Damn, his speed is so fast, and the look in his eyes just now, I seem to see that his eyes are full of jokes.

What the **** is going on with this kid?

He looked at Lin Yu and felt as if he was being tricked by Lin Yu. At this time, he had begun to wonder if Lin Yu was hiding his strength. He felt as if he was being tricked by Lin Yu.

And he was being played by someone he didn't even know.

Lin Yu ignored Li Xing, but rushed into the hoop, picked up the basketball, and started shooting.



The basketball was beating rapidly inside the net, and all the spectators present were dumbfounded.

Their eyes didn't dare to blink, for fear that Lin Yu would throw the basketball into the net at such a distance.

But their worries are completely superfluous.

Lin Yu's pitching movements were very smooth, without hesitation at all.

As the basketball entered the hoop, there were also several splatters of blood around the hoop of the basketball.

Around the basket, there have been a few more holes.

nice shot!

Beautiful, so handsome!

So handsome, I'm going crazy, how the **** did this guy do it, my god, my little heart is already beating out of my chest!

Haha, so handsome!

Lin Yu's performance made them crazy 0......

Lin Yu also smiled, and then shot again.

This time he moved faster, and his speed reached the limit. Almost every ball entered the basket before Li Xing's basketball.

Looking at Lin Yu's actions, Li Xing's face also became a little gloomy.


Another shot, Lin Yu's basketball entered the basket accurately.

Li Xing also slapped the basketball into the basket, and then stepped forward to grab the rebound.

nice shot!

That's right, basketball is much more attractive than a 3.1 hoop. This guy must have learned basketball for basketball!

I think so too, his basketball is just too good.


Li Xing looked at Lin Yu's back with a gloomy expression on his face, this guy is really not an ordinary person!

However, now has come to a critical moment, he must win the game, otherwise he will be eliminated, and even be disqualified from the professional team league! .

Chapter 710: I will definitely defeat you

After thinking about this, Li Xing also roared and started his crazy offensive.

His body is flexible, and every dunk is very chic and neat. With his physical fitness, it is impossible for Lin Yu to stop him from scoring in a short period of time. This is also Lin Yu's most troublesome problem.

Li Xing, great job!

Although Li Xing's attack was not very well-organized, he was barely on par with Lin Yu. The two attacked each other, and they seemed to be evenly matched.

At this time, the referee also blew the timeout whistle, and Li Xing was able to breathe a sigh of relief and rest for a while.

Lin Yu, how did you do it, and why were you able to grab my basketball into the basket? Li Xing gasped, then 09 looked at Lin Yu and said.

After hearing this, Lin Yu also smiled slightly, and said lightly: Don't you understand?


I have already said that your level is not enough, and my strength is stronger than yours, you can't be my opponent at all!

Hmph, I don't believe it, I don't believe my strength is not as good as yours! Li Xing said with a cold snort.

Yeah? You want to prove your strength, yes! You just have to fight me!

There was a stern look in Li Xing's eyes.

He has long heard about Lin Yu's strength, but he is not weak!

Then the referee continued to whistle, which represented the start of the next basketball game.

This time the ball is Li Xing's. , with a ruthless look on his face, and looked at Lin Yu tightly, he knew that Lin Yu's strength should never be underestimated.

This game is very important for him. If he can win this game, then he will enter the league smoothly.

If he loses, he will be eliminated, and Li Xing's strength will be greatly reduced, and it may even be frozen.

Seeing this, Lin Yu also showed an evil smile on his face.

His eyes also looked at Li Xing with a hint of playfulness.

In this game, he must defeat Li Xing!

I will definitely beat you! Li Xing swore in his heart.

Then he also threw the basketball out.

Lin Yu jumped up and directly blocked Li Xing's ball with his palm.

Seeing that Lin Yu dared to do this, Li Xing suddenly widened his eyes angrily.

Immediately, there was a grin on Li Xing's mouth.

Li Xing's basketball skills are also very good, he is a pull-up jumper.

The basketball enters the basket, and the basketball crosses a beautiful parabola in the air, rotates in a circle in the basket, and lands steadily.

Li Xing is very skilled.


There was an exclamation from the audience.

Li Xing is amazing, he is our god!

This guy is so handsome, he is a genius!

That's awesome, oh my! This basketball technique is really shocking! 480

Yes, it's really powerful!


The audience in the stands also exclaimed. They never imagined that Lin Yu could play basketball so well.

At this time, Lin Yu had already put his basketball on the ground.

How, are you still planning to play? If you don't plan to, then I'll go down and rest first. Lin Yu looked at Li Xing and said with a smile.

The game, I will continue to play! I must defeat you!

Li Xing gritted his teeth and said.

Then you have to cheer up! Lin Yu said to Li Xing with a smile. .

Chapter 711: This time you are planted!

Hearing this, there was also a murderous intent in Li Xing's eyes.

The game then continued.

Lin Yu quickly picked up the basketball in the ground and then shot.

With a swoosh, the basketball drew an arc in the air and finally hit the basket directly.



Lin Yu directly smashed the basketball into the basket with a punch.

Haha, the goal was scored!

Lin Yu is so amazing! This ball is too awesome, Li Xing, just wait for you to be disqualified from the league!


The audience at the scene also exclaimed in amazement.

And Li Xing's face also became very ugly. Unexpectedly, he still underestimated Lin Yu.

Lin Yu's dribbling is so flexible that he can't catch up with him at all.

No, it can't go on like this!

Li Xing's face was unpredictable, and his eyes also showed a ferocious look.

He decided to use some means.

Thinking of this, Li Xing made an emergency stop jumper and went straight to Lin Yu's basket.

Li Xing's breakthrough this time was also very sharp and very fast. No matter how fast Lin Yu's reaction was, he couldn't stop it at the first time.

Even Li Xing himself did not expect his breakthrough.

With a bang, Li Xing grabbed Lin Yu's arm directly.

Hehe, Lin Yu, your speed is too slow! Li Xing said with a sneer.

Lin Yu didn't break free from Li Xing's arm, but smiled and said: Oh? Really? Then let's try it!

Then Lin Yu threw his arm violently, throwing Li Xing's whole body up.

Li Xing was smiling proudly, but he felt that his body suddenly lost his balance, and he fell straight out.

With a loud bang, Li Xing's body fell directly to the ground, and his entire body also hit the basket.


The basketball was knocked directly into the hoop.

Whoops! My waist, my waist!

At this time, the basketball court was already in chaos.

Li Xing, how are you? Do you want to continue the game? Lin Yu looked at Li Xing and asked with a smile.

snort! Li Xing snorted, his face embarrassed, he never thought of it.

"Referee, he fouled 々.!"

However, the referee did not see it and said the game continued.

In fact, Lin Yu didn't do it on purpose just now, it was Li Xing who lost his balance and fell.

But Li Xing didn't want Lin Yu to win.

So, he must continue to play.

Lin Yu holding a basketball in his hand is like flowing water in his peers.

His dribble is fast, rhythmic, and consistent.

And Li Xing is not to be outdone. Although Li Xing is not as fast as Lin Yu in dribbling, his dribbling is also very stable.

A pull-up jumper, the basketball also flew into the basket.

This time, Li Xing also successfully got two rebounds, and the data of both rebounds also reached 2 points!

"Don't be too happy too soon!" Lin Yu said.

Then the basketball he played next surprised Li Xing, and he couldn't steal at all.

Damn, how can this guy dribble the ball so well, my hand feel is gradually decreasing, this **** guy must have practiced dribbling! Li Xing thought bitterly in his heart.

Lin Yu dribbled the ball very quickly,

Almost in the blink of an eye, several pull-up jumpers were completed, followed by a three-pointer that sent the ball to the basket!

Nice goal! Lin Yu, he actually scored again!

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