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Be a Rumored Girlfriend For the Diva GL [Entertainment Circle]

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Wan Man liked a person for a long time, and her childhood sweetheart, and she entered the audition of trainees with her. Originally thought that the two would always be together like this, but he did not expect that the person who was waiting was the official Weibo announcement, but @ The person is not her.
When you feel sad, you must also pretend to be calm. @自己的朋友, with a happy smile, teased and said: Let’s announce it~
But in a daze, I became a popular little queen @沐云舒, Diffuse’s scalp burst and was preparing to edit and revise, I saw the person’s comment and forwarded it——
Mu Yunshu V: @满漫好呀~
#Help, what should I do if I’m the wrong person in the joke circle, I’m anxious to wait online! #
#I want to regret now, but the diva disagrees! #
Diffuse: I can’t squeeze another person in a room in my heart! Please let it go!
Mu Yunshu: Then let her get out and replace me.
1v1, sweet text, entertainment

Content Tag: Love Contract Love Contracts Entertainment Circle Sweet Articles
Search keywords: Protagonist: Diffuse, Mu Yunshu Supporting role: Pre-accepted article “My sister is super sweet” Others:
One sentence introduction: I have nothing except the love of the queen
Idea: Struggle to resist the arrangement of fate

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Short Title:BRGFDGC
Alternate Title:给天后当绯闻女友GL[娱乐圈]
Author:Melon seed cat
Weekly Rank:#7413
Monthly Rank:#8086
All Time Rank:#8411
Tags:Entertainment Circle, Shoujo Ai, Special Love Contract, Yuri,
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