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Become a Passerby Heroine

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Passer-by heroines use the method of doing things, if they don’t agree with them, they will do things, and if they do, they will become heroines from passers-by.

This is probably a story about cultivating an inexistent self into a perfect heroine.

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Short Title:BPH
Alternate Title:变身路人女主
Author:Drunk Lying Laughing Yi Ren
Weekly Rank:#2715
Monthly Rank:#2828
All Time Rank:#5099
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Black Belly, Charismatic Protagonist, Conditional Power, Cunning Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Gaming/E-Sport, Hiding True Identity, Male to Female, Misunderstandings, Music, Parallel Worlds, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, System, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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23 Comments on “Become a Passerby Heroine
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  1. Podrías mejorar la puntuación de la novela en una estrella, si no hubiera tantos párrafos introspectivos del MC pensando tanto, hay tantos que se nota a leguas que el autor intenta gastarse el recuento de palabras de la mitad del capítulo escribiendo esos pensamientos, que para peor, en su mayor parte ni siquiera aportan nada interesante o particularmente relevante.

  2. can someone add yuri to the genre, it really gets focused on how much the mc loves girls throughout the novel and she gets into three different relationships with girls

  3. from the top of my head where she has a physical relationship with girls uhh the first girl in the harem manga, she eventually gets into a relationship with the manga author, and near the end she has an incestous relationship (actually getting married) with ciri from the witcher

  4. The studying part is within reasonable ranges while the one i dislike is mc's mother. I don't get why her personality is the princess tsundere type, makes me think her past 30 years of lofr experience is gone.

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