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Being Scolded As a Loser? All the Big Guys In Beijing Are Rushing To Pamper Me

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[The time-travelling heroine who never turns around when speaking vs. the aristocratic self-effacing hero who always gets slapped in the face and is reborn]

Everyone said that sooner or later the second wife of the Shen family would be killed by the adopted daughter.

The melon seeds and benches are all ready, just waiting to watch the show.

Who knows——

Not only is he not dead, he is also getting better and better!

The eldest son became a well-known miracle doctor; the second son became a general; the younger son was smart and well-read, and became the number one scholar at the age of fifteen…

As for Shen Nian, that was even more remarkable.

She is the legitimate daughter of the Duke of the country, and everyone dislikes her for living in the countryside.

The boss of the apocalypse has traveled through time.

He has strange powers, possesses three types of supernatural powers, and is extremely lucky.

Her biological father is the Duke of Jian Zai’s heart, the leader of the Golden Scale Guard is a poor little boy she saved casually, and the bad old man who follows her is a weird doctor known to the world…

When they heard that Prince Xiao was leaving Zhongdu, the elite circle went crazy with joy. They prayed to gods and Buddhas in the hope that this man would die outside.

But not only did he come back fine, he also brought a girl who was even more arrogant than him.

Everyone laughed at Shen Nian for being a vulgar farm girl.

The Holy One sneered, “…you call a person who makes a people rich, vulgar?”

The prince chuckled, his eyes flashing with a ferocity that made people feel heartbroken.

The next day, the person who gossiped behind his back either had his face ruined or his leg broken…

Shen Nian stuck his head out to watch the show, “Tsk, I told you that you would be punished if you spread bad words about me, but you didn’t believe it. You should believe it now.”

Xiao Shizi, who deeply concealed his merit and fame, nodded and smiled warmly and harmlessly, “…I think everyone believes it.”

If they didn’t believe it, he could make them even worse.

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Short Title:BSAL
Alternate Title:被骂丧门星?全京城大佬抢着宠我
Author:Nanfei Yike
Weekly Rank:#287
Monthly Rank:#251
All Time Rank:#2111
Tags:Female Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Superpowers, Transmigration,
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  1. Its not finshed?i hope you write about price xio father coming back and nian nian's brothers please i feel its not finshed.😭

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