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Be a Beauty Blogger In Unlimited Live Broadcasts

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Novel Summary

Lin Mutao, the third-tier beauty up master who signed the new company, entered the live broadcast room happily.

A bride in a white gauze with blood and tears in her eyes walked towards him.
Lin Mutao’s eyes lit up, this young lady with special effect makeup wasn’t good enough!

She grabbed the bride and changed her makeup, saying that this makeup can be the most beautiful baby on Halloween!

The ghost bride looks in the mirror, oh my god! Who is this terrifying ghost in the mirror!

Live audience: OMG! Why is this horror anchor so wrong!


Later, Lin Mutao realized that something went wrong when she signed the contract with the live broadcast center. From then on – there is an up master with a clear style in the horror live broadcast.

When others saw the female ghost, they screamed in fright, and Lin Mutao held up the female ghost’s head: “Miss, your hairstyle must be done like this to look good!”

The vampire boss held up the red wine glass, and Lin Mutao asked eagerly, “This little brother, what lipstick color do you use?”

Vampire boss: “… blood type O?”

Lin Mutao’s live broadcast room has changed from few people to the number one channel. The only thing that has not changed is the always-present leader of the list – who loves to drink peach wine.

Easy and infinite flow, the style of painting is clear and strange, the heroine × the hero who spends a lot of money

The copy was written on 2021.3.4

Edible guide:
1. The heroine likes to talk nonsense in a serious manner. Don’t spray if you don’t like it.
2. The first half of the emotional drama is a little less, and most of the time, the heroine is letting herself go.
3. Parallel time and space, fictional story. Do not rise to reality and three views.
4. If there is nothing unexpected, it will be updated at 6 o’clock every night. 

Content label: Unlimited stream suspense reasoning Shuangwen live broadcast
Search keywords: Protagonist: Lin Mutao, Shijiu ┃Supporting role: Ending article “Becoming a God in Infinite Games Live Streaming” ┃Others:

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Short Title:BBBIULBS
Alternate Title:在无限直播里做美妆博主[无限流]
Weekly Rank:#4004
Monthly Rank:#2519
All Time Rank:#7182
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, Unlimited Flow,
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  1. i feel like i shouldn't read this at night because it's really creepy LOL I WAS EXPECTING IT TO BE FUNNIER THAN SCARIER BECAUSE OF THE SUMMARY 😭😭

  2. hello, i was wondering if someone could help me remember a bl novel that has the same theme as this? the guy also travelled to different worlds and solve horror stuffs but d3aths are accurate in real life too, meaning if you're d3ad in that world, you're also d3ad in your own world. I remember the mc has a book, which is the ml who tries every possible way to steal a kiss from him. Does anyone remember the title? Pleaseeee

  3. The terror thing is very, very, very weak, i could say that it's false. In the truth the autor used tales (or real histories, god knows what happens in china), about women being abused in many ways (in the sunflower arc it's how only moters can take cary of their sons) and how they are so pitful, to put in simple, women are always the victims and men always the culprits, one or two times is ok, but this everything single time is annoying, is too much forced, there's humor only in the first arc, after this the arc are so tragic (only for women, in the author mind men are always abusing them) that the humor vanishes, if you want to see a mary sue MC solving all problems this novel may be good for you, but if you have a critic point of view this one is a waste of time, in resume: a really good idead with a perfect first arc, after this the novel went downhill, realistic enough, but too much one-sided.

  4. Hello! Does anyone know of a novel in which the FL transmigrated from ancient time to the modern world, she doesn’t have enough money but she embroidered some clothing to sell on taobao. She even went to audition for a movie wearing a dress that she embroidered on… and that is the only thing that I can remember, if anyone can help that would really appreciated, thank you!

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