Must not lose!

Li Xing said secretly in the bottom of his heart.

He knew that in front of Lin Yu, he couldn't afford to lose, so at this time, he couldn't lose.

So he threw the ball in one shot!

His ball speed is very fast, and in the air, a parabola is drawn.

This action seems simple, but in fact, it is also a very difficult throwing action.

If a person wants to throw such a beautiful shot, he must master his throwing posture just right.

That's it.

Otherwise, the ball has no lethality.


Then, there was another muffled sound, the basketball drew a beautiful arc in mid-air, and then landed on the basket with a muffled sound.


Seeing such a wonderful action, the audience at the scene boiled again.

And Li Xing looked at Lin Yu very proudly and looked very conceited.

How about it? This time, you should give up, my movements are not as clumsy as before!

Li Xing looked at Lin Yu confidently, as if he already had the chance to win.

This made Lin Yu speechless.

This guy's arrogance really hasn't changed.

However, Lin Yu is not a vegetarian either. The more arrogant this guy is, the more Lin Yu likes to be ravaged.

Yeah? Then I'm going to have a lesson!

Lin Yu said lightly, and then grabbed the basketball again.

Swish ......

The basketball drew a perfect arc in the air, and then landed on the basket with a loud thud.  …

At this time, Lin Yu also stepped out and rushed over again.

Seeing Lin Yu walking towards him again, Li Xing's eyes instantly turned red. A hook came straight to Lin Yu's head.

This is the action of hooking the basket, also known as the hook.

On the basketball court, there are some basketball players who often use this kind of hook action to hook the basket, and this kind of hook is also relatively flexible and can basically hook the ball.

However, when dribbling the ball, the ball is going to deviate from its original trajectory. In this case, for a basketball player, this hook is equivalent to losing a hand.

Because you can't hook the ball, you will make your own mistakes 3.1. In such a situation, once you fail, the consequences will be disastrous!

Of course, although hooking has serious risks, for basketball players, this action is also very exciting, especially in the game, once the ball is hooked, it will have a very big impact on the whole game. s help!

However, this hook was no threat to Lin Yu at all, and he didn't even look at it. .

Chapter 715: If you're not convinced, let's compare it again

Because, for Lin Yu, this action doesn't need to be watched at all, because he has already seen the trajectory of this action clearly, and he has already predicted the action that the opponent will make.

Therefore, Lin Yu didn't panic at all.


A horizontal bar directly smashed the opponent's basketball hoop, and then directly sent the ball into the hoop!

what! ?

Li Xing's mouth opened slightly, showing a horrified expression. Obviously, this scene has exceeded his expectations.

He was stunned by this time.

He didn't expect that Lin Yu would be able to do this to such an extent.

This is incredible!

Not only Li Xing, but the audience also widened their eyes.

In the eyes of them in 2009, it is impossible for Lin Yu to complete such a dunk!

This can't be done.

But, facts are facts, and he really did.

God, my God, is this kid a monster, his shooting is so accurate, this is simply unscientific! Is the world crazy? How can there be so many wonderful things! ?

Yeah, yeah, I've never seen anything like this, how the **** did this guy do it!

Damn it, it doesn't look like a human, it's a monster!

The audience at the scene was chatting.

As for Li Xing, he was already stunned at this moment. The strength Lin Yu showed just now was so powerful that he couldn't believe it.

you lose! Lin Yu said with a smile.

what! ? Li Xing didn't react for a while.

He had just completed the hook, and Lin Yu's shot was also blocked by him.

It stands to reason that Lin Yu should have been stopped.

Why, Lin Yu can still shoot! ?

This is impossible!

"You've lost, this game is over."

Lin Yu said lightly.

Lin Yu didn't care about Li Xing's thoughts, and he didn't bother to care about him.

impossible! Absolutely impossible, I never believe this is true, I can't lose to such a rookie! Li Xing still couldn't believe it.

"I announce that Lin Yu wins the promotion!"

The audience was boiling, while Li Xing looked at Lin Yu with dissatisfaction.

He really couldn't believe that the technique he just showed could not be completed even by himself, but Lin Yu actually did it!

Impossible, I will not admit defeat!

Li Xing's eyes were red. He didn't believe that Lin Yu could do it, and he had never heard that a basketball player could complete such an action as a hook!

Li Xing also didn't believe that he would lose to Lin Yu.

He thinks that he will definitely be able to kill Lin Yu. After all, his strength is here, and with that hook-hooking action, it is absolutely impossible to lose!

Lin Yu ignored the opponent, walked aside directly, threw the basketball to Li Xing and asked him to get the ball.

At this time, Li Xing's anger had reached its peak. He felt that Lin Yu was insulting him and his basketball.

But now that the game is over, Li Xing doesn't want to stay here anymore, he must find an opportunity to take revenge.

He was very angry in his heart, and he felt that he had been insulted by Lin Yu.

480 Hmph, boy, I'll let you know, what is true strength, you, even a basketball player, are nothing in front of me!

snort! Li Xing snorted coldly, turned around and left the court, and walked into the locker room.

Seeing Li Xing walk into the dressing room, the surrounding girls and the audience couldn't help but let out bursts of screams.

They did not expect that the final outcome would turn out to be like this.

They thought that Li Xing would be able to eliminate Lin Yu this time!

However, I didn't expect this to happen.

It's amazing, Lin Yu, we really didn't expect that you could make such an action!

Yeah, you're so amazing, so handsome, so handsome!


A group of people complimented.

Chapter 716: I am targeting you

Coach Anxi walked towards them, "You can have a good rest recently, there are no games recently."

Lin Yu and Akagi plan to go to the boxing gym to play.

The two of them started punching as soon as they arrived at the boxing gym.

"My muscles are too tired recently." Akagi said with a smile.

Akagi is extremely burly, 1.95 meters tall enough to kill those NBA players in seconds, and he has also practiced Sanda, so his physical fitness is very strong.

no problem.

Lin Yu said, and threw a sandbag directly at him.

Hahaha...such a big bag?

Akagi smiled and picked up the sandbag directly.

Then, he rushed towards Lin Yu.

Come on, let me meet you!

The two quickly fought, fists and feet added together, and for a while, the shadows of the fists flew, and the fists were full of wind.

Lin Yu's strength is extraordinary, and ordinary people can't compete with him at all. However, Chimu is different. He is a person who has practiced Sanda, so his physical fitness is very strong. But he was not defeated by Lin Yu, but had the upper hand.

good! good!

Lin Yu said with a smile: I didn't expect your strength to improve a lot.

Lin Yu knew that Chimu was not weaker than himself now, and his Sanda skills were very good.

Hehe, Lin Yu, you have also improved. I wonder if you are sure to beat me? Akagi asked with a smile.

No problem, just let me go and see if I can beat you!

Lin Yu roared, and threw the sandbag to Chimu again.

Akagi caught the sandbag and smashed it at Lin Yu again with the sandbag.


Lin Yu dodged the attack of the sandbag, and threw another sandbag to Chimu, who dodged again.

Lin Yu, let's see how many times you can dodge. Akagi laughed.

Hehe, just try it. Lin Yu smiled.

bring it on.

Akagi raised the sandbag again.


Another explosion sounded, the fists and feet of the two collided, and sparks flew everywhere.

bang bang bang~~

The two kept fighting, and the speed was so fast that they couldn't see their movements at all, but when their fists collided, the sound was particularly harsh.

So fast!

What a terrifying speed!

With three more heavy blows, Lin Yu was kicked away by Akagi.

Ha ha!

Akagi laughed: "Brother Yu, your strength has gone backwards..."

"Hey, I can't do it anymore, I have to rest for a while." Lin Yu found an empty place and sat up.

Afterwards, he picked up a bottle of water and drank it. At this moment, a fierce-looking man walked in, it was the guy named Iron Bull.

Boy, I heard that you are a practitioner of Sanda? Tie Niu looked at Lin Yu who was lying on the ground and said.