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Becoming An Ancient God From Blood Therapy

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Want to get super vision? Then let’s get some eagle blood.

Want to get super power? Blood of the Bear works great.

Are you going to surpass humans? Exactly, I have vampire blood here.

Do you want to be the ultimate creature? Very well, I have a drop of the blood of the ancient gods here.


Become the headless mayor of the ancient, chaotic city of Arkham, where the gods breed.

Starting from blood therapy, Ross built an extraordinary shelter, a forbidden library, and a museum of the ancient gods.

Ross: We Arkham are full of talented people, and our folk customs are simple, hey! Don’t run! Haven’t visited Arkham Sanatorium yet!

Farming flow, invincible flow, behind-the-scenes black hand flow, Cthulhu.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BAAGFBT
Alternate Title:从血疗术开始做古神
Author:Wild Hunt
Weekly Rank:#2349
Monthly Rank:#1658
All Time Rank:#4859
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Early Romance, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Evil Religions, Genetic Modifications, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Multiple Transported Individuals, Overpowered Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Technological Gap, Transmigration,
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35 Comments on “Becoming An Ancient God From Blood Therapy
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  1. Yeah... Everything was fine, but the queen, who was also from the earth, was of course a minus, also with her flying swords and all sorts of immortal techniques. Has a Chinese name, Chinese appearance (which everyone considers ideal) The queen of a huge Western empire has the name Su And 🤔 the funniest thing for me was when they met) she immediately began to suppress him, despite his enormous strength, he could not do anything to her, justifying herself by saying that she was much crazier than him. she immediately started betting on everything, if they are from the same land, the mc must transfer all the technologies and knowledge to her, and if she gives herself from different ones🤦she looks like Yumeko Jabami. She was still able to chop off his tentacles (he is level 90) with her immortal nuclear swords) In short, when she began to suppress him with her arrogance and shamelessness, I lost the desire to continue reading

  2. Mc op from the start. I can understand that he just doesn't wanna kill people because he doesn't have talents to replace them but bruh what's the point of u being top powerful if u are acting like powerless people do scheming and whatnot. Also likes his idea about the reconstruction of the town and his plants for it but what's the problem? The novel is super slow paced and all his plans minimum takes at leat half a year to renovate the slums and 200+ chaps has not even passed more than 2 months since beginning of the novel so all that enthusiasm about his future plans about the town die down with the pace of the novel

  3. Also he can powerup by acquiring knowledge of ancient gods because he is not affected by it but after the first time he never try again and the second time wa accidental like he could try and gain more knowledge to speed up his goals and be stromger but nah let's just waste time pretending to be mysterious like in a town full of crazy people nobody gives a fck if u are because as soon as u show power they will worship u and because u r God then that's the explanation there is no mystery anymore. Things happens because you are, that's it.

  4. Although I'm not a fan of mindlessly killing, but this MC could've solve the problem by killing some and use mind game after. The author is so focus on doing the intelligent and mysterious MC that it contradicts the premise that he has a strength of a level 85 supernatural, so it ends up being dumb how he plays diplomatic and all. So far, it is tolerable, but if it all talk and scheme, I would drop this. What is the point of gaining strength if it was not a factor to rule at all? I need some violence sometimes.

  5. Yeah this is a huge issue with all the "Intellectual" novels. Whenever an MC has to use constant plots and tricks to get his way but he could end all the problems by simply using violence it makes me feel like he's a massive moron instead of a smart genius. You know what's sad about these novels is that when the MC is a weak chicken they act all high profile and crazy but when they're pretty much the strongest in the area they act low profile and shit. It's infuriating. Y'ALL GOT IT BACKWARDS!

  6. At first he didn't resolve the issues because he was cautious after all he didn't know or remember that he was de only God alive, the it was just for fun I mean he is a God he discovered that he could kill everyone If he wants so why the hell would he do it I mean is like the gods in the legends in our world why the Christian God don't save people, some say because he gives free will to human but the more realistic reason is because he is bored and seeing a group of ants struggling gives a little of entertainment, he is not just a powerful being he is a God even if he loves his people he doesn't want useless people he wants strong people he himself said it before

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