Chapter 8428

Lin Yi frowned, and it turned out that the silly bubble of Ouyang Changqing had become a formal lobby owner. No wonder he was so full of spirits, did he think it was awesome?

Ouyang Changqing really feels that he is awesome. After being identified by his classmates, his face is hard to conceal a smile: "Sima Yi, Nadu Wumeng Branch needs to be rectified. First of all, those who are famous but have nothing to do. Contributors will be cleaned up. What do you think? "

The so-called famous name did not contribute, it is not a hint, but it means that Lin Yi, the central liaison department is in charge!

After returning to the world city, Ouyang Evergreen has turned right. Lin Yi's management is really nothing.

So as soon as Ouyang saw Lin Yi, she was ready to use it.

However, although Ouyang Changqing knew that Lin Yi took the first place in the college assessment of the World City, because the Continent Wumeng League had a formal notice, but he did not know that Lin Yi's identity could make the continents and deputies of the Continent Wumeng League want Want to make friends!

These hidden things will not be mentioned in the notice.

In addition, Ouyang Changqing also knew that Ouyang Fantong was expelled from Fuyao Alchemy College by Lin Yi, and now Fuyao Alchemy College has gained popularity!

Ouyang Fantong was expelled, and his reputation was completely jerk. It was difficult to find another college to receive it.

Envious of jealousy and resentment, old and new resentment, Ouyang Changqing lost his basic calmness when he saw Lin Yi.

"Oh, let's do that!"

Lin Yi said something coldly, as if the superior was listening to the report of his subordinates, and then sent the subordinates casually.

Ouyang Changqing was so proud of herself that she was so overwhelmed by Lin Yi's common words ...

"Sima Yi, I think you are the most serious dereliction of duty, so you are the first to be cleaned up. Do you have any opinion?"

Ouyang Changqing couldn't bear it anymore, he took out the coercive gesture directly, but Lin Yi still shrugged lightly: "I have no opinion, you can do it! But I want to remind you that my former manager It seems that the post was appointed and removed by the Continent Wumeng League. You should not have the right to intervene, so you better ask the continent Wumeng Union's opinions first. "

Continent Wumeng League's biggest hall owner was in front of him. He didn't dare to treat Lin Yi. The vice-chairmen and vice-chairmen below were equally afraid!

Therefore, Ouyang Changqing really dared to do so, and the swearing of the head and face could not be escaped.

Will not be fired directly, it is not easy to say!

Lin Yi has no mood to ignore Ouyang Changqing, the jumping clown, and is about to go to Xingyuan Continent. This little thing of the Naduo Wumeng Branch is not worth mentioning.

Fighting with Ouyang Evergreen in the eyes of Lin Yi today is a waste of time!

The most important thing now is to do a good job of the last dark gold secret old man's last wish!

Only by doing this can you safely leave the Indus continent, go to Xingyuan mainland to find Jinbotian, and then secretly inspect the continents of Xingyuan mainland for clues.

Ouyang Changqing saw Lin Yi's attitude was even more furious. He didn't know that Lin Yi didn't want to waste time thinking about it, only felt that Lin Yi was ignoring his existence, it was simply intolerable!

He, Ouyang Evergreen, is now the master of the lobby of the Nadu Wumeng Division of Zhenger Bajing!

How can he allow Sima Yi to ignore it so much!

"Sima Yi!"

Ouyang was ever angry and couldn't help but sip.

Lin Yi was also a little impatient, frowning slightly and turning his head: "What's wrong? Lord Ouyang, I agree with you, is there a problem? Or do you want me to oppose your opinion? That's fine, my opposition is over. Anything else? "

Ouyang Changqing suddenly became dumb ... this seems to make sense, the labor and capital did not know how to refute it!

It is said that Sima Yi ignored it, but it was clear that they did not oppose it, and they could do anything they wanted. Why was he angry?

Ouyang Changqing called this a depression, and for a while it was a bit stiff. I don't know if I should get angry or endure it. I pulled it out, the more I wanted to get angry!

The atmosphere here is embarrassing. Coincidentally, the language also passed here, and Lin Yi was very surprised when he saw: "Brother Sima! You are back!"

"Brother Hua, I haven't seen you for a long time! I just came back today, first went to the academy to meet with Dean Hua, and then came to you!"

Lin Yi's face suddenly showed a smile, and she was totally two faces to Ouyang Changqing just now.

Fortunately, Ouyang Changqing has been used to it, thinking about how to kick Lin Yi out of the Wumeng League.

"Just arrived today! Then it was a hard journey. Fortunately, you have a good spirit. After a while, our two brothers will drink two glasses. It is for you to take the wind and celebrate you!"

Bilingual came up and patted Lin Yi's shoulder affectionately.

The results of the assessment of Fuyao Alchemy College have already been notified. Many people in the emperor do not necessarily know it, but these high-level members of the Wumeng branch must be clear and need not say more.

"Okay! Just happen to have something to say to Brother Hua, might as well go find a place now, and time is almost up!"

Lin Yi really ignored Ouyang Evergreen, only when he didn't exist, he didn't care if the guy wasn't there.

Ouyang Changqing's face was very ugly, and Shen Sheng said, "Hua deputy, have you finished your work? Are the tasks scheduled?"

When he said these words, Ouyang Changqing didn't realize it. This was because he intentionally brushed his sense of existence.

The smile on his face closed, and he looked at Ouyang Changqing seriously, and said lightly, "I do n’t care about the lobby master, I ’m in charge of the combat association, and I will be responsible for anything. I need to report to the lobby master. I will report naturally! "

When the soft nails were thrown away, Ouyang's ever-green complexion became a little more ugly, but he couldn't find anything wrong with the compound language.

Lin Yi was somewhat surprised: "Brother Hua, have you returned to the chairman of the fighting association? When will it happen?"

When talking to Lin Yi, the buzzword immediately brought a smile again, and the speed of changing his face was quite good: "Even when the lobby master took office, the combat association also experienced some turbulence, and now it has been re-established. Thank you Brother Sima Fei Daqiang for your help in training your brother. "

"Although there are currently new recruits in the Fighting Association, their combat effectiveness is not weak at all. They are better than before. Sister Brother Sima, your credit is not small!"

Speaking of the turmoil of the fighting association, Lin Yi couldn't help but blush.

The elite backbone of the previous battle associations were all taken away by Lin Yi, and this has led to the reconstruction of the Bilingual Language.

The soldiers who followed Lin Yi had no plans to return to the fighting association, and Lin Yi certainly could not drive them away.

The buzzword will not take the initiative to let them return, but can only recruit new generals to supplement their manpower.

Fortunately, although Lin Yi went to the Continent Wumeng League, Fei Daqiang was still there.

(End of this chapter)

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