Baili Hongzhuang and Han Chenyang suddenly became interested. They thought it was just Qingling's love affair. They already knew that this guy was a man, and naturally they were not very concerned.

Now it seems that there are many things that interest them!

"That lady seems to be a heir to the devil, or something."

Speaking of which, Lu Ji's expression also showed a trace of confusion. Obviously, he only learned a little bit about it on weekdays, but he was not very clear about his real situation.

"Anyway, the next time I go to Demon Realm, this lady has a place.

Qingling wholeheartedly wanted to enter the demon world, but there was no suitable way, so he stared at the lady. "

"It turns out so."

Baili Hongzhuang immediately understood it. He had heard the corresponding news from Ji Zimo's mouth.

If there is no wrong guess, this lady should be the one with the token.

Through this token, she can recognize the ancestors and return to the Devil Realm to find the power of her ancestors, which is undoubtedly much better than other people who have gone to the Devil Realm.

"What about this lady's husband? Isn't he going to go in?"

The black-and-white eyes flowed with doubt, and Baili Hongzhuang didn't quite understand it.

Such a great opportunity, if you don't know it, since it is also a few layers of people in the vicinity, there is no reason to not know these, how can Qingling succeed?

"I heard that this lady can take another person to Devil Realm besides herself. Qingling is now ready to coax this lady to throw away her husband.

It happened that the senior had been practicing recently, but he didn't find out about it. "

Lu Ji slowly told Baili Hongzhuang one by one what he knew. He followed Qingling for so long. For this news, Qingling never guarded them.

After all, in his eyes, they could not see any waves, let alone the courage to inform.

In the past, he did not think that there would be such a day, but now when he says all this, he does not feel anything at all.

After all, he is not benevolent, and he is not a chess piece that he can discard casually.

"Originally, Qingling had such an idea, could it be because of his self-cultivation and self-cultivation during this time?" Baili Hongzhuang asked.

Lu Ji nodded, "The girl is smart."

"It really is a master."

Baili Hongzhuang couldn't help but chuckled. She said that Jiangshan's nature was difficult to change. Qingling was already like this when she was in Xianyu. How could she suddenly change her temper.

It turned out that all this was to be able to enter the Devil Realm, and it was not a small sacrifice for this.

"You tell me the names of the lady and her husband, and then tell me everything you know. I can promise you not to challenge, but you need to leave the Tower of Heaven for a while." Baili Hongzhuang said.

Listening to the words in front, Lu Ji couldn't help but have a look of joy in his eyes, but after hearing this last sentence, he couldn't help but hesitated.

"Leave the Tower of Heaven?"

"I need to make sure that you will not divulge this news to Qingling. Moreover, when I really act, do you think he will not guess that this matter is related to you?"

Baili Hongzhuang slightly raised her eyebrows and looked at the landing joke playfully.

"I'm doing it for you."

Lu Ji froze for a moment, and found that she did make some sense.

Although he only wants to retaliate now, his cultivation base is indeed not Qing Ling's opponent ...

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