"Engineering robot? What is it used for?"

Jiang Chen frowned and asked.

"Mr. Jiang, the engineering robot is a robot specifically for rescue. Let it specialize in the rescue field, so that it can better assist rescuers in rescue operations!"

Song Xiu said, "But you know, although my research institute can also research, the simulation environment in the super laboratory is so powerful... Doesn't the rescue engineering robot need to simulate the environment for testing? You don't For my sake, and also for the rescue engineering robot, get me a super laboratory!"

Jiang Chen: "..."

Rescue engineering robot.

This purpose stuck in Jiang Chen's heart.

There was a big earthquake that year. Although Jiang Chen didn't witness it with his own eyes, there were several orphans in their orphanage who came from there... When those orphans first arrived, their expressions were empty and empty. Jiang Chen couldn't forget the look in his eyes so far.

Especially after seeing the tragic scenes after the earthquake on TV, Jiang Chen even had a nightmare.

In the end, 70,000 people were killed in the earthquake, 70,000 lives!

If rescue robots can help, maybe they can save hundreds or thousands of lives?

"Okay, for the sake of rescue engineering robots, I will give you a super laboratory, but you have to promise me that it will be produced as quickly as possible, otherwise I will disqualify your super laboratory at any time! Remember, to do one thing, do it to the end! Don’t rush for quick success."

Jiang Chen spoke plainly.

He naturally has some understanding of Song Xiu.

This person is a bit impetuous, but he is also capable and very enthusiastic about technology.

Overall, Jiang Chen decided to give him a chance.

"Okay, no problem! Mr. Jiang, please please, what I have made will definitely surprise you!"

Song Xiu laughed very confidently.

Jiang Chen: "..."

In this way, the fifth super laboratory was gradually established.


The next month.

Jiang Chen accompanied his girlfriend every day and began to enjoy the beauty of life leisurely.

Fruit 14 was released, and it did not renew its upsurge in China as Cook had imagined before, but its performance was rather dismal.

Although equipped with a photonic chip, he lacks a chip battery and can no longer keep up with the trend of the times!

Trends are a terrible thing.

In the past, in order to follow the trend of fruit mobile phones, there were young people who had to buy fruit even if they were selling kidneys.

But once it is determined that domestic mobile phones with electronic chips are the trend, all young people flock to them, all to follow the trend!

this day.

A week after the official release of the domestic mobile phone, Jiang Chen occasionally came out for a meal.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, the phone prompts: Do you want to charge wirelessly? Please enter your password.....

Obviously, this restaurant is already equipped with a wireless charging terminal.

It's not just this one.

All slightly larger restaurants and shops basically support wireless charging.

But like WIFI, where you want to charge, you have to have the password of his wireless charging terminal.

Jiang Chen was wearing sunglasses, drinking coffee quietly, enjoying a quiet and cozy afternoon.

Immediately you can hear someone talking at the next table.

"Wow, this one supports wireless charging!"

"Amin, why do you still buy fruit 14? This thing is several generations behind. It doesn't have a battery with a chip, and it doesn't even support wireless charging. It's LOW to burst, okay?"

"Look, your broken fruit is out of power again, and you still use a power bank! Look at my mobile phone. After using it for 2 days, I still have 76% of the power left!"

"When I just passed the counter, I found that the shared power bank had been removed..."

"Sure, now the mobile phone battery is so durable, and there is wireless charging, the power bank is useless!"

"Amin, are you okay? It's okay to open the black one, your fruit 14 is hot and hot again, so I throw it away quickly and change to a domestic one!"


This is one table, and there is another table.

"Your rice does not support wireless charging? My support! Look, I am still 100% fully charged!"

"Really, I bought this rice last year. It seems that I have to hurry up and get a new machine!"

"Buy it now, you don't know, you can basically charge wirelessly wherever you go now, and the feeling of not being bound by the charging cable is simply so cool!"

"Wireless charging is useless! Is the battery life of the phone not enough now? My Fruit 14 is not bad for use. The battery can last for almost a day. If it is not enough, just recharge it when you go home! You can charge it, but the user experience is not good or not good. !"

"Haha, you fool! Now that the new mobile phone is equipped with a chip battery, don't you know it? It takes seven or eight days to charge it once! Do you compare with him in battery life?

And it can also charge wirelessly! The fruit can now be declared eliminated! "

"Yeah! Going to buy fruit 14 now? Fruit bought a bunch of photonic chips this time, but without chip battery technology, mobile phones can't be sold! It's probably going to be rotten there, just like you who don’t know much about mobile phones. , And also buy fruit! We can buy a domestic product if we know it, it is better than fruit!"

"Okay, okay, don't say anything, hurry up and turn on the black!"

"I want to hit ten!"


Conversations like this happen all over the country.

With the popularity of chip batteries, wireless charging technology is widely used.

People's living conditions have obviously changed dramatically.

for example.

The Shenchuan notebook is an outrageously cost-effective product. Except that the fan is a bit noisy and the heat problem is not solved well, which has caused the battery life to be unsatisfactory, there is not much damage in other places.

Now that the chip battery comes out, it is simply great news for Shenchuan.

No need to worry about battery life, the chip battery has long-lasting endurance, and the wireless charging terminal that can be seen everywhere can run in high-performance mode anytime, anywhere!

You can play LOL in the black cafe.

Play chicken at KFC, play 3A masterpiece on the high-speed rail!

It is no exaggeration to say that no matter your mobile phone, notebook, or any electronic product, as long as it is equipped with a chip battery, you can play it anytime, anywhere!

This is why even projectors have joined the army of chip batteries.

Once wireless charging is available, it can immediately become a portable projector and enjoy the visual impact of the big screen!

Not only that.

The changes in life don't stop there.

Equipped with chip battery technology, new energy vehicles are obviously more popular with Chinese car owners. Countless car owners who originally found trams inconvenient but still want to choose petrol cars, after the introduction of chip battery electric cars by major domestic car brands, they decisively placed orders. !

the reason is simple!

After the chip battery is equipped, the endurance problem has been caused, and the endurance range has been directly increased by nearly ten times!

At high speeds, it is also equipped with a wireless charging station just like a gas station!

If the car is really out of power, just stop at the charging station and charge it for an hour, and it can last for hundreds of kilometers. The cost is so small that it can't help but the car is fragrant?

Not only electric cars, more and more products are beginning to adapt to chip batteries.

There are not hundreds or dozens of companies that come to Jiang’s chip every day. They are all leaders in the industry. They are extremely eager to cooperate and break their heads. They all want to become the first in the field to match chip battery technology. company of!

Therefore, although Jiang Chen really does not intend to make money in chip battery technology.

But the employees under their hands still have to eat, and how to say they have to make a small fortune.

Jiang Chen specially authorized: For all products equipped with chip batteries, in addition to the cost of 500 yuan for 3W mAh battery (the actual cost is less than 500), there is also 1% of the product price as a usage fee!

No more, just 1% of the price!

However, this is the 1% usage fee and the patent usage fee for wireless charging technology!

But in this short week, it has brought Jiang Chen 3 billion in income!

no way.

Now is the electronic age, there are too many products that can be matched with chip batteries, and the market that can be covered is too big...Even if it is only 1% of the price, it is enough to make Jiang Chen full of money!

Give out a batch of money to reward management and employees...

After a lap, there are 2.8 billion left, what should I do?

"Mr. Jiang, do you like to come to this cafe?"

That afternoon, Jiang Chen came again.

But with him, one of the assistants was Yi Miaoqing.

She originally reported to Jiang Chen on the progress of the project on a regular basis. After the report, when Jiang Chen was about to go out, she volunteered to hope that Jiang Chen would take her with her.

Jiang Chen thought about it, anyway, he just went to "listen to the opinions of the people" and let Yi Miaoqing experience it on the sidelines. It seemed that it was okay.

So the two came to this coffee shop where Jiang Chen came most often.

Jiang Chen wore sunglasses and changed into ordinary clothes, and he was an entrepreneur, not a star, and many people did not recognize him.

It's Yi Miaoqing, this big beauty.

Although she was dressed as an office girl, her figure was too hot and her appearance was too angelic, which attracted a lot of attention.

"A cup of latte, thank you." Jiang Chen is a latte as usual, "What do you drink?"

"Give me a cappuccino."

After the two ordered the order, the two were chatting about the internal affairs of the Jiang Group... Jiang Chen was in a high position after all, and he could hardly hear anything from the grassroots. The assistants also report all the situation. Yi Miaoqing happened to be in charge of this. He told Jiang Chen how proud the grassroots employees were, how proud they were, and how they were arranged for blind dates by the seven or eight aunts.

Yi Miaoqing couldn't help but feel happy as she said it.

at this time.

"Mr. Fan, what do you think of Xinsheng Technology?"

When Jiang Chen and Yi Miaoqing heard someone talk about the new technology, and they were behind Yi Miaoqing, they couldn't help but pause their conversation.

Jiang Chen glanced at it.

Behind Yi Miaoqing, a man and a woman were sitting across from each other.

The woman is wearing a black dress, her face is beautiful, she looks like a twenty-seventh, she has a good temperament...

The man faces gentlemanly, wears all brand-name goods, and wears an unidentified Rolex on his wrist, but he raises his hands and feet and gives people a not-so-attractive feeling.

From the current situation, it seems that the two people are going on a blind date.

"New technology? Isn't that a good thing?"

When the blind date man heard this, he immediately sneered.

Jiang Chen raised his brows.

Yi Miaoqing obviously paused.

The two did not speak.

After all, other people’s comments are their business. You can’t even give others the right to speak freely, right?

On the contrary, it was the blind date girl whose eyes changed.

"Oh? What advice does Mr. Cao have?" The blind date girl asked, taking a sip of boiled water.

"If you ask others, they will tell you that Jiang's Medical is a high-speed conscience, but in fact, they have no conscience at all!"

The blind date opened immediately, "Didn't Xinsheng Technology say that the price should not exceed 12,000 yuan? Aimin Hospital was also closed by Jiang's Medical because of this incident!"

"But in fact, this is simply the mystery of Jiang's medical care. A relative of mine who used to work in the hospital told me that the cost of the nutrient solution of Xinsheng Technology is not even 1,000! The price of 10,000 yuan is also nonsense. It seems that they are very conscientious. In fact, they have already made a lot of money! Become a **** and set up an archway!"

Hearing this, Jiang Chen smiled.

This guy's surname is Cao, and he said he has a relative in the hospital?

Could it be that the former Vice President Cao of Aimin Hospital was his relative?

"There is also chip battery technology, which is said to cost 500 yuan, but in fact it is estimated to be 100 yuan? And there are usage fees! A car is sold for 200,000 yuan, and the manufacturer will be charged 2,000 yuan for the usage fee. The so-called conscience?"

The blind date man said so eloquently, his tone was full of disdain.

Jiang Chen frowned.

Feelings must be traded at a loss, which is called conscience?

The battery of an electric car is not a cost of 500 yuan, but is composed of multiple chip batteries. The cost has already exceeded 10,000, and the investment of more than 10,000 can only earn 2,000 yuan. Is this excessive?

What he said, it seems that a car can run as long as it is equipped with a 500 yuan chip battery from a mobile phone?

What is this nonsense?

"Mr. Jiang, look over there."

Yi Miaoqing reminded her in a low voice.

As the blind date man’s voice was a little louder, he also mentioned gossip about the Jiang Group, which attracted the attention of several people at the table next to him.

They frequently looked here and looked at their expressions, and they didn't know whether they believed the gossip or not.

"Mr. Cao, I hope you pay attention to your words."

The blind date became serious at this time, "I know who the relative you are talking about is, but I can tell you clearly, my uncle, my dear uncle, he is one of the professors who have accepted the investment of Jiang’s Group Su. One, his name is Hu Liangcai, if you don’t believe it, you can just check it out!"

"According to my uncle, the cost of Xinsheng Technology's nutrient solution has indeed fallen recently, but at the same time it has also joined the medical insurance, and the profit is actually very small."

"The reason why he told me this is because even scientists like him think that the Jiang Group is a conscientious company. Jiang is always a conscientious businessman. They are working for the welfare of the public. He admires it in his heart! All I think he said If it is, it is more credible than yours!"

"In addition, my uncle also mentioned chip battery technology. He is full of praise for this technology, and the founder of this technology is actually President Jiang himself! A person with such talents has been acting low-key, maintaining the benefit of the country and the people. Mentality, working hard to contribute to the country, but you call it a bitch?"

"Which of the Jiang Group's photonic chips or spaceships has not made a great contribution to the country? On the contrary, what have you done for the country?"

"Well, I don't allow you to slander the Jiang Group without evidence. Mr. Cao, I don't think we are speculative. Let's stop here today, and don't see you again in the future!"

The blind date girl's machine gun-like offensive, abruptly turned the face of the blind date man into red, and was embarrassed to be ashamed!

What did he do for the country?

What did he do for society?

In the past, he had his uncle Cao, the deputy dean, and he had a great reputation!

Now, he is a fart!

The blind date man suddenly felt a loss of face, and became angry from embarrassment.

"What are you pulling?!"

"Isn't there a professor in the Jiang Group? What's so great! You are a member of the Jiang Group, of course you helped the Jiang Group to speak for!"

"You don't want to see me, I don't want to see you yet! Bitch!"

"You fool!"

The blind date girl didn't bother to waste time with him. After spitting out the beautiful words, she went straight away with her bag.

"What did you just say? There is a kind of you say it again?!"

When the blind dated man heard the blind date scolded him, he instantly became angry, and grabbed the blind dated girl's arm and refused to let her go.

"I said you are a stupid, do you need me to say it again?" Although the blind date girl was caught, she was not afraid at all, her eyes were cold.

"You bitch! Dare to scold Lao Tzu, and see Lao Tzu beat you to death!" As the blind date man said, he raised his fist and threatened, ready to smash it down!

The eyes of the coffee shop gathered here.

Seeing that things are making a big deal.

Jiang Chen got up immediately, ready to take action.

But before he got up, the big northern brother at the next table couldn't stand it anymore. He stepped forward decisively and grabbed the arm of the blind date man!

"You stepped on a horse, I have tolerated you for a long time! You want to be more face-to-face!"

The eldest brother was full of anger, his sturdy figure impacted, and the gradual force on his wrist, the blind date man quickly let go of his hand, screaming in pain!

The eldest brother did not continue to hold the blind date man, and threw him to the ground, angrily.

"Boy, I warn you, I dare to try to discredit the Jiang Group in the future? My mother's life is saved by Xinsheng Technology. Let me hear you chewing behind your back. Believe it or not I want you to look good?"

"Security! Security! Someone is beating here! Not coming soon!"

The blind date man shouted.

"This gentleman."

At this time, the owner of the coffee shop has already walked over.

The blind date man immediately filed a complaint: "You just saw it, right? He hit me, it's him, he threatened and intimidated me! I'm so scared! I want to call the police!"

"Sir, I just said that I didn't see anything." The owner of the coffee shop said lightly: "In addition, I have to emphasize to you that my wife's burns were also cured by Xinsheng Technology!"

"In view of your words and deeds, the shop does not welcome you, please leave it if you say something nice!"

"It's not good to say, please get out of here."

The cafe owner raised his hand and passed away.

The two waiters walked over with expressionless faces: "Sir, do you want to leave by yourself, or shall we send you away?"

"You...you..." The blind date man was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.

"Fuck you!"

"You bastard, hurry up!"

"Here, it almost affects the air quality and it smells bad!"

"A group as good as the Jiang Group can be vilified by you, and your conscience is eaten by a dog!"

"My guy's surname is Cao, I guess the vice president of Aimin Medical is his relative, right?"

"No wonder this person is so stupid, get out of here!"


The other guests are also disgusted and driven.

In this way, the blind date man ran away from the coffee shop hurriedly, and if he stayed any longer, he probably inevitably beat him up!

And as soon as he left, the whole cafe cheered for the big brother who shot, and there was a burst of thunderous applause.

"Mr. Jiang, our Jiang Group is so popular!"

Yi Miaoqing watched the whole process, her beautiful eyes shining directly, and she inexplicably felt that her heart was particularly refreshing!


"It's the first time I have seen such a scene."

Jiang Chen smiled, "But this also proves that what I have done is meaningful."

After speaking, he silently turned on the system.

The prestige value, soaring!

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