"Qingling is not a good person. He just used the two of us. He didn't care about our life and death at all."

Lu Ji's expression was serious, "As soon as I leave, only you can use him.

You should also know what dangerous things he is doing now. Once the senior knows, the situation between the two parties can be imagined.

Although your strength is not bad, but under the anger of this top strong may not be able to be safe, it is better to avoid the limelight first. "

Lei Qi immediately understood that, because of this matter, the two of them had discussed it before, because it was tantamount to pulling a tiger's beard, and the master could never tolerate it.

However, Qingling's own strength is there, and it may not really be what happened. All is just looking at the lady's choice.

But now the situation is indeed a bit different from the original.

They always thought that Qingling regarded them as a confidant and took good care of them. Now it seems that this is not the case at all. At that time, they may be really affected.

"In my opinion, this matter will not take long, and after Lan Yixuan comes to the 91st floor, they will inevitably start working.

Before, we always thought that Lan Yixuan's strength was not as good as Qingling, but now I want to come, this is not necessarily.

If it could be solved easily, would Qingling spend so much effort?

In case Lan Yixuan wins at that time, you ca n’t run away, it ’s better to avoid it now. "

Lu Ji has always regarded Lei Qi as a friend. Although the consensus reached with Lan Yixuan cannot directly tell him, he will try his best to persuade him.

Sure enough, Lei Qi listened and listened, and the original firm heart began to shake.

"You are right, it is really dangerous to stay here."

"Clean things up and go!"


Qingling frowned when she heard that Lu Ji had made such a choice.

But thinking about their attitude that day, I immediately understood it.

"It really is a waste!"

Qingling looked disgusted, but did not take this matter to heart, and did not even go to Qingling.

After Lu Ji gave up his seat, Baili Hongzhuang could live on the 91st floor directly.

Before that, she also spent some points to make the room rearranged according to her preferences.

"Yixuan, I didn't expect you to move away so quickly."

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang, Hongtuo was ready to move away, and there was a deep emotion on his face.

"It's just the 91st floor, very close." Baili Hongzhuang smiled lightly.

"By the way, I have something else to tell you." Hong Tuo remembered the business and couldn't help but say: "The elixir you made is too amazing. I don't know if you have any similar self-made effects. Danfang? "

Hearing, Baili Hongzhuang looked at him with a little doubt, "What's the matter?"

"Pharmaceutics wants to invite you to join." Hong Tuo said.


There was a surprise in Baili Hongzhuang's eyes. She had also heard of the name of Yaozong. In fact, Xianyu also had the same name of Zongmen.

Ever changing does not leave its sect, it may be that.

"Yao Zong is a big force in the Demon Realm. They are very optimistic about you. If you want, they will be able to offer enough conditions."

"I happen to know the master of the medicine sect, and I am also the elder of the medicine sect. If you are willing to go, your status must be higher than mine, how?"

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