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Become a Master of Painting Cakes In Abusive Essays

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Bian Yining fell to her death on the eve of graduating from college. She was only a little short before she could get the graduation certificate she had been studying for more than ten years.
What can I do? I can only listen to the words of this system that I don’t know where it came from, and do tasks little by little to save points and return to the world.
In the book she entered, a thousand chapters were written about the sadistic relationship between the heroine and the hero, among which there were too many female supporting roles who flew into the flames because of the wealth of the hero.
Bian Yingning’s mission is to make these stumbling blocks in the love of the male and female protagonists – the cannon fodder and female supporting cast, stop banging against the wall for the male protagonist to die for the male protagonist.
What? The male protagonist has a stubborn young lady who has grown up together since childhood. The young lady still has a deep-rooted love for the male protagonist. Every day, she finds trouble with the female protagonist and is finally ruined by the male protagonist?
System: “Host, please note that the eldest lady will plant the seeds of love because the male protagonist rescues her from being kidnapped. Please stop the process of the seeds from falling to the ground immediately!”
Bian Yingning tried her best to chase the robber car that kidnapped the unruly eldest lady. After chasing three streets, she was successfully picked up by the robbers.
Eldest Miss: “You…why did you follow me like this to save me?”
Bian Yining: “You are such a delicate little princess, I won’t allow you to be hurt by a single hair!”
Miss: “But didn’t you say that when you ripped off most of my hair in a fight with me last month?”
Can this task be done?
System: “Host, please pay attention, the top female star will fall into the male lead’s arms because she stepped on the skirt and fall into the arms of the male lead, causing the female lead to be jealous and the junior to be ambiguous and banned by the male lead. Please stop this from happening immediately!”
Bian Yingning kicked the male protagonist next to the top actress with a kick, and let him fall into his arms.
Actress: “…Who are you?”
Bian Yining: “You may not believe it when you say it. I am your ten-year-old fan and have always admired you!”
Actress: “It’s only been six years since I debuted…”
Outrageous on her mother.
System: “Please be careful, host, if you don’t want to work hard, the gold-worshiping woman will undress in front of the male protagonist and want to climb on the male protagonist’s branches. She is caught by the female protagonist, and the female protagonist runs out and is hit by a car. Since then, the gold-worshiping woman has been angered by the male protagonist. Falling into the Alley of Smoke and Willows, please stop it!”
Bian Yingning began to approach the gold-worshiping girl and make friends with her with confidence: “Treasure, when I find a little old man, the money after my divorce from the old man will be ours. Chen Tang Yipin, let’s go upstairs.”
Gold worshiper: “Don’t talk about it, I’ll find the old man.”
Bian Yining: “???” Can’t you wait for my good news first?
Bian Yining: I’m just doing a task, it’s your fault that you like me.
All female supporting roles: What happened to her fishing? If she hooks me every day, what’s the difference with her loving me?
It’s impossible to fall in love in this life, you can only live by doing tasks (True Fragrant)
The task is being done, and the master of Bian Huabing, who thinks that he will not be fascinated by the world of flowers, has no feelings for the task maniac and Ning – overturned.
When she came back to her senses, she was already involved with that Shang Baichuan, Qing Aojiao, and Anhui Bawang.
On the night she and Shang Qinghui established their relationship, Bian Yingning’s eyes reddened unconsciously when she looked back on the years they had passed.
She looked at Shang Qingfen’s face that was close at hand, waiting for her cool fingertips to fall on her warm cheeks like floating hairs.
Shang Qingfen looked at her affectionately and said, “Bian Yingning, your eyes seem to be red for a day, you won’t get pink eye, right?”

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Short Title:BMPCIAE
Alternate Title:穿进虐文里做画饼大师
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  1. The only arc that I didlike in this story was the Arc after (Spoiler Aleer)Nagong Jin Death except the 2 chapters before the end of the story. THEN The fanwai's was so Great!!! SUPER SATISFIED ❤️❤️❤️

  2. The love hate relationship between MC and FL was really good and funny. All the kissing scenes were great too! 😆 The cliff part was a bit confusing at first and the explanation at the end also kinda meh.. I still love the story tho, just ignore the last chapter lol

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