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Before Prying Away the Small O

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You Chenxing is the most stubborn, and after getting married, he accidentally enlarged other people’s stomachs. After being smashed by You Chenxing, he begged her to keep it secret.

And Fa Xiao’s wife, omega Yun Wan, who was once known as the first rose in Beijing,
It is the sweetheart that You Chenxing can’t say, the love at first sight in his youth, the red rose hidden in his dreams.

After years of friendship, You Chenxing did not reveal any little secrets.

But taking advantage of Yun Wan’s father’s unexpected imprisonment,
When he was detained in his own department, he saw a needle in the hole, and when the two divorced, he pried a small corner of the wall.


Yun Wan didn’t expect that the object Shen Li would be able to make a baby outside behind her back.

The target’s hairpin, You Chenxing, is also a beast in clothes and has unreasonable thoughts about himself.

But the appearance of You Chenxing quickly made Yun Wan realize,
The ultimate revenge is not just divorce so cheap…

And after this conjecture, she nestled in You Chenxing’s arms,
Watching Shen Li, who was on the verge of being broken because of breaking their intimacy and returning,
Got the best proof…

Content Labels: Strong and powerful family has a soft spot for it
Search keywords: Protagonists: Yun Wan, You Chenxing ┃ Supporting Actors: Pre-receive “The Fascinating Ex-Wife O Has a Cub on My Back” for collection
One sentence introduction: Which cookie are you?

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Short Title:BPASO
Alternate Title:撬走发小的O前
Author:Tanabata is a big head meow
Weekly Rank:#7884
Monthly Rank:#6875
All Time Rank:#8091
Tags:Action, Doting Love Interests, Late Romance, Military, Omegaverse, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Scientists,
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  1. This summary causes a lot of misunderstanding: The main character was S-Class Alpha, She had childhood friend A-Class Alpha and this childhood friend cheated, as a result the Beta was pregnant and when her A-Class omega wife knew her infidelity she Divorce her wife. But this story was not just like Drama but there's a Thrill of action and science fic (slight), mind boggling investigation. That's 8t for info.

  2. Currently finished ch 57 and...Oh boy...do i tell you im having mixed emotions of satisfaction and pity here damn this is probably one of the best novels i have ever read its hella freaking amazing...haaah gotta sort out my emotions im waay to fxxking excited about ch 58..

  3. Just a question, since it's in ABO setting markings are important right? Yun Wan is married so has she been already marked or not? Because mostly, markings are once in a life thing right? I just wanna know.

  4. are the supporting characters zhu sui and song zhen the main characters in "After being marked by the boss of scum's ex-wife"?? can anyone explain it to me?

  5. They might be, I just encountered You Chenxing's name in ABMBBES. The author name are also close or might be the same. What a nice surprise.

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