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“Father, didn’t you say that someone named Thanos would call?”

“Yeah…, why? I remember the time was about this time.”

“But we have waited for two years and no one is seen. I can’t upgrade anymore.”

“Did I remember wrong?”

“Or, let’s hit it? I’m almost bald with this knife.”

“But I don’t know where he is.”

“That’s okay, just push it all the way…oh no, I mean we can ask slowly.”


The program dog will let you know that Infinite Gems should be played like this.

For i:=1 to 100? //One hundred teams is fine, too many Thanos will be killed


???????? Extraordinary Hulk. Create (teeth: = vibration gold, blood: = blood + rabies virus); //Melee output

???????? Extraordinary Spider. Create; //Control

???? Extraordinary Hela. Created; //Mage output

???????? Extraordinarily Thor

???? Extraordinary Beauty Team. Created; // Meat Shield

???? Extraordinary Beauty Team. Create;//Meat shield, create one more to prevent the other from being dizzy

? ???? Delay (3000);? //Prevent the room from being full and crushed.


- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BND
Alternate Title:美漫天灾
Author:Oh fat
Weekly Rank:#3554
Monthly Rank:#3092
All Time Rank:#4707
Tags:Business Management, Chat Group, Chat Rooms, Cheat, Economics, Forgetful Protagonist, Game Ranking System, Gamers, Godly Powers, Godly Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Superpowers, System, Technology Gap, Virtual Reality,
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  1. I just dont understand his problem! So is he a god? Like a real god with infinite lifespan he claim to be? Or just an old Chinese man who can overcome body lifespan but not soul lifespan? Is that why he always mumbling about his death is coming or something?? Really weird

  2. I just realize that the Sacred timeline is basically a SCAM!!. And that's not the whole multiverse, just the MCU, where mutant doesnt exist and Iron man is married to pepper pots (pfff look at the comics, he is a playboy and that stays even as a superhero). Idk who is the strongest in the MCU, whether there are Creation Gods, the Celestials (i know the Eternal exist, but), Odin is weak af, etc. Let us see the Multiverse of Madness

  3. And one more thing for authors who wants Marvel in their World Travel/Hopping story. Infinity Gems only work in their own universe, you can even bring one to another parallel universe where an exact stone exist, but it is just a stone, doesnt work, even more to another multiverse (basically another world, story, movies)

  4. Bruh infinity stone just doesn't work in tva but it works in all other timelines. And the power of the stone comes from the stone so it can technically work anywhere except places where the power can be suppressed.

  5. No dude, i read the comics. The set of 6 stones only work where they were born, aka after the creation of a universe. So going to another universe (parallel) or multiverse doesnt work. Thats what i know. Just like in the TVA there are lots of infinity stones because each universe have 6 of them

  6. Bro don't say with your haft knowledge. If you don't know about anything it's better to keep quiet. At least don't shame yourself with your little knowledge in front of world.

  7. Very very cool book or story ! I read the beginning it’s about a super powered being that came to Marvel world ! He is Chinese and immortal ! He has abilities and since he is more than a 100 years old he seems to suffer from dementia ! His dementia comes from him wanting to keep his human self ! Take note the explosion from the Space Gem that destroyed a small town failed to kill him ! He has the power to modify human beings to increase their life, give them super powers even make them smart ! Everything to the world to him is like a computer game and he is a programmer ! He hides inside a small town because he can’t die and he wants to die ! He realise that his life span is equivalent to the life span of the multiverse ! When the multiverse dies then he dies ! Before that happens he can’t die no matter what but he does not want to bombed with a nuclear weapon by Nick Fury because it hurts ! He won’t die but it will hurt ! Fascinating story ! Worth a read but the translation is indeed bad !

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