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Beauty Said She Had a Crush on Me

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Zhuang Lu is a fat girl with a high level of force.
It was the first time in her life that she had a female friend, and she was still a beauty at the school beauty level. She was slightly frightened.
It’s just that beautiful women are jealous.
She thought: It’s normal for good friends to be a little possessive.
Beauty also likes to kiss and hug.
I was a little uncertain at first, is the friendship between girls like this? emmm…..the friendship between girls seems to be sticky.
Until the beauty said she had a crush on me since college!
At that time, Zhuang Lu, who had already lost weight successfully, was in a dilemma. She didn’t want to lose her only female friend. It seemed that she could only turn the beauty into a girlfriend!

Guidance Notes: A “green tea” beauty with a pure appearance but a different appearance x an atypical healing attack who looks shrewd but is silly
Starting from the university campus, all the way to the society, the main attack
Demining: The early stage of the attack is really fat! There are male gods in the early stage of the attack (pure looks appreciate the kind that has already been offline)

Content tags: Flower season, rainy season, soft spot, sweet text, campus
Search keywords: protagonists: Zhuang Lu, Wu Nianxi ┃ supporting roles: a group of classmates ┃ others:
One sentence introduction: I’m fat and I’m ugly, but someone loves me
Conception: The beauty of the soul is higher than the skin

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Short Title:BSSHCM
Alternate Title:美人说她暗恋我
Author:Chestnut Braised Pork
Weekly Rank:#8532
Monthly Rank:#8356
All Time Rank:#9067
Tags:Absent Parents, Abusive Characters, Academy, Aggressive Characters, Appearance Changes, Beautiful Female Lead, Bullying, Caring Protagonist, Character Development, Character Growth, Clingy Lover, College/University, Death of Loved Ones, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Friendship, Hard-Working Protagonist, Helpful Protagonist, Jealousy, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern, Naive Protagonist, Obsessive Love, Orphans, Past Trauma, Popular Love Interests, Possession, Possessive Characters, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Secret Crush, Slow Romance, Strong from the Start, Tragic Past, Ugly Protagonist, Ugly to Beautiful, Unconditional Love, Unrequited Love,
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18 Comments on “Beauty Said She Had a Crush on Me
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  1. This story is indeed a bit depressing isn't it? With so many triggering topics especially about that abortion I just can't seem to get it out of mind because after all, I am a person who values life very much and I'm quite apprehensive about the fact that Tao girl just went and aborted that poor baby just because she wasn't ready yet. Anyway, I won't continue this as I might ramble on forever about abortion and stuff.

  2. Oh shut up it’s not as if it has a consciousness anyways. And you care more about an unborn baby than a real living person?

  3. Oh boy, read with caution. I did enjoy this novel very much, but LI in particular has a very tragic backstory. They are very beautiful together, though. Be warned, a lot of triggering topics are covered in this one (they try to help other girls in college/society).

  4. Even it has lot of depressing backgrounds, there are no really deep trouble between MC and FL, but lot of troubles between MC and extras, FL and Extras,Extras and Extras. MC is too righteous to ignore the suffering of others, FL supports MC and using her brain and experience.

  5. I posted this before reading, but it's clearly different in what I imagined lmao, you can try reading the reviews I posted one. But it's actually good definitely recommended! Just have open mind and ready his text.

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