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Beasts Are Just For Me To Bond With

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The real beast master: the pet beast charges forward, and the beast master can only cheer from the rear!

False beast master: The beast shouts six six six, and the beast master holds the sun and the moon to pick up the stars!

As a fake beast master, Chen Wen said that the pet beasts are all for him to bond with.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BAJFMTBW
Alternate Title:御兽:宠兽只是给我凑羁绊的
Author:wireless trail
Weekly Rank:#1665
Monthly Rank:#1676
All Time Rank:#2024
Tags:Battle Competition, Beast Companions, College/University, Cultivation, Dungeons, Fast Learner, Gate to Another World, Level System, Lottery, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Monster Tamer, Parallel Worlds, Skill Books, Special Abilities, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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27 Comments on “Beasts Are Just For Me To Bond With
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  1. Note: everything here is after I read the first 100 chapters. So it may improve after. Yeah, as the other commenters said, the writing is pretty childish and mc acts like an 11 year old kid most of the time. The official beast fights even have "3 minutes of trash talk pre match" like wwe matches, and it's "a super important skill" mc constantly gets praised for. If you're curious about nationalism, mc reports a dude trying to get his personal info as a spy and gets monies from it. He also thinks elite beast masters vanishing is a conspiracy that must be caused by foreigners. And as of the first 100 chapters mc is like, barely above average compared to the average beast tamer his age. He wasted a whole month after getting his pet when he could've given it its main skill early on to adjust for the sake of "caution and training." And the end result is his pet being lazy for a month delaying upgrading which causes him to lose battles later in a tournament arc in the long run. Mc also has 2 golden fingers: a bond talent and a system. Except the system is turned into generic training pill/liquid supplier and the bond talent isn't fully explained. "The stronger my bond with the pet the better it is." But how? Even at 60 bond there seems to be no restrictions compared to 90 bond. If you can get past all that and occasional cringe from the kiddo lines, it's fairly enjoyable as a junk read.

  2. Read a bit further in, the author does get better with how to speed upgrades for mc, and it feels much nicer. The childish dialogue also is definitely toned back a lot. The bond talent also becomes more useful, but they still never actually explain how different bond levels affect it, and they put in some "limiters" for mc so he has to be more cautious in how he chooses to cultivate his beasts. It fixes most issues, only downside is mc basically just goes through school -> competition -> training arc -> competition -> training arc on repeat without any other extra things going on, so it can feel a bit bland. It definitely improves a lot overall though.

  3. Cons -Lackluster storyline, the concept is good, slightly racist against Koreans. Pros - little to no politics, relaxing, step by step progress, inteligent protagonist. I would give it average score, not bad not good. Read it if your need some extra good novel to waste time on.

  4. Can the authority please edit the chapters from 529 forward. The names are all mismatched and the language is gibberish. It's really frustrating.

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