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After hearing Lin Rui's words, General Kassan suddenly stood up and said loudly, "Yes! No matter who grins at us, we will pull their teeth! This is my attitude."

The rest of the Northern Coalition Army officers were also surging with enthusiasm, clenched their fists one after another, and stood up in unison.

Lin Rui motioned them not to get excited and continue to sit down.

He was very satisfied with what he had just said, which was what he thought from the bottom of his heart. In fact, Lin Rui's real purpose is to show the strength of An Mor's army and to show An Mor's inviolable image. He asked everyone in the Orumi Federation to sigh involuntarily when thinking of the three words Anmor Army, and dare not give birth to other ideas, including the Red Baron.

He wants everyone in the world to know that the Anmor army is now under his protection. Before deciding to fight against the Anmor army, everyone must take a good measure.

That's right, Anmore is inviolable! The blood of Anmor's commanders was boiling, and they liked this style of fighting so much.

Lin Rui's decision was approved by the unquestionable support of all, and the rest was the specific battle deployment.

The best place to ambush the enemy is, of course, the Allen Trail. There is a natural battlefield, and the battles that took place there before are already familiar to everyone. It is said that piles of bones can still be excavated from time to time on the edge of the trail.

But I believe that Harold of the Orumi Federation Army is not a fool. He will not rashly pass there with his eyes closed, he will definitely be very cautious. Of course, anyone can make mistakes.

Because the nearest Orumi federal army is less than 40 kilometers away, they can fully support each other and prevent the attack of the Anmor army. Under the **** of this kind of psychology, the Orumi federal troops may also feel that the The Lane Trail is safe.

Therefore, if you want to ambush Genna on the Allen Trail, you must set up an appropriate line of defense to block the attack of the enemy reinforcements, which is not an easy task.

Around the Allen Trail, although there are rugged mountains, it is not difficult for the enemy infantry to pass. Moreover, the Lan Yu Army was too small in number. In addition to encircling and destroying Harold's troops, it also had to undertake the rescue of the enemy, which was indeed overpowering.

Kuaima looked at the map and said tentatively: "Can we use this position, part of the troops on the right flank of Songshi Town?"

Lin Rui shook his head and denied his proposal.

The troops on the right flank of Pinestone Town are basically Kassan's direct descendants. Although these people are loyal to Kassan, they still do not have enough ability. Relying on their bravery and will alone cannot stop the enemy reinforcements. make them do it. Just wipe them out.

For these people, it would be safer to leave them in Pine Stone Town. Judging from the past few days, the existence of this troop has indeed played a deterrent effect on the hidden forces around Songshi Town.

While Lin Rui was still thinking about how to stop the Enoch West Road army, the communications officer sent the latest information from the Hammer Organization from the enemy's rear. Lin Rui glanced at it and said uncontrollably, "This is unexpectedly good news! Harold is dead!"

Kassan and the others looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what fatal mistake the enemy had made.

Lin Rui said with a smile, "The enemy is too impatient. Harold has already accelerated his march and will pass the Figler Trail one day earlier."

Kassan said suspiciously, "No way. Did he come here specifically?"

Others were a little unbelievable, but the Hammers' intelligence made it clear. No matter what kind of psychology it was based on, or it was a ghost, or it was purely for the sake of taking credit for the limelight, Harold ordered to speed up the march and would pass the Allen Trail one day earlier than the previously estimated time.

The turning point of things happened at this moment.

In this way, the Anmor army does not need to arrange troops to block other Orumi Federation troops, especially Enoch's western army. Now they can concentrate all their strength to teach Harold a lesson, and use a day to give Harold a fatal blow, or even eat them all. Even if Enoch received the information and hurried reinforcements, he could not have reached the battlefield in one day. Instead, Anmor could kill a carbine and turn around and teach him a lesson.

However, the actuary obviously thought deeply about the sudden fighter plane. He was worried that it might be a trap designed by the other party. It stands to reason that Harold's behavior seemed very strange. Why did he suddenly accelerate? There was absolutely no need for him to suddenly change the speed of the march. The stakes were very important, and they were indeed a little worried.

The communications officer sent it, as well as other information within the Orumi Federation. After Kassan withdrew from the negotiations with the Orumi Federation, several other surrounding countries finally began to act.

According to intelligence, they have frequent troop movements at the border. Although they did not make an offensive posture, the Orumi Federation Army had to be on guard.

Under such circumstances, the defensive pressure of the Orumi Federation Army was too great. Harold stepped forward, obviously wanting to get to the designated location as soon as possible, lest the top military wants him to return to the border.

"Prepare to fight!" Lin Rui made up his final determination. He didn't believe that at this moment, what tricks could Harold play. His best option was to surrender immediately and withdraw from Anmor.

At night, Lin Rui led the main mercenary force of the four companies to quietly leave Songshi Town and head to the Allen Trail in the south. Kassan dispatched all the troops of the three nearby battalion-level battle groups, and even some towns did not leave a single soldier, only the police who were responsible for maintaining law and order. The actuary will sit in Songshi Town. With a staff like him, there will be no major problems in Songshi Town. As long as the Orumi Federal Army does not kill it immediately, it will not cause trouble to the Anmore Army.

The lightly armed Anmore Army entered the ambush range of Allen Trail after a rapid night march. However, in order not to scare the snakes, the ambush site of the Anmore Army was about five kilometers away from Allen Trail.

The Hammer Organization played an important role again at this time, and the mission they admitted was to quietly follow Harold's ass, and then intercept his retreat at the right moment.

General Harold, who led the army northward, felt that something was wrong along the way. He sent a large number of scouts to his front and left and right directions, but even if he forgot the back, he did not intend to forget.

He believed that as long as the Lan Yu army went south to outflank his back path, he would definitely get the news. As for Allen Trail, Harold has sent people to investigate many times and is sure that there is no danger. However, he didn't know that there was already a silent ambush behind him.

A day later in the afternoon, the army led by Harold passed the Allen Trail one after another. He sent a large number of guard posts around him and found nothing unusual. Allen Trail is a tree-lined road, and the view is not wide. Harold himself sat in the command car, and faintly felt that there seemed to be the shadow of the enemy in the trees on both sides of the road, but after many inspections and searches, it was his own illusion.

The reason why he had to arrive early was to let the other colleagues in the Orumi Federation Army know that he, Harold, would always be a stalwart.

The sound of the wind on Allen's trail was very gentle, and the surroundings seemed very quiet.

"I don't need to be suspicious. The Anmor army must be huddled in Pinestone Town now." Harold comforted himself like this, and made a gesture to speed up to the deputy next to him.

But suddenly a shrill sound of gunfire broke the tranquility of Allen's trail, making Harold's heart that had just warmed up immediately icy cold.

The battle officially started at four o'clock in the afternoon.

The sound of gunfire cut through the silent valley, and the Anmore Army divided into four arrows from around the Allen Trail and pressed towards the Oromi Federation Army. They attacked from outside the reconnaissance range of the Orumi Federation forces, shrinking the encirclement step by step.

The Orumi Federation army suddenly fell into chaos, but Harold was the only one who remained calm. He immediately pulled out his pistol, killed two panicked soldiers running back and forth on the spot, and shouted sharply, "Get ready to fight!"

General Harold thought he had enough time to deal with the attack of the Anmore army, because the Anmore army still had to cross a distance of five kilometers, which would take an hour. He immediately ordered the troops to form a team, defend on the spot, and prepare to launch a fatal blow to the incoming Anmor army.

He is a very good officer himself, and he believes that the soldiers trained by himself will be able to cause huge damage to the Anmor army. Those guys who came back from the rout of the Kem River have simply lost the face of the Orumi Federation soldiers. He absolutely does not believe that anything can survive under his attack.

However, he was wrong.

The mortars of the Anmore Army had long been eyeing their convoy. The main task of this unit is to kill enemy vehicles and personnel. As soon as the battle began, the densely lined convoy was mercilessly killed by artillery fire. Their targets are so obvious that they basically don't need to be aimed.

The Oromi Federation Army still hasn't learned the lessons from the past, and maybe they have no other choice. The Allen Trail is not a spacious road. These convoys were fine during the march, but when they encountered battles, they were all crowded on the road.

"Boom boom boom boom boom!" Harold's eyes slowly widened, and then he watched in disbelief as his troops were blown to pieces by the shells. ,However. Because of discipline constraints, those who were not knocked down remained at their posts. Until he was finally blown up.

For the first time, Harold felt a sense of emptiness, and the strict iron discipline became a burden. What kind of war is this?

The Anmor army was not large in number, but it was widely dispersed. The distance between the two soldiers was quite far. They were covering each other and advancing slowly. The Orumi Federation army could not counterattack at all. Their armed vehicles rushed forward bravely, but were destroyed one by one. Some troops can barely fight back, but for the An Moor Army. Only itching. However, more officers and soldiers of the Orumi Federation army instinctively hid and quietly waited for the end of the battle.

Harold suddenly understood that he should not participate in this battle at all. Perhaps, fighting against these Anmor army is simply a mistake, a mistake that has been irreversible. Harold only felt a pressure in his chest.

The ambush on Allen Trail ended in less than five hours. The Oromi Federation Army officers and soldiers led by Major General Harold were annihilated. More than 3,000 people were killed and the rest were taken prisoners, including Major General Harold raised their hands dejectedly.

Seeing a string of prisoners file past him, Kassan felt a little emotional in his heart, since the last counterattack. The morale of the Orumi Federation army is seriously bad, and they are no longer the army that once made the surrounding countries fear. That era has indeed passed.

And Enoch, commander of the Western Route Army of the Orumi Federation, learned the news of Harold's annihilation, and made the most correct decision without hesitation: retreat!

His retreat was as fast as his attack, and he immediately retreated to his station. Lin Rui was deeply surprised, but also a little regretful, because Enoch just hesitated a little, and the next target of the attack was him. .

Unfortunately, he ran away.

When Lieutenant General Bloom heard the news of Harold's defeat, he hesitated for a while, waited and watched for a full day, and then also chose to retreat.

However, the Anmor army was too far away from them to pursue them, so they could only watch him run away.

Along the way, Lieutenant General Bloom was silent, his dark face became more and more haggard, and he never regained his old perseverance.

The Orumi Federation Army was finally forced to give up the siege of Pine Stone Town~www.mtlnovel.com~ first led the army back to the station and retreated to defend. Clearly waiting for an opportunity. On the same day, Anmor's troops exchanged fire with the enemy attacking the coastal fortresses. The Anmor army paid a considerable price, but the Orumi Federation troops did not take advantage. They retreated to the open area on the north bank of the Kem River, preparing to reorganize there and launch a storm against the Anmor troops who were stubbornly resisting by relying on the permanent fortifications.

However, just when Lin Rui led his army back to Songshi Town, he was about to formulate a new plan. The actuary came in quietly, and sent him a secret telegram with a grim expression. The telegram was sent by the Hammer Organization, with only a dozen or so lines.

But after reading these dozen or so lines of text, Lin Rui's face became very ugly.

"When did this happen?" Lin Rui looked at the actuary Kangan and asked.

The shore sank like water, "The emergency power I just received."

"Is there a telegram response over there?" Lin Rui asked slowly.

The actuary shook his head and said indifferently, "No. I have personally sent three emails, all through the previously agreed encrypted channel, but none of them have heard back."

(End of this chapter)

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