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Liu Feng unexpectedly has the ability to travel back and forth between other worlds, and also has an inner space, acting as a second-order dealer in two worlds.

When he bought a city in another world with a glass from the earth, he began to live as a nobleman as a city lord in another world.

This is a cold-weapon and wonderful otherworld. The cat-eared girl, the fox-eared girl, the rabbit-eared girl, and the elf princess that have never been seen on earth… In this other world, Liu Feng can see it at any time.

Princess: Liu Feng’s city is the happiest city in the world.

Princess: I absolutely want to move in, even if I give up my status as a princess.

Bachelor: The technologies and concepts used in Liu Feng’s city are a thousand years ahead of the world.

King: There is the tallest building in the world, where the strangest things in the world gather, and there is the richest and most magical city in the world.

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Short Title:BMFT
Alternate Title:从今天开始当城主
Author:stay up late
Weekly Rank:#1739
Monthly Rank:#1077
All Time Rank:#1059
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Elves, Gate to Another World, Harem, Imperial Harem, Infrastructure, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Orcs, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, R-15, Slave, Technology Gap, Transmigration, Wars, Wars Weak to Strong, Weak to Strong, Western Fantasy, World Hopping,
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  1. Para los que preguntan sobre el manhwa se llama A partir de hoy trabajare como un señor de la ciudad lo encuentras en manga crab

  2. (All right! In fact, it was he who disliked the ugly clothes on the other side of the world, especially the clothes of the nobles, which made him feel weird. ) comeon who would wear those thing while waliking the clothes will all over the air

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