"You don't say how can I know?" Baili Hongzhuang asked.

Facing a serious rhetorical question from Baili Hongzhuang, Han Chenyang just felt speechless.

If you think about it for a long time, Lan Lan had no understanding of the situation in the main city of Lizhou. Now, it seems that not only the situation here is not understood, but even the most basic things are not well understood.

In fact, Baili Hongzhuang also felt very strange about this.

Joining a force in Immortal Territory has always been an influence. Like Demon Territory, it is rare to have an identity in many forces at the same time.

"I'm so wrong."

Han Chenyang shook his head helplessly. Before seeing Baili Hongzhuang, he had bluntly joined Tianji Building. When he didn't consider his proposal at all, he thought she directly rejected herself.

He didn't expect that there was such a possibility, it turned out to be such a thing ...

Hongtuo didn't understand what was going on, but after seeing Han Chenyang's performance, he immediately understood it, and he felt amused.

It seems that this Han Gongzi is not a simple character.

Cultivators in a night palace are unlikely to be in contact with important people who have broken souls, nor can they invite Lan Yixuan to replace them.

Think of it this way, these little guys are really one deeper than one ...


Baili Hongzhuang went to Tianji Building again after knowing the situation of Qingling. If you want to say who knows the news best, it would be better than Tianji Building.

From Ji Zimo's mouth, he must be able to learn more about the lady, and a more accurate understanding will naturally help her complete the plan.

When Ji Zimo heard about Baili Hongzhuang mentioning this, his eyes were filled with surprise.

"You found someone with inheritance so quickly?"

When I first mentioned this, I actually only presented a possibility. With this expectation, there may be good luck, but I never hoped.

I didn't expect Lan Yixuan to really care about this, and even heard the news so quickly.

"You should have known this person before." Baili Hongzhuang said.

Since Qingling could know the news, even Lu Ji knew that Ji Zimo had no reason not to know.

Ji Zimo smiled slightly and said, "We do know the news, but you can even know the relationship between Qingling and her, which is really powerful."

He just knew that the lady did hold the lineage, but did not know the relationship between Qingling and her.

Because above the 90th floor, there are not many people who have inquired about this information, and they did not check it too carefully.

Only after knowing that Qingling was Lan Yixuan's opponent, he deliberately investigated it and learned that there is such an ambiguous relationship.

I thought I needed to tell Lan Yixuan about this news. After all, since the two sides have become opponents, it is natural to know more about it so as not to run into trouble.

Unexpectedly, she was also very quick to investigate the news. Even if the hidden news was above the 90th floor, no one knew it, and she could know that it seemed that her friend was really not simple.

"Now that you have investigated, you must know more."

Baili Hongzhuang's eyes are full of seriousness, "You will tell me more carefully, I'd better think of a strategy."

"Okay." Jizi Moying said, "I have this plan today."

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