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Beasttaming: Fallen Angel As The First Contract In Game

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Novel Summary

Lin Yu traveled to the world of royal beasts, obtained the collection book of God’s pet beasts, and contracted fallen angels at the beginning.

And obtained the talent of devouring, which can make pet beasts devour and evolve infinitely.

Everyone looked at the fallen angel with twelve wings and a height of 1,000 meters filled with darkness, dumbfounded.

“Can you tell us where all your beasts are contracted?”

“My friend gave it, and I picked it up.”

“Isn’t this figure too big?”

“Maybe she ate a little too much?” Lin Yu scratched his head embarrassedly.

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Short Title:FAAFCIG
Alternate Title:御兽:开局契约堕落天使
Author:Smiling demon
Weekly Rank:#2319
Monthly Rank:#2217
All Time Rank:#5336
Tags:Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Cheats, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Transmigration,
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19 Comments on “Beasttaming: Fallen Angel As The First Contract In Game
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  1. Ok, I personal like Beast Taming novel, don't know why but I do. And this novel was OK in the beginning, nothing overly impressive but not bad. The whole subplot of who is the devouring God, what he has to do with the MC and his beast, was something I was looking forward to. But now, I really don't care for this story. It took the MC about 150 to 200 chapters to from the first rank of power to the second rank, with ten subgrades in between. But now it took the MC about sixty chapters to go from the second rank to the fifth rank. To better explain it, it's like taking nearly 200 chapters to go from mortal rank to foundation building, but 60 chapters to go from foundation building to beyond Nascent Soul. Wtf

  2. It's really good, but why is the characters always female? Especially the strong ones. It's weird tbh be cuz it's like a harem but not a harem. I just don't really like how those female chars helps the mc when they don't even have anything to do with each other. The interaction feels forced and just becuz they were "interested" then they try to help him.

  3. Ig this is a way for author to appease both sides. But imo this just ruins the story as this doesn't build side chars enough

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