation level, people's Your thoughts are quicker than you."

   "You are... inflated," Feng Jun muttered silently in his heart, took out a cigarette and lit it, "Aren't you afraid of being discovered?"

   "You are only allowed to improve, but I am not allowed to improve?" The boss replied triumphantly, and then paused, "Uh, she still noticed something...should not pronounce her name."

   Yi Yue frowned, looked around questioningly, and then sent a thought, "It seems someone is peeping, do you feel it?"

   She has heard him say that when Yiyun was attacked, he had obvious warning signs, so she was willing to discuss with him.

   "This... is a method of my teacher," Feng Jun smiled, "Don't ask about this, you really can't say it."

   Yi Yue immediately relieved her heart, she turned her head to think about speaking, "Your teacher...can you hire a guest from outside?"

   Feng Jun was stunned when he heard that, "You are... you are addicted to job-hopping?"

  Yi Yue is not really addicted to job-hopping, she just wants to think about interesting things, and Feng Jun has too many interesting things.

   Two days later, Feng Jun completed his deduction, and related materials were also divided. In addition to what he already had, four parts were divided into four parts, and they were handed over to Songbaifeng, Yiyue, Chifeng and Taiqing to help with the acquisition.

   Of course, the purchased materials are not only what is needed this time, anyway, it is necessary to add more to prevent the other party from cracking backwards.

   Ten days later, when the materials were ready, Huangfu Wuxia ran over and asked unhappily, purchasing things is obviously Tiantong’s specialty, why do you give it to others?

   I am very dissatisfied with the service attitude of Tiantong, Feng Jun answered simply-not Kunhao's Tiantong, but Tianqin Tiantong.

   "Then you don't need to breathe out Kun Haotian," Huangfu Wuxia said with a black face, "I have always cooperated with you, is this correct? Can we help you purchase?"

   Feng Jun shook his head and replied faintly, "Since I think it is not pleasing to the eye, why should I let it make money through channels?"

   After saying this, he greeted Yi Jue, and the two floated towards the white gravel beach.

   The other true immortals wanted to follow, but Yi Yue said, "Let’s go out and do some private affairs, and you can help you look after Bailitan."

   Other true immortals did not dare to ignore her words, especially Feng Jun now, whose influence is too strong.

   So they went to Liu Yiyi and others to find out where Feng Jun had gone, but Feng Jun's people said they didn't know.

   Finally, Chen Xi Zhenxian took a look at Qu Jianlei and Guan Hongxiu, and shook his head thoughtfully, "I don't think there is any need to ask."

  Hua Sheng Zhenxian also understood, he nodded slightly, "This Lord Feng, no one really believes it."

   "The key is that people have the qualifications to disbelieve," Chenxi sighed leisurely, "I hope he is lucky."

   Wuxiu Zhenxian was a little ignorant, "What are you talking about, can you explain it more clearly?"

   Nine-dimensional real immortal figured it out, and sighed, "Don't ask, I went to Tianqin again, this news can't be spread, otherwise Feng Jun will have an accident, and we will not be able to get out of the relationship."

   Wuxiu Zhenxian glanced at him and said depressedly, "Then you can just leave it alone. Isn't this harmful?"

   Jiuwei Zhenxian rolled his eyes helplessly, "You want to ask, and since so many people have guessed it, I also took the opportunity to warn everyone...Don't go outside."

   These things he added are not wrong, but in fact, Feng Jun is really not afraid of them spreading it indiscriminately. The reason why he didn't directly take Yi Yue Zhenxian to Tianqin was just worried that the conventional route would be manipulated.

   After the two went to Jumufang City, they entered the Honggu section of Tianqin.

   Honggu is also considered the Golden Crow's site, but it is already quite marginal, a bit similar to Yiyun's Lingzhi Dao. However, Qishangmen's management of the site is stronger than that of Shiba Dao. The order here is still quite good.

   But it’s not difficult for Yi Yue, who is at the peak of Yuan Ying, to change her appearance to become the kind of Kun Xiu who looks like a beautiful woman but has no obvious characteristics, and her palace costume has also turned into a blue robe.

   She glanced at Feng Jun, "Change your appearance, I will give you an identity."

   She didn't ask Feng Jun if he would change his appearance-it's all golden core. If you don't even know this, it would be too embarrassing, right?

Soon, the two became ordinary golden core cultivators, Yi Jue was the eighth layer of golden core, Feng Jun...but there was no change, and then Yi Jue showed him a waist card, but it was certified by Lingzhi Dao. Psychic apprentice.

   There is also identity management on the Celestial Qin plane, otherwise it would be convenient for those from the Lower Realm to sneak into it, especially in places where the Seven Gates are directly managed, where order is stricter.

However, Honggu is not Blazing Flames after all. The Golden Crow disciples are not even in one of them, and the identity check is too random to be random, and I don’t know what actions Yi Jue did. She and Feng Jun are rarely involved. The repairer paid attention to them both.

Feng Jun glanced at her in amazement, but the answer he got was, "The magic of the ethereal, realized from Lingzhi, many Lingzhi are good at hiding themselves, even if it is there, you just don't notice it. "

   Feng Jun nodded silently, and walked for a while before asking, "Are you not afraid that Jinwumen will notice if you use this technique openly?"

   It is said that his relationship with Jin Wu is still good, but because of his sorrow, he received some hatred at Tianqin, but at Baibotan, these problems did not exist.

   Yi Yue's answer is very domineering, "It's just a small trick, I realized it by myself, and I shouldn't be able to get into the eyes of the Golden Crow."

In fact, this technique is not as simple as she said. It took her a full ten years to realize it, and it took another twenty years to perfect it. As for the cause...Of course it was because she was too hot, UU There are many people who read www.uukanshu.com.

   Feng Jun didn’t know this, he took a breath, "Awesome, your ability to create magic spells is really powerful."

"This is for my own use, not even arithmetic, and it matches some insights about Dao Dao," Yi Jue replied casually, "Actually, I only changed two techniques that can be promoted even if I included the modification of Shuqi Chenggang. ... It's a pity that you can't test it."

   Shuqi Chenggang has been changed many times, and it is almost close to the final version, but it is clear that they are currently chasing murderers in Tianqin. If they can be low-key, they still have to be as low-key as possible.

   Feng Jun also sighed depressed, "I even have a little doubt, is this murderer the enemy of the Golden Crow?"

   The next moment, Yi Yue stopped and glanced at him in surprise, "This...maybe it's really possible, how about you take a look at it?"

   Feng Jun thought about it, looked around, hesitatingly said, "Would you...find a place where no one is?"

   The place where they are located is on the outskirts of a market town with few people around. However, this does not mean that no one notices them.

   Seeing them speeding away towards the wilderness, a group of repairmen finally noticed, "The behavior of those two seems to be a little sneaky!"

   (Three shifts arrive, the first day of August, please guarantee the monthly pass.)


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