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Boom! Boom! thump—

The hurried knock on the door suddenly sounded in my ears, and then a man’s urging voice came through the door, “Matthew, why did you drive the makeup artist out? The director and heroine are already in place, and the entire crew is waiting for you. This hero, you have fifteen minutes left!”

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Short Title:BMS
Alternate Title:最佳影星
Author:White Number Thirteen
Weekly Rank:#12
Monthly Rank:#75
All Time Rank:#4297
Tags:Celebrities, Harem, Male Protagonist, Showbiz,
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24 Comments on “Best Movie Star
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  1. Im at ch 302 rn, idk how these people read to ch 1000+ so fast, i think they just a liar or didnt even read half ch of novel, Many things are downgraded from this novel, unlike the early plot, now everything just boring and basically changing other MC in the film to this novel's MC , only little things changed, and nothing big changed, very uncreative, bla, bla, bla... 1stars

  2. This became a big plot hole, at first MC said that he uneducated in hollywood and social media things, but in ch 250-300+ out of nowhere he knows many little thing in the future of hollywood , so he can avoid big hole and take an opportunity, u must know at first he didnt even know who The Rock is, he just know the face, but now guess what? I know future of many little things in the Hollywood, and this novel feels like became author wish fullfilment too, like MC sleep with almost every girls he talk to! Bruhhh

  3. Except for his extreme racist comments on black people, this novel is pretty good... And many chapters misses many paragraphs and some chapters only have half translation.. so far till 600 chapters atleast 10 chapters have this problem, but you can read those missing paragraphs in the original novel with Google translate (it's pretty good)

  4. It's good on fundamentals and focus too much on the process. It's not fun like harem lovers like me. It has a harem but it's bland and tasteless. Please recommend Amarica style novels if you know any it will be helpful

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