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Be the Boss From Doupo

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In this turbulent continent, the beginning is standing at the pinnacle of this world.

The black hand behind the scenes stirs the situation.

The master of Void Swallowing Flame, the pinnacle of fighting sage.

Invincible when I first arrived.

How to do? Online etc.

Do you know what madness is?

Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years.

Now it’s up to me…




Amidst the heavens and all realms, I will be left with an extraordinary and raging figure.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BTBFD
Alternate Title:从斗破开始当大佬
Author:Nie Tianxin
Weekly Rank:#2217
Monthly Rank:#2197
All Time Rank:#1501
Tags:Anti Hero, Douluo Dalu, Doupo/BTTH, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Rape Victim Become Lover, Slave System, Strong from the Start, System, World Travel,
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10 Comments on “Be the Boss From Doupo
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  1. first world btth, he's evil, harem wise, none of the girls love him since all the relationships were forced. He seems to have all the beautiful women from the original story

  2. Very good noveltill chapter 350 very interesting and nothing that made me upset but till 350 I will just skip the whole china ark Suggestion skip that ark completely it's full of china and Nationalism Mc agrees to aliens to go to war with earth but they must not harm china rest is a free for all

  3. Completely read till the end only around 50 or so chapter arc(from 350 to around 420 I guess) has some chapters full of nationalism and china no.1 sh it afterwards in rest of the worlds story is fine the ending is bit rushed but still quite satisfactory

  4. MC Name : An Bufan☑️ Harem list : ~~~~Doupo/ BTTH (01-149) 1. Medusa | Cailin☑️ (54: Rape)(125), 2. Gu Xun'er☑️ (98: Deal.. )(117) 3. Feng Qing'er☑️ (112: ?), Xiao Yu, Xiao Mei, Yun Yun, Nalan Yaran, Ya Fei, Xiao Yixian, Han Xue, Han Yue, 3000 HAREM 🥴.~~~~Xia Lan World (150-182) Skip ~~~~ Douluo Dolu (183-340) : 1. Bibi Dong (185: Rape)☑️, 2. Ah Yin (234: Deal)☑️, 3. Xiao Wu (234: Deal)☑️, 4. Bo Saixi (273: Wife)☑️. ~~~~Super Seminary (340-423)~~~~ Note : Ch: 300 best moment netori 😂, 430🔚 When antagonis plus plot armor. 🥴

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