"Relax, I won't take too long to solve him, you will be back soon."

Baili Hongzhuang waved his hand, apparently did not regard it as a big problem.

Now she is thinking about how to enter the Devil Realm, she must rely on herself to enter the Demon Realm, there is obviously no chance in a short time, and I don't know how long to wait.

However, now this lady is undoubtedly a breakthrough.

As long as Qingling and his husband are kicked away, they may get this good opportunity.

Therefore, she needs to think about how to get this thing done.

"Okay, I promise you!"

Lu Ji made a decision after thinking about it for a moment. Nothing is more important than his life.

As long as you leave for a period of time, you can not only get revenge, but also be safe.

By the time you come back, you may have forgotten this matter for a long time. It is undoubtedly a very good opportunity.

Lu Ji again said what he knew about the situation, and then he left. However, he did not leave the Tower of Heaven directly.

Before leaving, they still have some things to deal with.

The Tower of Heaven soon heard another news.

Lu Ji chose to directly give the position of the 91st floor to Lan Yixuan, which made the challenge unnecessary.

Originally everyone had been waiting to watch a good show, but I didn't expect to get such an answer suddenly.

"Just give up?"

"Lu Ji was right about this choice. Anyway, he was not Lan Yixuan's opponent anyway. If he agreed, he would lose even more ugly by the time, it would be better to admit defeat."

"This is already the best result. He wanted to kill Lan Yixuan before. If he really got on the ring, I think he might die directly on the ring."

As the person's voice fell, everyone's expressions also felt a bit stunned.

But think about it, it really is the same thing.

Lei Qi was also very surprised when he heard that Lu Ji had made such a decision.

"Lu Ji, are you okay?"

This approach undoubtedly directly admits that he is not as good as others. When they reach this level of self-cultivation, their self-esteem is much greater than that of others. You can know how depressed he is now without thinking.

"Everyone's discussion is just a short time now, and it will soon be forgotten. Don't worry about it."

Facing Lei Qi's comfort, Lu Ji waved his hand carelessly.

"I'm fine, and since I have made such a decision, I am already mentally prepared."

Seeing that Ji Ji's mood was much better than he thought, Lei Qi was a little surprised.

"You suddenly want to open it?"

"I'm going to leave the Tower of Heaven for a while." Lu Ji looked at Lei Qi, looking very serious.

Lei Qi was stunned, "Ready to leave? Because of this?"

Lu Ji nodded. "As soon as this happened, I was already a joke. It would be better to leave for a while and wait for the situation to stabilize before returning."

Upon seeing this, Lei Qi originally wanted to persuade him to stay, but it was indeed very difficult to think about this situation carefully, so he nodded and expressed his support.

"Since you have made a decision, I will not persuade you.

However, the situation today is already unstable and you should not leave for too long. "

"Relax, it won't be long."

With that, Lu Ji couldn't help but say: "Why don't you leave with me."

Lei Qi froze, looked at him suspiciously, "Why?"

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