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Bao Bao Won’t Die Easily

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In the future, mankind will conduct experiments to prove that tragedies will cause the universe’s negative energy to accumulate. To ensure the continuity of humanity, her mission is to travel back and forth in the novel-derived space to rewrite shitty story plots and calm the resentment.

Unlike other executors, the extremely mysophobic Huo Baoyi has always only played with people’s IQ and not feelings.

That was until she encountered an ordained Son of Heaven!

Finally, she smashed her principles with her own two hands, fed it to the dogs and happily ran wildly towards her prince charming. Unfortunately, she found out that:

As the story plot’s supporting female lead, she unexpectedly brought about “Deadly Love Relationship” debuff! Are you kidding me? Whose script is so absurdly cliche! She refuses to believe in this evil. As a top executor, I, Bao Bao, definitely won’t die easily!

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Short Title:BBWDE
Alternate Title:宝宝不会轻易狗带[快穿]
Weekly Rank:#9075
Monthly Rank:#9452
All Time Rank:#9440
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Possessive Characters, Smart Couple, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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  1. Does anyone know if this novel has changed its title or if it is no longer available because they have not release any new chapters Estoy obsesionada con esta novela ....if any of you readers read this story pls lmk ...coz some of the novel has a different title on some website where one is completed on one site and another site it is still ongoing...here is the title and synopsis of the novel Title:SWEET DOTING HUSBAND: SORRY, MY WIFE IS A LITTLE CRAZY ⚡DESCRIPTION🌙 No one knows who is she, how does she look and where does she live but they only know that she is the apple of the Rao family, born with beauty and a great mind. After suffering from a cruel incident when she was five, she was chased by nightmares every night and then was forced to leave her country to protect herself. After staying abroad for twelve long years, she finally decided to return to her country and face the nightmare courageously but to her surprise, when she returned she found about her late grandmother's promise..and that was to marry her to the heir of Mu family.. From school life to love life, from being crime partners to investigators will they have a smooth road? Will Mu Jun and Sia be able to find out about the secret of their life and purpose of marriage? To know more about how the two love birds will end up, follow up the story... After hesitating for a while, she asked: "Darling, don't you like kids?" "No I don't" he replied without any hesitation Humming, she asked in another way "Darling, do you like daughter?" Closing the file, he looked at her and said "Okay...let's make one" After a few years, he frowned deeply and said "I won't give up. I want a daughter..let's make one" " 'are you sure? We already have three sons'..

  2. Update 2: this story is really good! Not too long, not too short, just enough angst and is a good example of a crematorium story. Good read!

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