"You want to come to work with me?"

Jiang Chen puzzled: "Why?"

"I used to work in my dad's company, but the people over there are very kind to me. I will not be allowed to do any dirty work, so I will be the project leader when I come up. I don't know anything and I have to learn every day. Various projects really put me under a lot of pressure."

Yi Miaoqing looked helpless: "Although the manager later said that I should be familiar with it first, I feel that their projects are not in line with what I want, so I don't want to stay in my dad's company."

Jiang Chen heard it.

This is the rich second generation who dislikes their own property, they have to work hard to prove their worth!

"Then why do you want to come to my company?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You are famous!"

Yi Miaoqing came to the spirit: "Your Jiang's medical treatment is a hot topic on the Internet recently. No matter who it is, as long as you mention Jiang's medical treatment, you will praise two words: conscience!"

"The human body medical repair cabin, as well as the chip battery that has just been released, is not only advanced, but also very affordable, so that everyone can benefit...I think your company is much more interesting than my dad's company!"

Although Yi Miaoqing's words sounded a little flattering, but I have to say that this is indeed the case.

Since the Aimin Hospital incident, Jiang's Medical has basically become the biggest representative of Conscience Company.

Especially the employees of Jiang's Medical.

No matter where I go, I am extremely proud and proud to say: "I work in Jiang's Medical Care."

And as soon as he said these words, it would inevitably attract the exclamation, admiration, and all kinds of praise and curiosity from everyone around!

Moreover, the salary and treatment of Jiang's medical treatment can be said to be the crime of China.

Even if it is compared to the largest domestic company, there is nothing less than it!


"Brother Chen, please, let me work in your company...an intern is also fine, I don't need to pay for it!" Yi Miaoqing spoiled.

"All right, then I will tell the personnel department, you can go to the propaganda team to report." Jiang Chen agreed.

"Don't Chen, I don't want to go to the promotion team!"

Yi Miaoqing quickly stopped: "I want to...be your assistant!"

"Didn't you just say that interns are OK?"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes: "Besides, I already have several assistants, enough to handle all daily affairs."

"Then I will be one more. Anyway, there are more assistants, and they can always come in handy!" Yi Miaoqing blinked playfully.

Jiang Chen: "..."

How do you feel that something is wrong with you, little girl?

"Well, then, you will be my fifth assistant. The office area is just outside the door of my office.....For specific work matters, you can let Ning Nanshi tell you."

In other words, Yi Miaoqing is also a volunteer in the orphanage.

Wear laughter for the children.

Kindness can't be rewarded.

Jiang Chen is willing to give her a chance.

And isn't it just multiple assistants... small problem!

"Okay, thank you Brother Chen~"

Yi Miaoqing bowed to Jiang Chen with a big smile, which made her already beautiful face more radiant.

So that when Yi Miaoqing left the office and walked through the office area, she smiled brightly, fascinated all the male employees in the office area, and almost got hooked away!


The release of chip battery technology, without accident, instantly detonated the entire network, making everyone cheer for it!

Everyone is talking about this chip battery.

While marveling at how this technology is made, I am also discussing what changes this technology will bring to the future.

"Wow, the Jiang Group is so awesome. Is this something human can do?"

"I'm an engineering student was stunned!"

"Chip batteries are not only suitable for the mobile phone industry, but also for any field! The U.S. can only eat dirt now!"

"It's so cruel!"

"It is said that the boss of Jiang's Group gave a detailed plan, and then Professor Chen of Jiang's Chip developed it. Is this boss too awesome?"

"Absolute genius, it is terrifying to be able to give this kind of plan, and it is rumored that Boss Jiang will be able to achieve the current situation like this in his young age!"

"Yeah, they invest tens of billions of dollars in a single scientific research. Can you say that this is not proud?"

"Next, don't ask, it must be all shopping malls, shops, and all public places in China, they will definitely install wireless charging stations!"

"The thought of not having to worry about battery power every day and playing wherever I go, this thing is really awesome when applied to industry!"

"Gadgets, China has already obtained this technology, and now it is ready to be popularized by all people!"

"Human body medical repair cabin, chip battery, Jiang's group is great!"


Countless people are full of praise.

No matter where you go, you can see people talking about chip batteries, and at the same time, there are people talking about different kinds of me, all kinds of worries, all kinds of... Was ruthlessly overwhelmed by the spit of the army.

Some UP owners also seized the opportunity and began various descriptions of the future of chip battery technology.

Some witty merchants have even aimed at the opportunity and are preparing to follow up chip battery-related products and services.

As the saying goes, some people are happy and some are worried.

Shared charging treasures are already a certain treasure, and Dongdong is still selling charging treasures. With the advent of chip batteries, sales have almost fallen off a cliff, and many businesses are eager to cry without tears.

The number of appointments made by China’s major mobile phone manufacturers has soared to an unprecedented number.

Rice Technology has opened a new appointment. The sooner you pay, the sooner you can get your mobile phone. As a result, the total number of appointments reached 1.5 million in one day!

What is the concept of 1.5 million?

This is equivalent to 1.5 million people yelling, "Give me the phone!"

Of course, in addition to rice, Hualien, one plus two, the number of reservations for the blue and green plants is also good.

The major domestic mobile phone manufacturers laughed from ear to ear, each of them called Jiang Chen to express their gratitude, and they also invited Jiang Chen to dinner.

But they are happy.

However, fruit companies and foreign mobile phone manufacturers have directly cracked.

They tried to contact Jiang Chen, but no matter how they contacted, no matter how badly they talked.

Jiang Chen only replied in one sentence:

"Sorry, this technology is currently only available to China."


The fruit is nowhere near the other manufacturers.

You can only adjust your product positioning quickly to avoid a miserable decline in sales.

After a day.

"Mr. Jiang, all the acquisitions and renewals have been acquired for you." News came from the intelligence department.

Immediately, Jiang Chen went straight to this new factory area of ​​his own.

According to Jiang Chen's request, the factory has been closed, all workers have been dismissed, and all useless things have been evacuated. The entire factory area is empty and empty.

Only one member of the intelligence service is waiting.

"Mr. Jiang, this should be the first time you have seen me. You can call me number 28."

The personnel of the intelligence department said respectfully.

This is indeed the first time Jiang Chen has seen this person.

Although the personnel of this intelligence department were once a force under Tianchen Security, there are thousands of people in Tianchen Security, and it is impossible for Jiang Chen to remember every face one by one.

And the intelligence department, Jiang Chen didn't meet them directly.

Except for the internal team members, only Jiang Chen can know their contact party!

Therefore, only Jiang Chen can make them move.

The code name is their usual way of addressing.

Because when they are working, they are elites who can be compared to work. But once they are out of work, they will change into ordinary clothes, blend into the common people, and become a member of the masses.


Jiang Chen nodded.

Subsequently, the 28th took Jiang Chen into the factory.

He is responsible for leading Jiang Chen to inspect the work of their intelligence department, and at the same time responsible for Jiang Chen's security. Once there is any emergency, they will not hesitate to give up their lives to protect Jiang Chen!


Because Tianchen Security’s responsibilities and rules have always been like this. Of course, if they die because of their work, the company will pay tens of millions of reassurance expenses!

"It doesn't match here."

"It doesn't match here either."

"Take me to a more open place."

In Jiang Chen's unique vision, there is a huge red and green block...just like building a game, it must all turn green and meet the placement conditions before the super laboratory can be built.

Jiang Chen was basically red, red, green and green all the way, and none of them fully met the green standards.

As long as there is a little obstruction, or a little that does not meet the conditions of the building, the system will not allow it to pass.

Finally, when entering one of the workshops in the factory, the large swath of red and green in front of Jiang Chen finally turned into green!

"The environment that meets the placement conditions has been checked, do you want to start building a super laboratory?" The system pops up a prompt.

"Yes." Jiang Chen did not hesitate.

"Planning is in progress, please wait..."

After the system finished saying this sentence, there was no movement.

Without Jiang Chen's imagination, a burst of light suddenly burst out in front of him, and then a bunch of parts appeared out of thin air, and then automatically pieced together, automatically fitted, and automatically installed....It was completely calmed down, as if nothing had happened. .

As for the number 28, Jiang Chen didn't mind if he saw it.

And it's better to see it.

This will allow them to see their own different methods!


Suddenly, No. 28's expression became vigilant, with a pair of wrists, he directly held a dagger with his backhand, "BOSS, there is an unknown person approaching, I will **** you to a safe place first!"

While talking on the 28th, his back was already attached to Jiang Chen's body, blocking any attacks that might attack Jiang Chen.

"Number 1 and number 1! Call number 28! New factory area, coordinates XXXXXX, an unknown person is approaching the BOSS, check it out now! Check it out now!" No. 28 immediately communicated with people from the intelligence department through the Bluetooth hidden in the neckline.

The intelligence department always protects the vicinity of Jiang Chen.

It's just that they have always been protecting in the dark, not on the bright side...Of course, this is also Jiang Chen's request.

So when the words on the 28th came out, the people lurking around the factory were shocked.

"Anyone unknown?"

"How is it possible? No one showed up nearby!"

There are a total of four protection groups.

Protected from the four directions, southeast, northwest, and kept a certain distance from Jiang Chen, not close to, but not far away...24 hours a day, all-weather standby.

But they didn't see anyone approaching from beginning to end!

But whether it is true or false, they can act.

When the four teams quickly got closer, they were shocked to discover that in another factory area, there was a group of tall men in uniform uniforms who were walking out quickly carrying a bunch of equipment.


The people in the protection group immediately yelled, took out their hands, and aimed at these big guys!

"An unknown person is found approaching! Repeat, an unknown person is found approaching!"

The message is delivered very fast.

The snipers in the dark are ready, as long as they give an order, they will immediately open their eyes and beat these brawny men directly into hornet's nests!

"Unidentified person approaching?"

Jiang Chen turned on the system for a scan, and found several figures staring at the NPC logo in front of him, and he immediately understood something.

"On the 28th, tell them that you don't have to stop, they are all your own."

"Own?" No. 28 accident.

But the boss spoke, and he passed the message quickly.

"No. 1 and No. 1! BOSS issued the order, it's his own, repeat, it's his own, you can retreat!"

When the people in the protection team heard this, they looked dazed, then quickly put away their weapons, and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Looking back at those brawny men.

The shouts of the protection team were ignored, and the footsteps were never stopped from beginning to end.

Soon, they carried a pile of equipment and tools and entered the factory where Jiang Chen was located.

Number 28 looked at these brawny men warily.

One by one, wearing uniforms from science fiction films, they are terrifying and look like power monsters!

And these people are expressionless, just like robots.

They have a lot of people!

At least one hundred people appeared one after another.

They ignored Jiang Chen and No. 28.

Silently back and forth, all kinds of building materials, cement, equipment, equipment, required pipes, etc., were all transported to this plant.

Pile drivers, crushing buckets, small excavators...all the equipment required for various constructions are available.

They started to work.

The ground of the plant was crushed, and the excavator began to dig out the ground.

Everyone worked in an orderly manner.

They don't need to look at the drawings.

They don't need anyone to give orders.

It seems to be performing an already extremely skilled procedure, exceptionally skilled and serious.

"Mr. Jiang, is this... the fourth department?" On the 28th, as a member of the Intelligence Department, he knew of 3 departments.

And now, this group of people... is obviously different from the known departments.

"Yes, the fourth department is also my mysterious department." Jiang Chen smiled slightly.

Rather than wasting your tongue thinking about other identity explanations, it would be better to take this opportunity to let the other three departments know that apart from their three departments, Jiang Chen has methods that they don't even know about.

Jiang Chen's move did indeed work.

On the 28th, there is not much reaction on the surface, but a stormy sea has already been set off in my heart!

What are these more than one hundred people?

Looks so scary?

Working with expressionless faces one by one, like a machine without emotions!

Are these people still individuals?