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The pain in the head exploded, the body seemed to be crushed by the car, and the burning pain spread throughout the body, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Baili red makeup struggling to open her eyes, and when she saw everything strange in front of her eyes, she suddenly woke up completely.

"where is this place?"

Deep in the hustle and bustle of the fascinating light, she clearly remembered that she found a mysterious ring in the nest of the beast, and the blood dropped on the ring.

Then suddenly the wind was raging, the heavens and the earth were discolored, and when I woke up, I came to this strange place.


The red-browed brows were tightly locked, and both hands touched their heads. Numerous familiar and unfamiliar memory fragments emerged in her mind, almost blasting her brain.

After a while, the feeling of splitting the headache gradually disappeared, and the confusion in the eyes of the red makeup disappeared, but the heart was shocked.

“I have actually crossed?” The colorful makeup of the hundred miles is incredible. “And it has also passed through the holy continent of the millennium?”

She was originally the youngest family owner in the holy Xuan mainland, and her talent is absolutely outstanding.

Unexpectedly, because of a ring, the soul has been worn by the waste lady of the General Palace of the Shun Xuan mainland.

Coincidentally, this lady is also called Baili Red Makeup!

It is a pity that Miss Yan, who is the general's army, is not allowed to be favored by the generals. The mother died early. Fortunately, there is a marriage contract with the prince, which has saved her status.

I never thought that I suddenly became a blind man three months ago and lost my qualification to become a mother.

Yesterday, the emperor announced the cancellation of the marriage contract, and the red makeup of the hundred miles could not be swallowed.

In the end, this kind of swallowing gold also has the credit of her "good sister" Baili Yuyan.

Yesterday, I was always in a comforting voice, saying that I was stimulating the red makeup.

I am afraid that the thing that turned into a blind man can’t be separated from the hundred-year-old jade!

Fortunately, the strength of her recovery is restored.

"What breaks the ring!"

From the amazing family owner to a waste lady, this gap is not that big!

When Baili red makeup sighed, he bowed his head, his eyes suddenly solidified, and a black vintage ring was just worn on her hand!

"How can this be?"

The hundred-mile red makeup touched the ring on the hand, did the ring cross with her?

At this time, a series of fine footsteps sounded outside the door, and then a figure of a man and a woman cuddling each other appeared in the sight of the red makeup.

These two are not others, it is the hundred miles of Yu Yan and Prince Xuanyuan!

Different from the waste materials of the hundred-mile red makeup, Baili Yuyan's talent for cultivation is very outstanding, and he has already had a good reputation in Fengbo.

It is for this reason that the General’s Office has long planned to let Baili Yuyan replace her position!

The two glimpsed the red makeup on the bed, and their faces were flashed with a hint of surprise.

They clearly listened to the ring and said that the hundred-mile red makeup had no breath, so it came slowly, how did it not die?

"Good sister, why don't you think so? Can you swallow the gold!"

Baili Yuyan walked to the side of the hundred-mile red makeup, so it looked like a concern, but the eyes were full of disgusting light.

Yesterday, she said that she was thinking about how to make her own makeup. Today, I heard that after this incident, I felt very happy. I didn’t expect this waste to die!

Waste is waste! Even if I do not do this kind of thing, I will help you later!

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