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Boom! Boom! thump—

The hurried knock on the door suddenly sounded in my ears, and then a man’s urging voice came through the door, “Matthew, why did you drive the makeup artist out? The director and heroine are already in place, and the entire crew is waiting for you. This hero, you have fifteen minutes left!”

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Short Title:BMS
Alternate Title:最佳影星
Author:White Number Thirteen
Weekly Rank:#1144
Monthly Rank:#1286
All Time Rank:#2028
Tags:Acting, Celebrities, Entertainment, Male Protagonist, Movies, Playboys, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Showbiz,
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  1. Starting from when MC lick cn for Fast n furious 4, author keep comparing how bad western and how good cn, and some cn th*ot ofc think she is special and think other western are bad than her, how author write view point about other cn netizen or reporter,dll. They think they are better than western and MC at this point selling his "CN BLOODLINE FROM HIS GRANDMA" To conquer cn, starting from there, when author write fron cn people's viewpoint, there will be almost every time how good cn beside of western, cuih

  2. Also this author have many plothole, how Justin Bieber at 2009-2010 got to jail because this author plot, and not teenager prison, its adult prison with many black people, u know what happen to small Justin Bieber after that, author keep talking about his cn race, and how bad black race are there from the beginning of this novel to the end.

  3. Wonder who are the idiots that gave this novel 5 stars and 4 stars? This novel deserves 2 stars at most, the plot is too cliche first of all, secondly the persoanlity of the mc is not fit to be a human, thirdly this book also contains racism. This is why I generally don't like to read hetero novels, because most of them all contain brainless mc who pursues harem and have delusional disease generated by the authors themselves. Most yaoi novels contain 1v1 couple only and are generally more creative than the straight novels. I read all kinds of novels in generall, but I'm just particularly fond of yaoi, not because I'm gay but because of their logical plots and creativity ultimately.

  4. If u dont know how much bastard MC is, look at ch 487-488, MC using his many play boy tricks to Sarahpova, 19years old naive girl to sleep, and he dissapointed because the naive girl has no experience in bed, and MC will never phone call or talk to her again, even if she cry or whatever, MC just ignore her and keep chasing girls by girls, i remember read someone said MC only sleep with 1 woman at a time, Yes ofc id!ot, MC sleep 1 woman this night, tomorrow night he sleep with another woman, basically worst MC i ever readed NOT WORTH

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