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  1. Story is made of cliche, except for unique system there is nothing new. Evil protagonist ? No, mc is acting as a kid seeing his favorite characters, and has nothing to do with being evil. Translation also kills, mc sometimes becomes woman, changes name to Naruto. The same thing happens to other characters. Also, if it’s your first story in this genre, you may like it. There is no harem or romance, so it’s probably one of the best novels in this genre. Maybe I am just too old for this…

  2. Very high level plot conciders everything full of comedy. Never thought that a plot can be written like this very unique completely shattered my view of fanfiction not as every bullshit of Hero, Villan, Hypocrisy (when mc says to be low-key and next moment it doesn't matter has to show off for greater*good, harem, relationship bond or just brain damage*). Just if translated well enough and author hadn't ended prematurely it has great potential to continue. Even so as it is now very very good.

  3. This is why I don't usually believe in ratings. There is nothing 'behind the scene' in what the MC did in this novel. This is just 'do random quests to get stronger without caring for other's sake'. In short, this is a system-driven plot.

  4. Taodi is zabuza, take the soil or the soil is uchiha madara remember that obito is disguised as uchiha madara during his stay in akatsuki

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