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Lin Yi accepted this hug with a bitter smile, thinking in his heart that the old man of Huayao had recently gone with Fei Daqiang?

Otherwise, where did you learn this worldly western etiquette?

"Sima, you did not disappoint the old man. You took the team out of the blockbuster, and gave us Fudan Alchemy College to go to the top! Great!"

Hua Yan laughed and patted Lin Yi's back with a smile, but did not forget to add glory to himself: "Well, what about the old man's wisdom and jealousy! The stupid old man of the League College must hear the news and must faint in the hut Hahaha! "

Lin Yi couldn't help smiling, at this time still remember the dean of the Union College?

"Dean Hua, did you forget to explain to me the main task of this trip when I set off? I thought it was just taking the students to participate in the assessment of the alchemy apprentice!"

Lin Yi smiled deliberately, and said solemnly: "I haven't explained what happened to the Dean Hua. I accidentally overdo it. I'm really sorry for Dean Hua!"

Hua took a poke at the corner of his mouth and laughed twice: "Haha ... haha ​​... what, the old man is older and more forgetful, and often forgets some important things. The college assessment is such a big thing, the old man also forgot to tell Sima you Are you there? "

It's kind of pretending, and it's a bit self-defeating.

Lin Yi smiled and shook his head: "Forget it, no matter whether you have forgotten Dean Hua, it doesn't make much sense to say that now!"

The old man was pure flicker at the time, but fortunately Lin Yi himself was going to the continent Wumeng League to gain insights, just by the way to do something.

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry this time, and I didn't find any useful news after a little inquiring. The only thing that was useful was the structure of the sub-island, which was roughly self-explanatory. The others could only wait to go to Xingyuan mainland later.

With the identity of a diamond-level secret messenger, it is possible to walk on all continents below the star source continent, making it easier to inquire about the news.

Hua Yan and Lin Yi joked a few words, then turned the topic to the college assessment.

Regardless of whether you fled Lin Yi, the old man Hua Hua is very proud of this matter. Where is the first honor?

"Sima, the official notice from the continent Wumeng League has come a long time ago. Lu Sanjian also said something when he contacted the old man, but it was only mentioned briefly. You talk about the assessment process!"

Hua Yan still has some grudges against Lu Sanjian. No wonder he didn't make it clear that Lin Yi's itinerary, and the harmful welcome ceremony was not ready. Huh, it must have been Lu Sanjian's intention!

If it weren't for Lin Yi, he might have scolded someone.

Now, it is more important to listen to the glorious history of the assessment.

Lin Yi could not refuse, but could only pick something interesting to say. Anyway, he satisfies Huayan's curiosity and then turned directly to himself.

"President Hua, I won't return to the college after today ..."

As soon as the words came out, Huayan suddenly changed color, her hands shook, and her beards were torn.

"No, what are you doing, Sima? Does it mean that the old man has deceived you and is dissatisfied? If you are really dissatisfied, you can just say that it doesn't matter if you fight or scold. The old man can't fight back or scold. Leaving Fuyao Alchemy College? "

Huayan was really panicked. Just now he was still laughing at the League College and let Lin Yi's baby go. Will it be his turn in a blink of an eye?

If Lin Yi is because of the college assessment, Hua Yan really has to regret his intestines. Compared with Lin Yi, what is a single assessment champion?

"Dean Hua, you misunderstood. I want to leave. It has nothing to do with you and the college."

Lin Yi quickly waved his hand and explained, "After finishing Nato's business, I will go to Xingyuan Continent. What I said just now is not accurate. I will come back later, but the time will be long and the opportunities are not many."

"So I mean things in the college, I should have no way to manage them, such as those teaching, and this time, there is no way to come forward, you must be mentally prepared for the dean."

"As for my honorary dean, of course, I personally don't mind continuing to bear this name. If the dean of flowers feels inappropriate, he can take it back and give it to others."

This is easier to understand. Although Huayan is still lost, he can only nod his head: "Are you going to Xingyuan Continent? Indeed, with your talent and strength, the stage on the Nadu title empire is too It ’s small, Xingyuan Continent is more suitable for your development, and I believe that this is still not your end point! "

Such an excellent person is often a chance to fly into the sky. If he wants to be tied to Fu Yao Alchemy College forever, Hua Yao himself knows that it is impossible.

"Sima, you are going to Xingyuan Mainland. Although I am reluctant, I still support you! As for President Honor, you will always be, what do you want to say ... Do you look down on your husband?"

Hua Yan laughed as she said, her smile was a bit bitter, but she was sincere enough, anyway dilute some of the parting sadness.

"Where can I, I'm afraid Dean Hua, you look down on me!"

Lin Yi laughed and broke the topic: "Stop that, my disciples haven't figured out if they should take them away ... If they want to stay, they should ask Dean Hua. Take more care. "

This matter is extremely demanding, and of course it will not be rejected.

There is no endless feast in the world, Lin Yi can't stop him if he wants to go!

But if Lin Yi's disciples are in Fuyao Alchemy College, this incense will last forever. Later, Lin Yi's chances and frequency of coming back to Fuyao Alchemy College will be slightly more.

The two chatted for a while, and Lin Yi left and went to the Wumeng League. What to do next, Lin Yi and Hua Huan mentioned a few things. After that, Fuyao Alchemy College should also be involved, and said in advance that there was nothing wrong.

When I went to Wumeng, I wanted to find the buzzword, but first met Ouyang Evergreen!

"Yo, this isn't Sima Yi! It's been a long time. I heard you went to Dazhou Wumeng League. How about it, do you think it's an eye-opener?"

Ouyang Changqing saw Lin Yi take the initiative to greet him, but his words were nothing special, but just speaking from his mouth, it seemed very yin and yang.

Lin Yi didn't want to talk to him, and he snorted slightly before going to leave, and went to find the buzzword.

As a result, Ouyang Changqing refused to spare and stopped Lin Yi: "Sima Yi, is this seat talking to you! Can you be deaf?"

And the attendant on the edge of Ouyang Chang immediately jumped out arrogantly and pointed to Lin Yi: "Sima Yi, you can see clearly, this is the official lobby owner of our Wumeng branch. How dare you ignore the lobby owner? Really think of yourself How honorable is your identity? "

(End of this chapter)

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