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Deceitful means

"What's going on?" Sergey asked. "What's wrong?"

"A Hammer organization intelligence team that provided us with information has completely lost contact." The actuary replied. "The previous intelligence is what they gave us."

"Obviously, they have been exposed and have been poisoned." Lin Rui said slowly. "In this way, they may have mastered our actions." He was silent for a while, then stood up and said, "Go, follow me to the front."

On the high ground at the outermost position of Songshi Town, the wind blew a dilapidated, but still strong and upright battle flag. Under the banner, against the clear water-like moonlight and the vast, mysterious and distant dark blue starry sky, Lin Rui's tall and lofty back appeared more and more lonely and indifferent.

Facing the vast African land, he slowly put down the telescope in his hand, and his calm and stern face became more and more solemn.

At this moment, at the end of his vision, there was a faint glimmer of light, and he appeared at a speeding speed among the winding hills; hovering on the secluded and steep Route 13, his head and body were gradually exposed, and finally it was like a fire-colored light. The long snake was tangled up in the mountains in the distance.

The dark hillside, the pure water-like moonlight, the chilling autumn wind, the silence of death, the heavy war clouds accompanied by the desolate wind slowly obscured the bright and round moon. The indifferent light-white fog seemed to gradually transform into a thick black veil, breathing in the wind with a ferocious and dignified breath like the **** of death.

The crisp wind of the autumn night was whistling, and the slightest bit of pain was piercing the bones; it seemed that there was a substantive dignified murderous aura and the sound of whining from the nine secluded underworld. The warriors who had been tempered to be as strong as steel by the fire of war could not help but tremble all over, trembling with fear. The dark clouds covered the moon, and the thick darkness gradually enveloped us; accompanied by the roar of the gloomy wind in our ears, a heart gradually jumped up unconsciously, and the battle was imminent!

"Immediately, inform General Kassan that the enemy is approaching, and inform everyone to prepare for battle!" Lin Rui's expression was calm, and he turned around abruptly.

"Boom!" A loud thunder sounded suddenly on the ground, and in an instant, in the thick black fog, shocking dust was everywhere, and the sharp air piercing through the eardrum was marked with a dazzling scorching fire, like a rain of fire. The meteors drew beautiful arcs in the dark night sky, and with the momentum of an inverted fan, they whistled and gathered towards the Anmore army's position.

boom! There was another sudden roar, the earth trembled, and as more than ten fireballs illuminated the outline of this majestic land in the dark night with no hands and five fingers, it slowly rose up; The prelude is like a big spark igniting the powder keg that has been brewing for a long time!

The Orumi Federation Army is very cunning. Those who can see the fire-colored dragons are actually just that they have spared their blood and lives to requisition civilian vehicles and camouflage props to lure Anmore's attached artillery.

Most of them are all elites and most of the infantrymen are still hiding behind the convoy, and the trump card in the enemy's hands, the mixed tank regiment has quietly arrived at night, relying on the semi-permanent fortification to hide in the mountain, waiting for an order. , launched a rapid attack on the Orumi Federation positions.

At this time, the elite direct artillerymen of the Olumi Federation Army successfully found the location of the Anmor cluster heavy artillery that threatened them most with the school artillery radar and photoelectric reconnaissance. In the dark of night, he secretly aimed at the artillery positions attached to the Anmore Army.

"Boom!" Just as the fiery fireball that was smashed by the Anmore artillery disappeared for a while, it seemed as if a huge thunderstorm had descended near the mountains in the south! Howitzers, heavy mortars, cannons, heavy cannons, rockets, like a volcanic eruption in the blink of an eye, spewing out a dense flow of lava, in the dark night sky, a scary scorching line, shining aggressively more dazzling than the moon The red light, like the Tianhe hanging upside down, like a meteor waterfall whizzing towards Anmore's artillery and heavy artillery positions from different directions.

The dense air breaking sounds like a hurricane.

"Lie down!" The artillery major of Anmore's army reacted instantly, shouted in pain, and immediately fell into the deep pit. At the same time, the falling cannonballs blew a ferocious gust of wind that had already scratched his cheeks; the major clasped his head and touched the ground, and the violent cannonballs had already poured down like a shower.

"Boom—" Accompanied by the sound of the bombardment of the enemy's artillery shells like dense drum beats, the red light suddenly appeared, the ground shook, and tons of puffy soil were thrown all over the sky, and the flesh and blood splashed and wrapped the soil.

The soil slammed down the soldiers who were hidden in the 3-meter-deep pit. Even though he was wearing earplugs, this major was also deaf in both ears, bleeding from his ear holes, and dizzy. It was shaking off the overwhelming soil and exposing his head.

At this time, he found that his entire body had been submerged in the sticky wet soil; as soon as the enemy's artillery fire passed, the artillery major took a deep breath, the sufficient oxygen made his mind a little more lucid, and then he struggled to pull himself out. , Just as he got up, he realized that the deep trench was filled with pungent gunpowder smoke and a more disgusting and dignified smell of blood. He grabbed a handful of soil and smelled it, but found that the soil that smelled solemnly donated blood was extremely sticky to his hands.

With the hunting light of the surrounding camouflage plants ignited by the artillery fire, he discovered that this gully had become a trickle of blood, and most of his brothers fell into the gully.


"Anyone? Report the loss!"

Another officer Anmore, his face covered in blood, howled. Many soldiers of the Anmor Army climbed up, and all were fine.

But at this time the officer had tinnitus and could not hear any sound. Seeing the major who also struggled out of the mud pile later, he shouted loudly in his ear in a hurry. He guessed something, but he couldn't hear it at all, an inexplicable grief surged into his chest, and the two big men howled each other in the firelight, but they didn't know what the other was going to say.

Hearing did not gradually recover until a few minutes later. Only then did they know that the artillery detachment was completely gone!

It turned out that the artillery attached to the Anmore Army all used the artillery positions to fire scatteredly, and at the same time fired the artillery, they deceived the enemy to reconnaissance by means of concentrated blasting and light.

Therefore, most of the enemy's artillery fire hit the camouflage artillery positions that were concentrated and fired, and the exploding artillery shells, together with the fake artillery, explosives and explosive points used for camouflage and deception, almost all hit the sky together.

At least one company of Anmore soldiers was wiped out, and blood was quietly flowing in the criss-crossed gully like this, and the smell of blood was pungent. But there are still harsher blows awaiting them amid the continuous bombardment of the enemy.

Since then, the largest conflict in the history of Anmore broke out without warning.

"General, the battalion headquarters of the third battalion-level battle group was bombarded by a salvo of enemy heavy artillery, and the headquarters was bombed; the battalion commander was killed! The second battalion headquarters was affected and was being transferred, and it went into radio silence and could not be contacted. !" The staff reported the news to Kassan.

Kassan was shocked. This time, the enemy's fierce and vicious artillery fire counterattacked almost all the command center of the third battalion by the enemy! What about the losses of the other companies, what about the losses of the other fraternal units? he can't even think

"General, you have to hold on! You must hold on! Now the entire coalition is looking at you!" At this moment, the staff officer stepped forward to support Kassan and shouted loudly.

He was right, now it's just Kassan. Not only his brethren, but also the command of the entire Anmore Northern Coalition Army is heavily on his shoulders!

After the staff officer drank this, Kasangchai woke up a little bit. At this moment, the raging anger suppressed the inexplicable pain in his heart. He suppressed his emotions and trembled: "How much is left in the first battalion?"

"One battalion is complete! The other battalions are about the same as them." Lin Rui strode in, and finally brought Kasan some not-so-bad news.

"Let's report, the first battalion and the second battalion will be commanded by me now!" Lin Rui's face was very bad, but he still said firmly.

"What's the matter with Rick?!" Cassan quickly got up and said.

"The enemy attacked, and the Hammers were eliminated by them. We didn't get any information in advance, and they caught us by surprise." Lin Rui said slowly, "Notify everyone to move positions! Without my order, heavy artillery will never be allowed. Fire again, or you will be punished by military law!"

"No! General can't do it like this, you give the order to fire! We want revenge! Avenge the brothers!" At this moment, several officers cried in the crowd. The crowd echoed in agreement.

"No! Now only by being alive can we avenge everyone!" Lin Rui shouted unquestionably. "Now is not the time to be brave, this is war. Only who has the last laugh will be the last winner. Carry out orders!"

Lin Rui received reports one after another at the headquarters that the Oromi Federation Army successfully counterattacked all the heavy artillery positions of Anmore's two directly affiliated field artillery groups with accurate and ferocious firepower at the cost of sacrificing its own camouflaged task force. The attached camouflage troops suffered heavy casualties, and the shelling troops lost nearly a quarter of their personnel and materials.

In order to completely damage the two Orumi Federation field artillery groups and self-propelled artillery clusters that pose a huge threat to the Anmore artillery, Lin Rui decided to use the self-propelled rockets with the greatest threat to the enemy in addition to limited use of artillery types with high mobility. Always enter the dormant attack state.

In order to paralyze the Orumi Federation soldiers, completely expose the position of the enemy artillery, and quickly destroy the enemy artillery. Lin Rui demanded that the second battalion must defend its position amid the enemy's frantic firepower and force projection attacks, while forcing the enemy to continue to expose most of their firepower. Contribute to the heavy damage of the enemy's artillery by the attached artillery.

But this is not the same as telling everyone unmistakably that the second battalion, which has just been added, has been pushed to the cusp of the storm.

The core positions of the second battalion and the battle group were under heavy artillery fire. After a short adjustment, the heavy artillery units of the Orumi Federal Army started a ferocious artillery attack on this position again! For a time, the sky fell apart, and the mountains shuddered.

In an instant, it was as if an earthquake of magnitude 10 had occurred; the wind was roaring, the ground was shaking violently, and the narrow position was bombarded by heavy artillery shells of more than 120mm; accompanied by heavy heavy artillery shells falling like a violent storm, fireballs set off. The red cloud, representing death, seemed to be blazing with flames in the dark night. Like a huge brazier, it made a sound like a thunderous explosion, illuminating the entire night sky!

The light and floating sparks raised by the explosion, along with the mighty north wind, drew a stream of fire in the night sky, swaying and burning clusters of blazing fires!

The scattered pieces of shrapnel, in the blink of an eye, were arrogant and domineering in the dark night, arrogant and arrogant. The wounded soldiers whimpered and moaned, and the destroyed fortifications collapsed!

The shrapnel flew horizontally, making a frightening, dense popping sound like raindrops!

Accompanied by a loud bang, the mighty Wuzhu shock wave was more like an iron plow with unparalleled sharpness.

The raging fire seemed to be burning as if the earth was burning; the shrill sound of breaking through the air seemed to be screaming from a deadly ghost; Dense earplugs, the huge sound is still like a dense hammer.

Twenty minutes later, the Orumi Federal Army shelled again. Lin Rui judged based on the shelling that the enemy's heavy artillery firepower extended, interweaving a continuous wall of fire on the path connecting a battalion's positions.

Lin Rui immediately realized that the enemy was intending to block Anmore's reinforcements with ferocious firepower, causing subsequent reinforcements to fill the gaps in important strategic fulcrums.

This also means that the offensive route of the Orumi Federation forces has been exposed.

Sure enough, after the shelling. The troops of the Orumi Federal Army were quickly divided into two columns, east and west, and launched a rapid assault on the flank passage. UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com intended to use superior troops and firepower to separate the important strategic fulcrum of the front salient from the main front, surrounded and cut off. The only retreat of the second battalion is to achieve the goal of completely destroying the second battalion-level battle group and occupying this strategic joint point.

For a while, under the artillery fire, in the dark night and fog, gunshots, explosions, and screams rang out.

Shells exploded in the distance, and the fire turned half of the sky red; at the edge of the front-line headquarters, following the roaring mountain wind, Lin Rui put down the telescope in his hand.

"How?" Cassan asked anxiously.

"Here is the southern troops of the Orumi Federation Army, Lieutenant General Bloom of the Oromi Federation Army." Lin Rui said slowly.

"But hasn't his troops withdrawn?" Kassan said in surprise.

"The soldiers are always deceitful. The Hammer's intelligence team has been destroyed. The information about the evacuation of the enemy troops is very likely to be the false news deliberately spread by the Orumi Federal Army. After they waited for the Iron Hammer's intelligence team to pass the fake news to us, they immediately Shot to clean up the intelligence team.

Then a surprise attack was launched. "Lin Rui replied sternly.

(End of this chapter)