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Be the King From the Time of Signing

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Zhou Xiaochuan became the emperor of the subjugated country and obtained the sign-in system.

As long as you sign in every day, you can get random rewards.

“Sign in successfully, congratulations on getting the Summoning Card.”

“Sign-in is successful, congratulations on getting the seeds of dynasty luck.”

“Sign in successfully, congratulations on getting 100,000 Heavenly Soldiers…”


From now on, the gods and demons of all realms will accompany them, and the gods of the gods will follow them, opening up the prosperous era of the dynasty!

“Your Majesty, it’s time for the morning.”

“Wait, I’ll sign one first…”

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Short Title:BKFTS
Alternate Title:从签到开始当皇帝
Author:San pepper devil fish
Weekly Rank:#3883
Monthly Rank:#3653
All Time Rank:#6255
Tags:Aristocrat, Army-building, Kingdom Building, Nobles, System,
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14 Comments on “Be the King From the Time of Signing
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  1. 1 kata, "sampah!" Jika Qin Zhan dan ayahnya sekuat itu, kenapa di awal harus menyerah wilayah? Sedangkan musuh hanya memiliki 1 jenderal saja. Apakah semua penulis china tidak menulis menggunakan otaknya?

  2. It was a cool story for the first few chapters but later the storyline doesn't make sense.. like does the mc offend people everyday, he has a sign in system but it just about him offending some power then sign up the day of the fight to get something useful.. and there isn't much kingdom building here. I have read alot of sign in system novel but this is kinda at the bottom

  3. it's cool at first but soon it makes the same annoying mistake of other works of the genre, the protagonist starts leaving the palace to solve everything and it's no longer dynasty novel and it becomes a common work of cultivation with him entering secret realms, me I want KINGDOM development, with it full of generals, war, I trade what I want, but what we have here is a traveling protagonist who fights all enemies personally, too boring

  4. Depende tambien del sistema, ya que si el sistema no le da formas para mejorar su cultivo, por ejemplo por puntos o exp, entonces el mismo tendrá que ir a esos lugares para mejorar su cultivo. En cambio si el sistema donde el MC no necesite cultivar solo matar o conquistar paises para mejorar su fortuna nacional y que esos puntos o exp también se puede conseguir por medio de sus generales, entonces el MC solo mandaría como emperador y sus generales harían las cosas(como a mi gusta) ya lei varias noveles de este genero y la mayoria tienen exp o puntos para que el mc mejore su cultivo algunos nerfeados(lo que mata sus generales no le da puntos o exp) otros OP(donde tanto sus generales y unidades convocadas si dan puntos o exp).

  5. Another kingdom bullshit. Offend here and there then dominate them, rinse and repeat. It can be good if they give a little creativity even if they rinse and repeat the scene, but no, they all look the same. Wven if you put perfume to a shit, you can make people eat shit. Chinese would tho, to give face they would literally eat shit.

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