Wei Qingyu said yes to the marriage proposal in this life, the previous life, and the two worlds.

The platinum ring just fit on her middle finger, as if it was tailor-made for her.

The sky gradually entered the darkness of night, and bright yellow street lights were lit on both sides of the road.

Wei Qingyu sat in the co-pilot and looked at the ring Ji Xiao put on him. The light flickered on the side of her face, and all she wrote was joy.

She thinks this ring is perfect and impenetrable, but some people think that she is really impeccable with the ring.

The car stopped in the dimly sighted underground garage, and the two entered the elevator together.

The bright lights illuminate this small space, and Wei Qingyu stretched out his hand and pressed her floor. As soon as the red circle lighted up, a tight burst of warmth pressed against Wei Qingyu's waist.

Ji Xiao didn't know when he had stood silently behind Wei Qingyu, with his soft lips leaning against her ears, slowly exhaling a warm breath.

This man looks very honest, but in fact he is secretly touching.

There was an electric current across Wei Qingyu's auricle, and numbness spread across her heart. She pretended to hold Ji Xiao's hand on her waist with a calm backhand, and whispered: "There is monitoring, Ji Xiao."

As Ji Xiao listened, he was still holding Wei Qingyu from behind, and the hand held by Wei Qingyu in the palm of his hand slowly turned, clasping her fingers together.

The small loops on the new belt touched each other lightly, invisibly traced the ambiguity in the palm of the hand.

It wasn't until the elevator floor changed two numbers that Ji Xiao slowly hummed an "um" from his nose.

Then the elevator drove the two to the door of Wei Qingyu's house, and the fingerprint lock made a crisp beep in the quiet corridor.

The induction lamp at the hallway was just right to welcome the host home. Just as Wei Qingyu raised his hand to turn on the light, the scene that had been performed at the hallway reappeared again.

Ji Xiao suppressed the door and put his chin on Wei Qingyu's shoulder as soon as he closed the door.

She bent down slightly, hooping the woman from behind, and the two overlapping shadows were projected on the floor barely showing the neon light outside the window.

The light at the hallway went out again, and the darkness blinded Wei Qingyu's vision.

The warm airflow behind her ears slowly fell on her magnified senses, causing waves of throbbing that were difficult to smooth out.

This feeling cannot be said to be bad, but it does make Wei Qingyu feel a little uneasy.

She turned her wrist slightly, begging: "Let me turn on the light first, Ji Xiao, I can't see it."

Ji Xiao still hugged Wei Qingyu from behind, kissing her soft earlobe, while preaching: "I can see it."

This sentence caused Wei Qingyu to lose consciousness suddenly, and then the familiar smell of peach brandy enveloped her more truly. It was just that before Wei Qingyu could remember more, a burst of weightlessness came from her body.

She subconsciously embraced the neck of the person in front of her, and then her slender legs were placed on the slender waist.

Ji Xiao held Wei Qingyu in this way and sat on the cabinet to the side.

The cabinet that had just been re-decorated not long ago was destroyed once again. The dim room deprived Wei Qingyu of sight, but his anxiety was washed away by the person who was holding it tightly.

The heavy coat fell on the ground, and the suede skirt leaked into Wei Qingyu's body through the coolness of the wooden planks under him.

It's just that she didn't feel cold yet, and a hot kiss fell like a storm.

Xu Shi secretly agreed for a lifetime, and Ji Xiao's kiss was extremely hot.

She held her soft face in this way, and roughly traced the outline of her lips, again and again, without fatigue.

Like a raging flame in the dark, the scent of strong wine ran across Wei Qingyu's throat, which made her not help being infected by this violence, and took the initiative to cater to Ji Xiao's shoulder by raising her hand.

The cold wall formed a sharp contrast with the hot kiss, and Wei Qingyu took Ji Xiao's neck and gasped for breath.

It was as if a person who couldn't swim was desperately diving into the bottom of the water before being rescued ashore.

The taste of peach brandy bloomed on the tip of Wei Qingyu's tongue. She leaned slightly and leaned her cheek against Ji Xiao's shoulder blades, and gently preached in her ear: "It's like a susceptible period."

Ji Xiao smiled and preached in Wei Qingyu's ear with her throat: "I may be really susceptible."

She didn't speak loudly, and deliberately put an accent on the three words "susceptible period".

Hearing this, Wei Qingyu couldn't help but raise his hand to curl the long hair behind Ji Xiao's neck, rubbing the tip of his small nose slightly, spraying the hot breath on it.

The night is silent and shrouded in many secrets, and this is the unique secret and interest between the two of them.

The taste of peach brandy is invisiblely fermented in the room, which is purer and more attractive than the wine brewed in that glass.

The cabinet in the hallway was not a good place, so Ji Xiao helped Wei Qingyu to shift his position.

Wei Qingyu lay on the soft sofa amidst the smell of peach brandy. She looked at Ji Xiao above her eyes and asked, "When will I change the perfume."

"Before I come to pick you up."

As Ji Xiao spoke, he leaned over and lifted away the messy hair on the side of Wei Qingyu's face.

She just looked at her deep eyes and asked softly: "Do you like it?"


Wei Qingyu replied, pressing Ji Xiao's neck up slightly and kissing.

The mint is entangled with the peach brandy again, the coolness and bitterness are wrapped in the softness of the peach.

It's a terrible like.

Alpha's habits are accompanied by memories, always awakening in the deep night of affection.

Ji Xiao looked at the slender and white neck in his sight, with his fingers touching it with the movement of poking away the broken hair, he was about to move.

"I still want to mark you." Ji Xiao lightly bit Wei Qingyu's earlobe and said.

That voice was close to Wei Qingyu's ears, and the low current made ripples in her uneasy heart.

Even though they had no glands anymore, there was no real mark, but when Wei Qingyu still had a heartbeat speeding up.

Tension and expectation are closely mixed together, and it is impossible to refuse.

Wei Qingyu looked back at the people behind him dimly, and replied with this kind of gasping, "...Okay."

With some sharp teeth sticking out in the dark, the mint leaves falling into the brandy tightened.

Before Wei Qingyu's raised neck made a sound, his jaw was blocked by someone.

The night sky in the city center was brightly lit, and the camphor trees were shaking under the moon that no one noticed.

Fragmented hum fell from his throat, like scattered stars in the dark night.

The first day of the signing event was a fine sunny day. Flowers from all kinds of people lined up at the entrance of the hall, and many of them were sent to Wei Qingyu's lounge in the backstage.

The flowers stretched their petals, exuding a delicate fragrance under the soft light, but the person who was given the flowers was indifferent and even had a stinky face.

The senior high school in the attached high school did not have a break, even if it was a holiday, it only had three days. Today is the first day of school and class resumption. The first period is Ji Xiao's math class.

Yesterday, both of them agreed, and tomorrow she will fly over after the first class.

But Wei Qingyu looked at the time of his mobile phone and saw that it was the end of get out of class. Apart from sending himself a sentence of "I am leaving," Ji Xiao never heard any more messages, and did not show up even later.

The hair was picked up from the back of the neck, and the cold wind shared the hidden warmth.

Teacher Makeup started to help Wei Qingyu pull her hair, and saw the band-aid on the back of her neck, and couldn't help but care: "Ms. Wei, what's wrong with your neck?"

These words instantly dragged Wei Qingyu back, who was still worried about whether Ji Xiao could rush over. She looked up at herself in the mirror, and pretended to explain calmly: "I accidentally knocked it over."

After that, she raised her hand and pinned the long hair on the side of her face behind her ear, "This time the hair will not be combed, let it be loose."

Makeup nodded, "Okay."

The further away from the start of the signing ceremony, the more busy the backstage.

The staff with badges walked quickly by holding a piece of A4 paper, and stopped beside Wei Qingyu: "Mr. Wei, the host’s question on stage will be streamlined later. If you look at it again, it’s all of us. I've been right before."

Wei Qingyu said "OK" and took the manuscript handed over by the staff.

The platinum ring refracted the light above his head, and gently passed Gong Xiaoju's eyes.

"Sister Wei, don't you take your ring?" Gong Xiaoju asked like a reminder.

"Don't pick it." Wei Qingyu replied simply.

She calmly looked at the manuscript in her hand, without even looking at Gong Xiaoju.

Gong Xiaoju nodded slightly, and then reminded: "At that time, if a reader sees the ring asking questions, you can say that you are already engaged, but you can't answer too many personal questions, you know?"

"I know." Wei Qingyu nodded.

As she said, she lowered her head and looked at the phone again.

In the monotonous dialog box, only one-sided inquiries from his side, Ji Xiao has not returned his message yet.

Worry was written brightly on Wei Qingyu's always calm face, and Gong Xiaoju was especially obvious from the sidelines.

She looked at Wei Qingyu and calmly said: "Sister Wei, don't worry, Miss Ji will definitely be there."

Wei Qingyu gave Gong Xiaoju a light "um", put down the phone and looked down at the manuscript.

Gong Xiaoju knew that he was useless at this time, so he went to the side to pour water on Wei Qingyu.

At this moment, Wei Qingyu's cell phone on his lap lit up, and the manuscript in his hand was also snapped.

[Ji Xiao: I'm here. 】

Wei Qingyu tapped the screen and quickly replied: [I'll pick you up. 】

Gong Xiaoju was still pouring water, and he heard a light, rapid voice passing by his ear: "I'll go out for a while and come back soon."

She was taken aback for a moment, and when she saw that the place where Wei Qingyu was sitting on one side was empty, she hurriedly shouted to the back who opened the door: "Sister Wei, where are you going! There are less than ten minutes left." The signing event will begin!"

The corridors were full of staff coming and going. Someone yelled "Ms. Wei" when they recognized Wei Qingyu, but this time Wei Qingyu rarely responded to anyone.

Time is limited, she must receive Ji Xiao.

Just as Wei Qingyu was walking towards the exit of the backstage passage, a sudden force pulled her into the safe passage.

The cold wall and the dim environment were intertwined into panic, and then the body that was pulled in by brute force fell into a warm embrace.

The girl's slender fingers passed through Wei Qingyu's soft long hair, and the familiar palm rested on the back of her head, and a familiar voice sounded in the silence: "Ms. Wei, today is a little indifferent."

I don't know if it was the violent gasp caused by the quick walk, or because of her close contact with Ji Xiao.

Wei Qingyu's chest heaved up and down slowly, looking at the people who suddenly appeared in front of him, his tone was still a little bit angry: "Why don't you reply to me."

Ji Xiao lightly clasped Wei Qingyu's waist and took out the connected cell phone from his pocket: "The cell phone is dead. It was the battery that was charged by a kind person at the door and swept a power bank just now."

Wei Qingyu looked at the cell phone that was slowly charging up to 5%, and with the faint light, he saw Ji Xiao's reddish hands.

Only then did she realize that Ji Xiao didn't wear a coat, and the light gray sweater was over her, which looked extremely thin.

"Isn't it cold, wear so little?" Wei Qingyu felt distressed.

Hearing this, Ji Xiao let go of her hand that was holding Wei Qingyu, and looked at her a little bit pitifully, "Then Teacher Wei can warm me up?"

Just as Ji Xiao never refuses Wei Qingyu, Wei Qingyu never refuses Ji Xiao.

Before the words fell, she took the initiative to hold Ji Xiao's cold hand.

The corridor outside became more noisy and busy, and Gong Xiaoju seemed to have a somewhat anxious voice in it.

Ji Xiao looked at the person warming his hands in front of him in the dim light, and leaned forward and kissed him.

Ten fingers tossed and clasped tightly when touching softly.

The two Mobius rings just touched together like this, like the laughter of God.

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Copywriting one:

When Shi Ran was twenty-five years old, she broke up with her girlfriend Song Yi, who had been in love for four years, because she saw a text message from Song Yi chatting with others.

Everyone knows that Shi Ranai is miserable to Song Yi, how can she let it go after five years of hard pursuit. Even Song Yi thought that Shi Ran was just a work, and soon she would lick her face with a gift for reconciliation.

But Shi Ran did not.

She cleaned up and moved out of the house shared with Song Yi, dressed up and came to the company, preparing to welcome her new leader with a beautiful face.

The new leader is vigorous and decisive. He is the ascetic beauty with the buttons on the top of his shirt.

Shi Ran was about to shout in his heart that I was OK, but found that this new leader seemed to be his old classmate, or the old classmate who had just had a one-night stand with him.

She seems to be able to do it this time.

Copywriter 2:

Everyone in the class knew that Shi Ran was not dealing with Chen Ruoyu.

It was mainly because of the second-hand love letter that Shi Ran and Song Yi had failed to confess to in the third year of high school and threw to Chen Ruoyu.

After Chen Ruoyu returned to China, her classmates specially organized a reunion for her.

Facing the classmate's "friendly" question, Chen Ruoyu calmly responded, and secretly buckled the foot that Shi Ran had reached towards her.

Later, Chen Ruoyu moved into Shi Ran's new home in front of Song Yi.

A large box of certain supplies dropped out of the empty cardboard box.

No one knows that the second-hand love letter is still hidden in the drawer by Chen Ruoyu.

No one knows that Shi Ran is Chen Ruoyu's dream about gains and losses in foreign countries over the years.

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